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Thinking Of Key Rings?

If you are planning to launch your new business, you can consider offering promotional key rings as giveaways to increase your brand awareness.  Gifts such as promotional key rings can give you a greater recognition of the products that you offer in your business.  Customers also love a free gift when they do business with you.  Maybe you can even think of it as good will.  Custom imprinted key chains are great gifts that can leave a good impression in your client’s minds, which will help you retain business in the future by them remembering your brand.  The options for handing out key rings are endless.  They can be used in any situation for a cost effective promotional giveaway.  By offering promotional gifts such as key chains and key rings, you can aim your brand at a specific audience which will guarantee you of more potential customers in the near future.

Promo Key Ring  Key Ring  Key Tags

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Flash Drive Pens.

These sleek unique, modern day promotional flash drives are great for everyday storage device used for home or work.  Supplied to you in a variety of storage size for 256Kd up to 2GB, these custom storage devices are great for school students to carry personal files, music, videos and documents.  With current sales exceeding our expectations, these flash drive pens and devices certainly have become very popular amongst many people who are involved with computes on a day to day basis.  Contact one of our customer service operators today to discuss your next promotional campaign.


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Thinking Of Using Promotional Toy For Advertising?

Thinking of using a promotional toy to expand your business?  Look no further than a cost effective promo toy to promote you brand name.  Custom toys appeal to a wide range of audiences and give your advertising campaign a more passive way to brand your business.  Gone are the days of massive newspaper articles and telemarketers, these days people are looking for significance within their own brand.  Promotional Toys are generally loved by kids and teenagers, however now with the constant bombardment of advertising methods; we believe adults are taking a real liking to toys of this nature, proven by sales and marketing figures over the last few years.  Items with our range include stress balls, frisbees, piggy banks, keytags, key rings, lighters, spring things, yo yo’s etc.  We stock hundreds of promotional toy items; if you can’t find what you are looking for simply contact one of our friendly staff to assist your promotional needs today!

Promotional Happy Clappers  Promotional Lighter  Promotional Spring Things  Promotional Yo Yo's

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Need Sports Bags?

Whatever sport you play – football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf or soccer, we have the bag you need! Here at Boost Promotional Products, we offer sports bags based on Australian conditions and your playing environment. We also offer custom sports bags, promotional sport bags, and team bags for your event, especially made to your specifications.

All we need is your logo and a few ideas of what you are looking for and our staff will do the rest. From leather to nylon, we have a number of different materials to choose from. In addition, we have every color available. Whether you need a large bag or a mini sport bag, we offer a range of sizes. Be sure to check out all of our sport bag photos in our online catalog!


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Using Promotional Key Rings To Expand Your Brand.

If you are looking for the perfect promotional product that is portable and affordable, look no further than a classic promotional Key Ring. Available in a variety of colors and an array of materials such as leather plastic or metal, these promo gifts are a perfect low cost solution to getting your name out into the public in your area. What do people do with these items? Well the answer is obvious; people put these gifts onto their personal key rings with an assortment of decals. If you are looking for a great finish on a key ring, take a look at an epoxy dome finish. This raised effect of your logo will look very smart and will highlight the logo that is placed into the keying. Personalised metal key rings have also become very popular this year, with many different shapes available within our range. This particular type of key ring can be laser engraved, with ensures that this type of logo imprint does not remove from the product. The logo in effect is guaranteed to last the life time of the key ring. Contact us today to discuss your next promotional campaign.
Promotional Key Ring

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Using Custom Made Caps In Your Business.

Promotional caps in the form of business hats and printed sports team caps are a great way to advertise your business, build brand awareness, and keep your company at the top of customers’, vendors’, and clients’ minds (literally!). Promotional caps reinforce company marketing wherever these business hats are worn – without you spending anything beyond the initial investment.  For example you could use custom made baseball caps that support your company’s logo to increase your visibility in your community, when they are worn by staff or when they are used as give aways at ideal places such as events or meetings.  Promotional caps or imprinted caps vary in price, ranging from about $5 to $15 each, depending on the style and number ordered, so remember the more you order the cheaper they become per unit.  As mentioned the best time to use promotional caps are as incentives, gifts, giveaways, or prizes for customers and employees.
Promotional Caps

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Thinking Of Corporate Golf?

