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Promotional Bandanas.

The use of Promotional Bandanas within modern day society is a common sight for many businesses and organisations.  A decorated bandana is simply a large triangular handkerchief that is used over a person’s head and they are typically decorated in a wide range of colours.  Also logos can be added to these garments for a desired look.  We often see people such as chiefs using these types of items.  Organisations such as Canteen Australia also use bandanas for teens and kids, which they love.  Screen printing is the typical form of branding for our bandanas which can reproduce any fantastic image or logo.  Digital prints are recommended for more complex logos with multiple colours.   

Take a look at this one for example.  This was a client that needed a particular theme designed for massive advertising campaign.  The target market was video shops throughout Australia based on the Movie launch for Pirates Of The Carrabin who would resell the 5000 Bandanas for a profit.  Overall the campaign was a huge success and it was a win, win for all parties involved.  Also, as you can see there was a need for a high quality finish due to the complex nature of the logo.  A digital print process was used, with great success. 

This is one example of how a small Promotional Item can have such a profound impact in just one target market.  Through careful planning and preparation, the desired result can far exceed your expectations with implmenting a single low cost Promotional Product.  We see this same result time and time again with many of our clients based in Australia and for anyone that is not convinced that Promotional Items are not the best form of advertising on the planet, we are yet to be proven wrong.  It’s all about the distribution of creative items into the right market place.  Happy advertising for the team at Boost Promotional Products.


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Promotional Leather Compendiums.

Let’s talk compendiums or as some people call them folders. Sometimes we could ask questions relating to the types of compendiums on the market and what type of leather they are made from. Within the small review will take a look at some of the different types of  leather available for a wide range of Promotional Leather Compendiums.

Full Grain Leather is a completely natural grained surface finish or texture which has true characteristics of the skins that are used the process of leather manufacturing. Generally full-grain leather has a high cost than any other Leather Compendium.

Top Grain Leather is a Full Grain Leather which has had some correction to the surface to smooth out and/or hide blemishes that the animal has developed during its lifetime. This is the range type of leather used for Promotional Mid-Range Compendiums.

Split leather is a selection of skin from a hide which is cut or ” split” from the flesh side of the skin (top grain) enable the reduction of skin thickness.  The surface finish of this is then traditionally hand brushed more recent times coated in polyurethane.

Genuine Leather is only material cut typically from individual skins which are classified as genuine or real leather.

Synthetic Leather or Leather Look compendiums are made from completely synthetic material which is usually plastic or petroleum-based products with backing attached to the product. No part of this product whatsoever has to do with an actual leather product.

Reconstructed or bonded leather is made from material whos normal latex backing is impregnated with reclaim individual leather fibres. The leather fibre content varies between manufacturers but is usually made up of more than 50%. The surface finish is usually polyurethane laminate and it is produced in sheets or roles for some of our Promotional Compendiums.

Koskin Leatherette or Faux Leather is a PVC type of material which typically has a leather look appearance. Contrast to the result is very hard to differentiate between real leather.

In summary it is important to know what type of Promo Leather Compendiums that you are buying and what type of leather it is. Many people are unaware of the fact that can they could be sold something that is completely inferior to what has been requested. Always ask your Promotional Products advisor for the truth behind your leather products. Don’t assume because something is marked with the word “leather” that actually it is. Find out what really made from. Contact one of our customer service operators today or on your Promotional Products needs.

Promotional Leather Compendiums

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Promotional Advertising

To advertise or not to advertise, that is the question.  Top companies even in todays tough times spend more money on advertising however they also trim the fat, so to speak.  These days we need to create an original message to promote your company, business or organisation.  Most people have encountered a large range of ideas for promoting their business, but these days creativity is everything in the minds of your recipients. 

Competition is fierce out there within many areas for business, however we suggest that you brand your name with a point of difference, maybe even a twist.  For example, choose customisation for Promotional Products with a difference.  This way you get exactly what you want.  “Whats the cost”  we hear you say.  To be honest not a lot more than you will pay for a stock standard item and the benefits will be very tangible. 

