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Credit Card Flash Drives

Looking for a flash drive that won’t way you down and is small and compact?  Try the all new Promotional Credit Card Flash Drives. With a USB 2.0 connection and weighing less than 12 g for the entire unit, this flash drive certainly packs a punch.  Ranging in capacity for 512 KB all the way up to a monster 8GB, this flash drive will store all of your personalphotos, documents, music and other information that is important for you and your clients.  This simple design makes it perfect to place into any pocket, wallet or purse.  These flash drives also look great with full color prints which can be added to the drives large surface area, for a small additional cost.  All of our Credit Card Flash Drives are supplied to you with the highest quality A Grade Memory Chips, for the fastest read/write capabilities and the longest life possible.  One year Product warranty on the flash drive and a ten year data retention warranty.  Contact one of our staff today at Boost Promotional Products to discuss your next Flash Drive requirements.



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Cost Effective Promotional Products In Tough Global Economic Times.

We all know of recent times in business when budgets have been reduced, limited funds are available for advertising and marketing.  Does this sound familiar? However, we find ourselves asking the same question, to advertise or not to advertise?  If you decide to reduce your advertising budget, your coverage into your target market will certainly diminish which can affect your profit.   Many businesses are forced to slash their budgets in many areas, one of the first being Marketing and Advertising.  BUT you still need to spend money on marketing and advertising to drive traffic to your business?  So why would you stop advertising?  I believe the answer is simple, keep advertising, marketing and promoting your business TO A MINIMUM.  Now with recent studies proving the effectiveness of promotional products as an advertising medium, if you want the best value for your money, choose a promotional product that will have a long lasting impression with your target audience AND a low cost Price Tag attached to it. 

The organisation that you decide to deal with, will give you the best selection based on your budget, and who you are targeting (your target market).  You can use product promotions in very innovative and imaginative ways, more so than ever before, simply due to the vast range of products now available.  Some of the most cost effective promotional products and items that you may want to choose from include Promotional Pens, Magnets, Conference Bags, Travel Mugs, Polo t-shirts, and Mouse Mats.  Not only are these items effective at getting your Brand and Image into the Public View, you receive a lot of coverage and compared to conventional advertising they only require a very small outlay.  Remember the purpose of most promotional campaigns is to offer something for free or as an incentive. 

So do not let the cost of your budget affect the Quality of getting your Brand and Message across to your recipients and clients.  There is always the perfect Promotional Product available within your Budget requirements.  Need help with your next promotional campaign?  Just ask your Australian experts in promotional products.



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Worldwide Promotional Products Web Sites.

global-promotional-productsBelow is small list of companies that we suggest within our industry.  Please note that some of the companies listed are located within different countries.  We are heavily involved with our very own R&D, based on a test and measure system.  We have included the following sites based on age and general reputation within the Promotional Products Industry on a global scale.  We do advise that companies and business do their own research before hand, however please bear in mind that these companies are some the the largest in the word and service some of the top companies in several countries on a regular basis.  Please visit these sites.  We love feed back and continue to learn from our customers.  We are very proud to suggest the following links:

Promotional Shop New Zealand -  One of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of Promotional Products and printed merchandise.  Servicing New Zealand wide and supplying to Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and New Caledonia.  Owner operator company operating since 2005.

Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)  – Originally known as the Advertising Manufactures Association, this organisation started in 1904 and is the governing body in America and Canada.

APPA – The Australia and New Zealand Promotional Products Association.  Established in 1986, this governing body promotes the promotional advertising and marketing industry in both Australia and New Zealand.  Includes over 800 companies and suppliers.

* Do you have a website or link that you would like to add to our informative Promotional Products website?  Please email our editor at:  infoatpromotionalblogdotcomdotau

We like humans and if you are one please email for a request.

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Creative Designs Using Promo T Shirts.

There are simply endless options in designing a Promotional T-shirt for your business. T shirts vary considerably in quality. You may have noticed that cotton comes in a wide variety of options. Many T-shirts are also blended from different materials such as nylon. The price of your garment will depend on the quality of the materials used to manufacture the product. Many T-shirts nowadays also include materials that have breathability properties. These types of promotional shirts can be great for highly active people. Perspiration and moisture is quickly taken away from the body and transported through this high-tech material, leaving the person dry and perspiration free. Here at boost promotional products we have a wide range of primary T-shirts to you to select from. From cheap tees to somthing middle of the road, we have the lot.  After choosing the right T-shirt for your situation your logo can be placed onto the garment in one or more positions. Full colour digital prints can replicate any logo down to the finest detail. The end result is a fantastic looking, simple, functional T-shirt that will promote your business or company for many months or even years to come. Contact us today.

promo-t shirt

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The Perfect Promotional Mug!

Looking for the perfect compact Promotional Mug?  Look no further than the Java Mini Mug.  This special little mug has been a great hit with may businesses including cafes, retail shops and restaurants. Promoting your business can be as easy as using a simple memorable gift such as a Promo Mug. This particular item features double walled construction to keep all of your hot drinks at the right temperature. They are also the type of Promotional Product that can be used over and over again. Additional features include a rubber base for steady placement on to all services and a capacity of 250ml which is perfect for any coffee. We have received great feedback from many people which have used this to one particular item to expand and promote their business. Contactboost Promotional Products today to discuss all of your Promotional Drink Ware requirements.

Promotional Mugs

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Thinking Of Promo Lanyards?

Today for education purposes we will look at three different types of Promotional Lanyards. The following lanyards mentioned are some of the more popular types that we use throughout our industry. Many of these can be used for a variety of purposes and businesses, organisations and teams can all benefit from these small devices.