Even in tough economic times every corporate golfer still enjoys personalised golf products.  Printed golf balls have always been very popular with our promotional products range.  Our great selection of promo golf includes umbrellas, watches, decorated golf balls, golf tools and golf shoe bags.

We normally try to encourage directors of the golf destination to give golf gifts like logo golf balls, which are normally given before or after a golf tournament. One of the greatest benefits of being a sponsor for a major golf tournament, is you can add your logo to the golfing product or golf promotional item. Not only are such promotional golf products practical and useful, but they also result in more visibility for your company. These golf prizes and printed golf gifts are used and valued by your clients and colleagues long after they receive them.  We can help by providing high quality promotional golf products for your next golf tournament and by creating customised logo golf balls and any other of our thousands of golfer products that will enhance your company’s image or golf tournament and golf outing.  We can also help you select the right golf ball for your game and have you browse our golf ball offerings. A golf gift or golf award with your company logo gets recognition.

If you are thinking about your company’s golf day, why don’t they deserve the best of corporate golf gifts? Our exceptional range of golf products such as logo golf balls, golf towels, golf awards and golf prizes will take your company’s corporate golf promotions to new heights. Choose Boost Promotional Products for all your custom promotional golf item needs.

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Promotional Name Card Holders

Conference card holders and promotional name tags are a great inexpensive way of using a name tagging solution for conferences or events. Name tag holders usually come within the following categories for you to choose from.

Use Spot color name tags when you require an elegant or inexpensive name tag for your recipients to receive. These great tags come complete with an attached clip and pin as a standard option. Our printing department can dispatch all orders with 48 hours from artwork approval. These plastic name tags are the approximate size of the average business card. Spot name tags can also be supplied to you with a pin or clip options also and colors can be mixed to differ different types of attendees.

We also offer a top of the line name card holder which can be printed in full color. These are used by many people, when you really want to impress.

We also provide Name Tag Inserts for all of our promotional card holder range. Inserts can represent an endless range of color logo reproduction or we can provide name tags unprinted for you to print on. We use a very sturdy 130gsm base board and all inserts are part of our fast delivery service.

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Using Promotional Compendiums For Brand Recognition.

The Promotional Compendium is a good way to establish an immediate rapport with consumers. Printed Compendiums are useful, durable and they can be passed on from one family member to another. Since people have an affinity to folders and bags, people would immediately recognize your establishment and would immediately equate your services or goods with quality.

The leather compendiums are a good choice especially if you’re dealing with a reputable client base. Real professionals know when a promotional material is too cheap to carry around. As an advertiser, you want to advertise but at the same time you want the recipient of the promo article to be happy.  There are many kinds of leather designs, differing in size, make and durability. The less expensive ones are of course built to handle less weight. The cheaper the folder, the more it’s prone to wear and tear. However, the point is that as an advertiser, you bothered to give someone a new leather folder.

Zipped promotional compendiums can hold a variety of documents and things like pens, document holders, calculators and business card holders. These are softer and have thinner surfaces. Conference folders on the other hand are larger and have harder dimensions than their zipped counterparts.

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Custom Made Hats


Custom-decorated hats and caps are designed in response to a customer’s requirement. These hats are made to order and the buyer has the say in selection of the material and logo that will be placed onto the hat. Our customers can choose from a wide range of materials and decorations options including Embroidery, 3D Embroidery, Rubber Badge, Transfer, Woven Labels, Embossed Peak, Printed Fabric, Sandwich Print, Plastic Weld, Embossed Buckles, Printed Mesh and Printed Sweatbands.


Our custom made promotional hats are screen printed or embroidered with the logo and name of the company. The customer has a range of choices in the design of caps also. Here you  can select from a flat cap, beanie, beret, derby, cowboy, sunhat, etc. He can also decide on the color of the cap and the logo size on it. He can also select from the different thread colors of the embroidery.


Custom-printed hats are being used more than ever before. They can also be used to memorialize some unique special functions and events. Custom caps are distributed even on occasions like birthdays and weddings.


Embroidered hats are very functional for corporate identification and fundraising campaigns. These also work as walking billboards to promote the company’s item for consumption. The back side of the cap, if embroidered, can give the web address of the company.

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