Give your Promo Products some “Mojo”.  Your customers will love you for it.  The truth behind these ideas and products with can be completely customised is that they are in the face of the average punter.  They are reminded every time that use the Promotional Product or Item of your brand name.  As studies have shown, this type of information that your recipants are exposed to travels to a deeper part of their subconscious mind, which can be very powerful.  Images and logos are often remembered before the name of a business, therefore adding your logo onto your Promotional Items is very important.  Choose colours that a subtle and well defined.  Well thought out logos go a long way to branding your company to the top, so choose wisely.

Contact Boost Promotional Products for a complete range of Promotional Ideas.  Our friendly helpful staff will be happy to assist your needs.

Promotional Ideas

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Promotional Corporate Gift Ideas..

Promotional Corporate Gifts are the talk of the town, and with the end of the financial year just around the corner, we can certainly assist you with spending your excess cash.  If you are executive type people looking for something a little bit special with your Promotional Corporate Gifts, try our unique range of Corporate Desktop Gifts. With this selection you will find a fantastic range of ideas such as corporate cardholders, corporate clocks and many other items.

Corporate Wine Gifts have also become a very popular choice for this season with many companies incorporating wine giveaways to their companies ideas. Many of our high end corporate gifts within this area are made from leather.  The type of leather that we use for all of our Promotional Corporate Gifts as the best quality napper leather That we can source. The main difference with this type of leather is that it is soft and supple unlike many other imitation leather products on the market. Your clients will dissociate your gifts with extreme quality and durability which will be remembered for months or evenyears to come. Often these items can last several years.

New to our Corporate Gifts range this year is also our carefully selected Corporate Green Products, which are made from the latest reusable materials such as PET, recycled materials and bamboo.  If you are the type of business looking for an environmental type of Corporate Gift, browse through these items was great ideas.

The bottom line is corporate gifts don’t have to be plain and boring. It’s all about mixing the ideas up with the image your company is trying to portray. Trust Boost Promotional Products for all Corporate Gifts needs. Don’t forget we can supply all of your products to any major city in Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Contact one of our customer service operators today for all of your corporate ideas. We are more happy to help and have a wide range of knowledge and clients within the corporate arena.

Promotional Corporate Gifts Promo Corporate Gifts

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Promotional Mouse Pads…

Top class technology products are innovative and are packed with a lot of features.  Some of these techno features include multiple USB connections, Calculators and much more.  The humble Promotional Mouse Mat has certinally taken on some radical design changes over the last few years, for example take a look at this little beauty.

MM-830 USB Hub Mouse Mat:

This particular promotional mouse pad includes four USB connections, which is handy for today’s USB world that we live in. Everything connected to a computer basically has a USB connection.  The MM-830 offers a generous working area for daily mouse activities and also boasts a large print area for your company or logo. Built to last, this particular product is one that has stood the test of time and has become one of our more popular Promotional Mouse items. Contact us today for all of your promotional requirements and advice.

Promotional Mouse Mat 1Promotional Mouse Pad 2

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Types Of Promotional Decoration…


These days there is a wide range of Promotional Printing options for different types of Promotional Products. The type branding options which will be best suited to your items will depend on a couple of different options.  The first thing to consider is what your budget will be. This factor will either give you an economical print option or a barding option that will last you a considerably longer period of time it will leave a higher quality finish. Overall products using Promotional Branding options that are in the more expensive will look far superior to your recipients. Screen printing or Pad Printing is by far the most economical option for all of your decoration requirements.  It is very cost-effective and will offer a great impact by displaying your logo in front of the eyes of your intended recipients. For Promotional Clothing the type of decoration used with these items would be embroidery. Embroidery is based on stitch count and therefore the price is reflected on the size of the logo or image which is placed of the clothing.  Embossing is used on items such as leather. This type of promotional printing process incorporates a stamp which is placed into the fabric which leaves and imprinted design of your decoration. Below is a brief explanation of each Promotional Decoration process:

Screen Printing:

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink blocking stencil. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. A roller or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil forcing or pumping ink past the threads of the woven mesh in the open areas. A screen is made of a piece of porous, finely woven fabric called mesh stretched over a frame of aluminum or wood. The screen is placed atop a substrate such as paper or fabric. Ink is placed on top of the screen, and a fill bar (also known as a flood bar) is used to fill the mesh openings with ink. The operator begins with the fill bar at the rear of the screen and behind a reservoir of ink. The operator lifts the screen to prevent contact with the substrate and then using a slight amount of downward force pulls the fill bar to the front of the screen. This effectively fills the mesh openings with ink and moves the ink reservoir to the front of the screen. The operator then uses a squeegee (rubber blade) to move the mesh down to the substrate and pushes the squeegee to the rear of the screen. The ink that is in the mesh opening is pumped or squeezed by capillary action to the substrate in a controlled and prescribed amount, i.e. the wet ink deposit is equal to the thickness of the mesh and or stencil. As the squeegee moves toward the rear of the screen the tension of the mesh pulls the mesh up away from the substrate (called snap-off) leaving the ink upon the substrate surface.  Typical items that can be screen printed include a wide range of Promotional Items.

Pad Printing:

Pad printing is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object. This is accomplished using an indirect offset (gravure) printing process that involves an image being transferred from the printing plate (cliché) via a silicone pad onto a substrate (surface to be printed). Pad printing is used for printing on otherwise impossible products in many industries including medical, automotive, promotional, apparel, electronics, appliances, sports equipment and toys.  Promotional Pad printing usually incorporates smaller and more delicate items, which are difficult to print.  Small areas can be printed with a fantastic finish.


Embossing is the process of creating a three-dimensional image or design in paper and other ductile materials. It is typically accomplished with a combination of heat and pressure onto a surface that is suitable for this to be done. This is achieved by using a metal die (female) usually made of brass and a counter die (male) that fit together and actually squeeze the fibers of the substrate. This pressure and a combination of heat actually “irons” while raising the level of the image higher than the substrate to make it smooth. Typically the types of products embossed with the Promotional Products industry include items made from leather.



Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Not all machines are for embroidery only. Some are a combination of embroidery and sewing. Some of the more advanced features becoming available include a large color touch screen, a USB interface, design editing software on the machine, embroidery adviser software, and design file storage systems. Commercial embroidery machines can be purchased as 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 15, and 18 head machines. Industrial embroidery machines are available from 12 to 56 head models.

Just about any type of fabric can be embroidered, given the proper stabilizer. For example, open lace and embroidering items are being developed. Anything from paper to fabric to lightweight balsa wood and more can be embroidered.

Machine embroidery commonly uses polyester, Rayon, or metallic embroidery thread, though other thread types are available. 40wt thread is the most commonly used embroidery thread weight. Bobbin thread is usually either 60wt or 90wt thread. The quality of thread used can greatly affect the number of thread breaks and other embroidery problems. Polyester thread is generally more color safe and durable.  Promotional items that can be embroidered include all types of clothing.  The effect is a colorful display of your logo or band that has a subtle effect.


Laser Engraving:


Laser engraving is the practice of using lasers to engrave or mark an object. The technique can be very technical and complex, and often a computer system is used to drive the movements of the laser head. Despite this complexity, very precise and clean engravings can be achieved at a high rate.

Promotional materials that can be engraved include natural materials such as woods, plastics and metals. Other items that may be of interest include stone and glass which laser engraves very nicely.


There are also additional types of Promotional Printing for speciality need, if you would like more information on these please feel free to contact our office. 


“And Don’t forget, we print on any surface!”


Promotional Printing Machine














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Promotional Mobile IT & Bluetooth

Promotional Products over the last few years have become swamped with a number of computer accessories. Mobile IT products which include bluetooth capabilities, will be explained to the following paragraphs.