The first lanyard that I would like to showcase today is the screen printed lanyard. Depending on the item some of these are manufactured within Australia and are a medium weight, flat, ribbed polyester strap style fabric. These lanyards come in a large variety of colors and sizes include 15 mm and 19 mm.  This particular type of lanyard is a great economical option for most situations.

Now let’s take a look at the full color sublimation lanyard. This particular type of lanyard can include your logo with a multi-color print. The amazing level of fine detail showcases your logo or event design. Incredibly complex graphics and logos can easily be printed by using this style of lanyard. The type of fabric used to make this lanyard as a medium weight material that feels like suede. The fabric offered with this lanyard as a wonderful soft, delicate feel. It is also durable and will not crack or peel. Sizes include 15 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. We also have a wide range of attachments available for these types of lanyards.

The eco-style lanyard is also set to make its debut. At last the lanyard that is kinder to the environment! Although eco-style lanyards are made from recycled material, like the most recycled products the end result is not a perfect finish however you are doing your bit for the environment and at the same time you can showcase your logo. Full-color logos and text can be sublimated on both sides.

Contact our team today to discuss your next Promotional Lanyard campaign. 


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Promo Cooler Bags Built For Australians!

Within Australia we have many middle-class working citizens. Many of these people choose an occupation involved in the great outdoors of Australia. Over the years technology has equipped us with some very interesting products. Our harsh climate requires considerable attention even on the best days of the year. Sometimes true to the old saying, four seasons in one day.

One of the products it would like to showcase to you today is the classic Promotional Lunchbox Cooler Bag. These little beauties are commonplace amongst any work site within Australia. Trades people who make up a large proportion of the working industry generally use one of these bags every day. If your company trying to promote your business, we strongly suggest taking a look at our promo cooler bags today. Many of these bags within our range of our highly insulated to retain a cool temperature inside and are also made from heavy duty materials which include high-quality polyester and nylon. We have seen tradespeople use these bags year and year out, over and over again on a daily basis. They are also supplied with generous sized carry handles for ease-of-use. Additional items on these products include zippered pockets. Schoolchildren can also benefit from these fantastic little promotional items, which keeps their food cool at all times

Keep your cool year round with these items. Contact us today for all of your promotional cooler bag requirements.

Promotional Lunchbox Cooler Bag

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Promotional Conference Satchels; The Perfect Conference Gift!

Very few people recognise how much work actually goes into a conference. Organising a successful conference or meeting involves a series of planning. The most important outcome of any meeting is not to boar people, the objective is to make people have fun and laughter long way, as well as informing your audience about on topic information. Remember when your audience is relaxed everyone can retain more information. Make sure you choose the appropriate venue for your conference or event. Always tried to retain people that are good speakers for informative talks. Use entertainment where possible to keep your conference alive and running smoothly. You may wish to also look at playing some type of the of appropriate uplifting music. This adds to the atmosphere of the entire conference will also guarantee a memorable occasion.

As conference experts in the promotional products industry we suggest with your registration desk you give a free gift such as something  like a Promotional Conference Satchel. Conference Satchel’s to fill the client is the ability to store items that they receive at your conference. The conference survival packs are a great idea for incorporating seven promotional items into one package. Conference Satchel’s are useful bags to carry the items such as books, pens and notepads. And many of our schedules and incorporate a large strap that can be placed over your shoulder for ease of use. Conference Bags are also useful for students at universities and colleges. Contact us today to discuss all of your Conference Supply or Conference Gear needs.

Promotional Conference Bags

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The Truth Behind The Flash Drive Industry.

“This post is for information regarding the use of promotional flash drives”.

In recent times it has been bought to attention that many companies involved with the sales and distribution flash drives are using memories made from old stock or downgradeable chips. The problem with this is that many flash drives are now being sold in the market under false pretences. The quality standards of some of the promo flash drives in the industry are of very poor quality and a misrepresentation of true storage space. The real capacity within these flash drives is much lower than what is stated. For example the capacity of 1 GB USB should be 1000 MB. In some circumstances downgraded chips are around 500 MB to 900 GB on these particular units. Clever software programs are also used to hide these figures which are available to you when you insert the flash drive for the first time on your computer. As you can see the cost to the manufacturer is significantly less and as a result of this they can produce a product for a considerably lower price.

At the end of the day our main purpose of this particular blog  is to educate buyers regarding Promotional Flash Drives the pitfalls of buying cheaper USB’S. Most people are price sensitive, however, the old saying still applies ” You Get What You Pay for”.  Always Ask Your Supplier if they guarantee you will flash drives upon purchase. Some of the guarantees include a 12 month guarantee of the overall performance and data retention warrantys for all of information placed upon the USB.

Promotional Flash Drive

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Corporate Promotional Photo Frames.

Corporate Promotional Photo Frames have been traditionally made of wood however in recent years many frames are now made from aluminium or a high-quality Perspex plastics. All of our decorated photo frames are available to you in different colours and shapes and sizes. The most common sizes within our photo frame range include A3, A4 and A5. Options for the Photo Frames include glass or Perspex for protecting the contents of your frame. These are a great gift for families or businesses and are generally seen in places like doctors surgeries or business officers for presenting certificates of Corporation and qualifications.

Perspex is now generally the preferred option for many of our frames that we distribute around Australia. They are extremely light and are basically unbreakable. They also provide a nonreflective surface which is an added advantage and they can be transported easily. Contact one of our customer service operators today to discuss your corporate requirements. Boost Promotional Products offers a vast range of photo frames to you to choose from. All of our photo frames can be custom-made to your requirements.

Corporate Gifts/Photo Frame

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