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Advertising Your Business With Laptop Bags.

We have a fantastic range of printed laptop bags for you’re to choose from online.  If your company or business have decided to invest in new laptops, it is very important to protect your investment for the future buy using a well padded, good quality promotional laptop bag. Don’t you think it is a good idea to protect your hardware?   A promotional laptop bag printed with your name or logo is a great way to keep that laptop secure, and brand your logo in style that will be seen by a wide range of audiences. Notebook bags come in a wide variety of styles and materials including high quality nylon, leather, backpacks, and simple laptop sleeves. Below is just a small selection of quality computer laptop bags that Boost Promotional Products offer, complete with online pricing.

You might find the perfect type of laptop bag for your notebook might be something like our E-Que computer backpack or even a global laptop briefcase which is quite a nice option. It is even nicer to picture it with your logo across the back as your busy associates hurry through the office or at the airport spreading your company logo and message. Free advertising is what you have with a stylish new laptop bag promoting your brand whenever it is worn. Whether you are ordering them as a gift to your best customers or as an incentive to your most productive employees or selling them in your store, promotional laptop computer bags and cases will be an important part of your next promotion.  Contact us today to discuss your next promotional laptop bag campaign.


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What Are Lanyards Used For?

What is the purpose of a Layard? In today’s world we see lanyards every day and they are used in almost every profession that people can think of. There a lot of people who don’t know what a lanyard is or even look like, however they may have used one. So typically people just don’t know what they are called or how they can be used in the promotional world.


Some of the other terms people use for lanyard are a neck strap, security strap, ID strap or ID cord.

A conference lanyard is a piece of material worn around the neck for hanging small objects such as name inserts, card holders etc. So what are the benefits of using promotional lanyards? We like to think of it as a hands fee device to carry a variety of information.  There are literally thousands of uses for lanyards in schools, businesses and government agencies as well as other organisations for holding name badges but the primary use remain for identification and promotion.


On a larger scale the main advantages are that they are often used in conferences, trade shows or any other events. If they are used for promotional reasons they will probably have attached some kind of accessories like crocodile clips, Dog clips and mobile phone holders.


Lanyards are fully customizable, meaning you can print your company’s name or catch phrase making an exclusive design to ensure you will have a great impact on your audience. Because they are used in combination with so different, many and common objects you can be sure that your message will be seen by many people.


Lanyards come in vast range of colors, sizes, materials and decoration options.  I think that the most basic lanyard is a simple boot lace lanyard. Then, there are the cotton or nylon lanyards which can be found in different colors. The most popular lanyards are the custom printed ones. Nice designs with beautiful and well chosen colors can be very eye catching.


In conclusion, lanyards, even if many don’t know them by name are very popular and used. They are also a great way to advertise products companies or messages. If you are looking for a great way to promote your business try incorporating lanyards into your promotional campaign.

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Incorporating Mouse Mats Into Your Business.

The main objective of using promotional products is straightforward.  We use these items to improve your business. An important characteristic of this is choosing an item that can capture the attention of current and potential customers. It will remind existing customers of your presence, particularly if your business opportunities are limited. The items can also serve to make a great first impression to potential clients, partners, colleagues, and associates.With certain items within our industry, there are always a few that become very popular year in and out. One of those items is the simple yet extremely essential, promotional mouse mats. Now for people at the office with a computer, a mouse has a need for a mouse mat. Mouse mats are essential to ensure that the mouse can function properly and they also provide you with protection against desktops and work surfaces.



As a promotional item, mouse mats may be one of the most effective items. They are likely to be used for long periods of time in many different locations and scenarios and are visible to anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Imprinting your company information onto a promotional mouse mat is an appealing way to maintain presence of mind with your customers, as well as incorporating ergonomic features to ensure you have a comfortable day too. You have many options and can print as much or as little as you like. Mouse mats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be hard or soft, traditional or fun. They can be created from photographs or include calendars. Talk to one of our account managers today to discuss your next mouse mat campaign.


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Using Promotional Back Packs For Your Marketing Campaign.

Here at Boost Promotional Products we believe in custom printing your logo or message on a backpack for your next promotional marketing campaign or incentive program, not only will your logo be highly visible, the recipient will appreciate the ease of use for carrying all sorts of products and material that they choose to place into the backpack.  Promotional backpacks with your logo come in a variety of styles and materials which they can be made from.


 A large number of our backpacks include the standard two shoulder straps, which are great for ease of use and you can choose from a few of these custom imprinted backpacks with wheels and pull-up handles, similar to a carry-on bag. Laptop backpacks can hold a wide variety of books and your notebook computer, while others feature combination packs that have adjustable or removable laptop sections.


Materials range from polyester canvas, to nylon.  For non-business use, these custom imprinted backpacks come with convenient removable day packs. If you are considering a logo embroidered back pack for your next promotional effort, let one of our knowledgeable account managers help you sort through the many optional features. We will make the custom imprinting of your name, logo, and promotional message easy and fast.

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The Inside Word On Promotional Travel Mugs

Boost Promotional Products offer the widest variety of promotional travel mugs, custom printed promotional logo mugs & personalised mugs throughout Australia. Custom printed mugs are great for business promotion, reunions, birthdays, wedding favors, party favors, etc. Promote your business with decorated mugs at the lowest prices in the Australian market! Mugs (Coffee mugs) are considered one of Australia’s favorite promotional items.

