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Mark Twain



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Promotional Products History

Boost Promotional Products is VERY proud to announce their 10th successful year trading as a company.  “We have been very fortunate to support many great brands during this time”  Our core business is branding merchandise for all types of Australian people, everyday people who a striving for the Australian dream of owning or operating an Australian business or company.  Boosts Promotional Products history stands strong by providing high quality products and after sales service for all clients in Australia.

Boost Promotional Products 10th Anniversary Image

Many thanks for all your continued support!

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Custom Printed Umbrellas

Paying top dollar for custom printed umbrellas is now a thing of the past.  Like many other companies we are now able to source and stock a great range of high quality umbrellas at affordable prices.  Top of the line umbrellas incorporate features such as high structural integrity defined by its canopy and framing strength and quality.  Our umbrellas now incorporate some of these great features and then we pack them into a range of items that every day Australians can purchase.  We offer lightweight, waterproof and blow-out technology in these designs.  Although these types of features a commonly found on high use umbrellas such as golfing umbrellas, now more so than ever this technology is affordable.

Now its time to enjoy a life with fewer umbrellas!  Trust Boost Promotional Products Pty Ltd for your entire printed umbrella needs.  The last thing we wanted was your custom umbrella not to be just another piece of urban luggage, we want you to enjoy this functional device used for everyday life in a way it can advertise your business for all to see.

Boost Custom Printed Umbrellas

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Custom Printed Rolling Cooler Bags

As spring steps into full swing in many states in Australia we recognise the importance of being outside with children and other friends.  We also have Christmas fast approaching that this time of the year is also popular with Corporate Gifts.  If you are looking for an innovative Corporate Gifts solution this Christmas why not try one of our rolling cooler bags like this one.

The Ultimate Rolling Cooler Bag from CBA has been designed up for Australian conditions. Many of the features you would find in a bag like this one you could pay up to twice the price.  Made from a durable 600D polyester material and also combining 420D nylon panels this cooler is tough and reliable every single time you use it.  Other useful features include a zippered front pocket for keys, mobile and other types of small item storage.  On the outside we have placed sturdy cargo handles to lift your cooler onto or into other types of transport devices.  A bungee cord with cord lock is useful on top of the bag for loose items and we have included a long 96cm retractable handle to easily carry your items to your favorite camping spot, sporting event, school field and more.  The standout feature has to be the clear removable lining.  This feature is great for bags with high usage.  Simply pull out the liner to clean your cooler bag in one easy motion.  Place back into the bag again and you are ready to go.  Never clean another stubborn stain from your cooler again.

Included in this one low price we also print your bags with your company or business details.  Massive 40-liter capacity, 9 kg’s mass.

B456 015

B456 020


B456 017

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Custom Printed Power Banks

Custom printed power banks are now more so than ever rapidly gaining in popularity.  Due to the increase of heavy mobile phone usage and other types of portable electronic devices during ones working day, why not brand your auxiliary charger today.  Most charges that are supplied with any phone purchase only allow one to provide a “means to an end” type of charging.  A fully functional power bank is completely the opposite.  Operating as a battery pack, external battery charger and an external back-up battery they are one of the fastest growing promotional items on today’s Australian market.  In today’s fast paced world we tend to carry many portable electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras and many more.  Our tech environment year in and year out just gets bigger and bigger and hence the need for not just another gadget to throw in the back cabinet, but a real device with endless applications and uses.

Today, if your device has no power you cant operate.  Solve these problems with our range of custom printed power banks.  With capacity from 1800mAh all the way up to 5200mAh we offer a range of colours, styles and shapes to choose from.  Single power outlet available on most of our range and with minimum order quantities of just 50 units, this is an affordable marketing solution of any type of business.  All this for just over a starting price of ten bucks will make someone very found of you!

Adorn one with your name, company or business details today with Boost Promotional Products.

custom printed power bank1

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Boost Promotional Products Pty Ltd

“Grow With Us, Brand A Vision!”

Boost Logo High Quality

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Product Or Coupon?

Many businesses and companies are now facing the delightful dilemma of cutting their price on a particular product or service instead of selling it for full value.  How many times do you hear the comment “Yer I lost that sale, competitor had a lower price”  Winning customer loyalty and retaining business and eliminating the need for coupons are big talk with Australian companies and businesses.  The effectiveness of using Promotional Products or imprinted items given away for FREE offer much higher value for any type of client retention.  It is also MUCH cheaper to operate this type of customer loyalty program, instead of going to the coupon book again and again.  The use of an effective merchandising program also boast larger dollar spending amounts by loyal customers.  This has been tried and proven by University studies in the United States of America.

“What would you rather rely on for the future of your business, cutting price again and again with the use of coupons or a cost effective Merchandising Campaign to retain your existing clients?”

Contact Boost Promotional Products for more information.



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Printed Australian Travel Mugs

Let Your Mugs Do The Talking!!

If you are looking for a brand new innovative Promotional Product try a Printed Travel Mugs used for moving forward to the cooler months of the Australian climate.  Choose from full colour wrap prints designed for maximum logo exposure or simple and cost effective centred logo designs.  Another great aspect of utilising a product like these is that are generally well used by all of your recipients.  You can rest assure that many of your travel mugs will be used in the morning car or at the office.

With multiple options available such as various types of lids, capacity or size variations, handles and lid closure systems, our selection will impress most.  Economy materials for mugs include BPA free plastic right up to the all-impressive stainless steel for longer life retention.  Both our plastic mugs and stainless steel mugs can also be laser engraved with your logo or design for a smart corporate look.

Pricing varies due to materials used, logo design and capacity needed.  For more information please contact the Boost Promotional Products team.  Need samples, just let us know and we are more than happy to send some out to you direct.


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Calico Ham Bags

Calico Ham Bags

The perfect Christmas Ham or Calico Bag is one that looks after your purchased ham, long after it has been brought.  All of our bags are made from top quality durable Calico cotton ensuring you the owner longevity of the bag even if it is wet or soaked in your own brine.   Now let’s get to the nitty gritty.  There are many Calico Ham Bags on the market that fall in to the category of VERY thin or nearly non-existent.   These bags simply don’t last the distance like our bags on offer and it goes to say “Always check to see what gsm (this refers to the weight of the bag but will give you a guide line for the thickness of the bag too.  In this case more the Merrier) the manufacture is offering” anything under 150 gsm is basically to light to be a genuine ham bag.  Simply wetting this material can make the bags more prone to tearing, which in any case you don’t want.

Also choose a calico bag that has a drawstring attached.  In effect this keeps in any loose pieces of ham inside the bag and makes it easier to get in and out of the fridge on a daily basis.  Looking to brighten up your bags?  We can assist you with decoration of your ham bags with your logo or design.  Need plain or undecorated bags?  No problems just let us know.

How To Shore Leg (Bone-In) Ham

For the very best results place your approved or cooked ham into one of our recommended drawstring calico bags with a mix of 1 litre of water to 3 teaspoons of white vinegar.  Simply place the empty bag into the brine or mix, remove the excess and then you have a damp bag for your ham.  This process of brining is recommended every 2-3 days.  Also don’t pack your ham too tight in the bag, this will avoid sweating.


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