Promotional products include any type of product or item which can be printed or decorated with your company name or logo, that said any type of item can be a promotional product including this little gizmo.  Branded bluetooh products are now range include: promotional bluetooth earphones.  Bluetooth uses short-range radio technology for transferring information between two or more devices. Some of these items include mobile phones, PDAs, personal computers, digital cameras, mice and much more. The main benefit will items are included in this type of technology, will be the fact that you do not need any types of cords to connect your devices. Bluetoothworks well up to an area of 15 m and is suitable for transferring medium light to medium size packets of data. If you have Bluetooth on one device but not on a another such as your computer desktop, you can purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter.

Mobile phone companies, businesses and organisations can all benefit from these types of Promotional Mobile IT Technology. Contactus today for all of your Promotional Moblie and IT Bluetooth solutions.


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Promotional Ideas

Sometimes it is easy for one to become complacent within the Promotional Products Industry. No one wants to use the same products for advertising year in year out. The pressure is on for promotional products companies to become more innovative in what they can offer to the clients they deal with. For example, everyone appreciates in value of Promotional Products when they are given as a gift to your company or business employees or clients. If you can have promotional pen every year, don’t be surprised if people don’t rave about what you’re doing. Variety is the spice of life and with simply thousands of innovative ideas and avenues within the promotional products arena, why would you get bored?

Also many people think that giving promotional products can cost a significant amount of time and money. This can be the case with the high end Promotional Gift Ideas, but, cost-effective promotional products can be between the price range of $1-$5. If you are unsure about the types of Promotional Advertising Gift Ideas that you would like to use this year, simply contact one of our staff today for some new and innovative ideas and suggestions. Our staff have a wide range of experience within the Promotional Products Industry for you to leverage from. Consultations are free and we love to talk Promo Ideas all day. Be prepared for a great conversation. Contact one of your friendly Boost Promotional Products team members today to discuss your next Promotional Marketing Ideas Campaign today.

We all want to spend more time at the beach and loving the things we do.  Why not choose an Promotional Advertising campaign today?  After all:

“Marketing Pay’s, it does not cost!!”

Promotional Ideas

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Promotional Desk Accessories.

Are you looking to accessorise your desk? Try Promotional Desk Accessories and items for a fresh, clean, presentable desktop during business meetings and colleague talks. Our range here and from Boost Promotional Products includes calculators, rulers and desktop containers. First impressions are always important for new business development. Having a stylish promotional desk accessory on your table will create a great first impression for your business image.  Contact one of our customer service operators today to discuss your requirements. Although Promo Items which are destined to be used for your desk can be printed or decorated with your company name or logo. Get Accessorised Today!

Promotional Desk Accessories

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Promotional Winter Jackets

Now is the time to start looking for winter Promo clothing.  Wide an extensive range to offer, Boost Promotional Products can accommodate all of you Promo winter needs.  From Jackets to scarves we have it all at the best possible prices.  Our emphasis is based on quality garments made from the best quality materials that we can source.  We simply do not sell clothing that will not last in Australian conditions.  Take for example our Promotional Jackets range:

We encourage buyers to take a look at our Vor-Tech fabric Promo Jackets.  This is a 3 layer laminated fabric. The face fabric is a 2 layered bonded lycra. The Vor-Tech membrane is micro-porous and laminated to the face fabric.  The lining is a combination of woven fleece that is laminated on the inside of the Vor-Tech membrane and breathable windbreaker mesh. This layer serves two purposes. It protects the Vor-Tech membrane from abrasion and wear and dissipates body moisture over a large surface area. The micro-porous membrane has two features: it allows perspiration to escape through the pores in the membrane without allowing water in, and also acts as a windbreaker.

Promotional Jackets

For a jacket that will last you a lifetime and keep you warm and dry on even the most testing of days, contact Boost Promo Australia for all you Promo Clothing supplies this winter.  Don’t forget all of our Promotional Apparel can be decorated with your company name, business logo or anything you basically want on the item.  We also provide several print destinations for your logo onto each garment.  For example on the locations include the back of a garment, shoulder, front pockets, sleeve logs, etc, etc.




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