We sell quality ceramic mugs, travel stainless steel mugs, and drink bottles. We offer high quality sports mugs, beer mugs, ceramic mugs, wine glasses, and much more. We are also one of the largest sports bottle distributors across the Australia.

All of our printing and branding is hand-applied onto the mugs in-house.  We use a direct-print method to screen the logo/text onto these stainless steel coffee mugs. We also carry a large selection of ink colors for these coffee mugs. Boost Promotional Products also has a wide array of ceramic promotional coffee cups in an assortment of colors. We maintain a large stock of each of our promotional travel mugs at any given time. These coffee mugs are sold blank as well as decorated.

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Creating Brand Awareness With Promotional Mugs

Here at Boost Promotional Products we believe promotions are your advertising tool. They are going to offer brand recognition, image, and a statement about the type of business you run. With promotional products you have to be careful of what you choose to make sure it is within the target audience you are trying to advertise to.One aspect of promotional items that you should consider is functionality within your business or work place. Promotional mugs are one of the most functional promotional items you can offer to consumers, clients, and even employees. Coffee is very important drink on many occasions throughout the day. Travel Mugs allow a person to drink a hot beverage at home, or travelling to work. Promotional travel mugs come in a wide range of colors and sizes.  Our manufacturing process ensures that your mugs will be around for years to come with your logo and are highly functional.

Our more popular type of promotional mug with many cafés and restaurants include the Java Mini Mug. They have been very popular within these two industries, used in conjunction with a rewards type program where the business selling the mugs will offer one coffee free for example with every five coffees brought. This dual functionality makes the travel mug an even better choice than other options.

In the promotional plastic mugs section you have china and ceramic options. The option you choose will need to be cost effective for you, but don’t let it sacrifice your image. Your image is important to maintain a customer base. The image you project will help you get more consumers and therefore more sales, as long as it is a satisfactory image to the consumer. So next time you are looking for promotional items, try the classic promotional mug.



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Using Corporate Gifts For Brand Awareness.

Welcome to the complete range of Corporate Gifts from Boost.  If you are looking for a stylish way to treat your customers or employees or an original way to promote your brand, you’ll find an all-inclusive range of premium corporate gifts within our range.Our exclusive selection includes executive gifts and premium business gifts for the most sought after corporate clients. With corporate gifts we believe in quality, style and also options such as gift boxing, to combine and ensure that your chosen product works effectively to make the highest possible impact when it matters.

Boost Promotional Products ensure that your corporate products or premium business gifts have the highest perceived value and maximum impact by using our state of the art print process and branding department incorporating the most advanced printing machines available on the market.



Ordering your premium corporate gifts from Boost could not be an easier process. Simply browse our online promotional products website at your leisure and once you have selected your chosen products just contact one of our client service managers who will be happy to assist you. Most often design plays an important role in creating the right impression, this is where our team of leading professional designers will work on your behalf to ensure that the gifts you have selected perform to their maximum.

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Printed Flash Drives

Promotional USB flash drives consist of a NAND-type flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB (universal serial bus) interface. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable and weigh less than 2 ounces.


The most common use of flash drives is to transport and store personal files such as documents, pictures and videos.


Boost Promotional Products specialise in branded USB drives, adding your logo via printing or engraving. We have done these particular products for many years and understand our business client’s product and service requirements.Most of our clients favor just one of the four most popular designs, however a large range of different designs and colors are available, as well as any capacity of drive.  Options include sizing from 512 MB all the way up to our super sized 5 GB Usb’s.  We also provide custom packing, presentation or data loading are also available as required.  Contact our support team to discuss your next printed flash drive campaign.

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Welcome To the Promotional Products Fun Wall

We love to show people what we do.  Below are just some of the businesses that we have worked with.  Please enjoy the Promotional Items that we have selected for you to view: 













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Stress Balls

All of our stress balls and stress related products are made of high quality polyurethane, which is both non-toxic and biodegradable.
On our site you will find a great selection of our most popular stress shapes but if you do not see the shape you require on our web site, please do give us a call, because this is only a sample of the huge range of promotional stress shapes available on the market today.

Promotional stress balls are made of polyurethane using a very delicate manfacturing process. Please bear in mind that the density of each shape can differ and it is therefore impossible to guarantee a consistant and uniform print. Please note that stress ball shapes can change from order to order and even within an order.

Here at Boost Promotional we can also custom manufacture any stress shape to your specific requirements. You could design your very own stress product in conjunction with our specailists, that will be a totally unigue marketing tool for your company or business. There are some restrictions as to the design of a shape but we can give you all the guidance you need.
To ensure that we have interpreted your requirements exactly, we initially send you a proof by e-mail of your design. Upon approval of this we then manufacture a prototype of the actual stress product that you have created before the bulk are manufactured.
Indent timeframe can take several weeks. Bearing this in mind if you are thinking of a promotional stress campaign, call our staff today to discuss your requirements and allow yourself pleanty of time for delivery. We also have an instock range available for you to select from straight of the shelf, so to speak of.

Promotional Stress Balls

Promotional Stress Balls

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