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Promo Mouse Mats

Today we will preview one of the more popular Promotional Mouse Mats on the market, the Silicone Gel Mouse Mat.  These types of Mouse Mats can be a very effective form of advertising as well as a great product to use for young and old.  One of the main benefits from this type of product apart from decorating the product itself is the silicone wrist pad towards the user end of the item. This pad provides comfortable support for any hand placed upon this area and they last a lifetime considering the amount of daily use or abuse they receive. The soft gel upon the inside of the mouse pad provides a steady support system for daily use.  For longer extended periods using your computer your hand is generally are a lot more comfortable after this time.

Large quality print areas are available of these types of promotional items.  Single colour or multicolour prints can be used for a very effective advertising campaign.  With a number of mouse mats increasing every year within the Promotional Products industry is safe to say they are here to stay for a very long time. How many of your clients or recipients use a computer as part of their daily routine?  Based on these figures we believe promotional mouse mats are a great low-cost form of advertising for any business or company. Contact one of our customer service operators today for all of your mouse mat enquiries.


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Boost Promotional News

Why Boost?  With so many Promotional Products to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Australia’s most popular Promotional Items Specialists

Boost Promotional Products has introduced an extensive range of Promo goods since 2005 and we have established ourselves in many areas with tens of thousands of Promotional Products sold each year.  Many of our clients become frequent visitors and we really enjoy the one on one contact with these people on a regular basis.

Promotional Products lead the Way

We have pioneered many new products into the industry and work very closely with our suppliers to deliver exactly what our customers want.  Our cost effective range is second to none and if you can’t find a product that you want we have the time and resources to find it. 

Reliability that’s proven from your very first experience with us:

We take the time to make sure you get the right Promotional Product every time.  With our flexible ordering system, prompt mock ups that look fantastic and the best pricing and service in Australia, why would you shop anywhere else.

Specialists that hold your hand every step of the way

Regardless of whether you are order twenty compendiums or several thousand bags, we treat every client with the upmost respect and service that simply shines above any other company.  If you are new to the Promotional Industry, you will certainly be in great hands with us.  We take the time to explain every step in the process of your order and providing you with carefully selected samples and visual illustrations for you to approve before allowing any part of your job to proceed.

We look forward to you contacting our team within the near future.  Experience the Boost Difference!

Boost Promotional Products

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Promotional Satchels

The Outback Promotional Satchel which is available in various colour options, has been a stand out favouriteby many notable businesses and this year.  When asked why do so many Australian conferences and businesses use this type of Promotional Satchel, the answer is simple.  This is a rustic type of bag that is well suited to both men and women.  It is also well received as a gift amongst the rural community of Australia which makes up a large portion of this country.  We find that most “blokes” are happy carrying this type of “Man Bag” if you would like to use this term.  We have also had great feedback by many ladies that have used this bag also.

With a generous fold over flap for protecting documents, heavy duty buckles for securing all of your items on bard and a fully adjustable shoulder strap, this bag is great all-rounder for a wide range of clients.  This Promo Bag can be useful as an organiser for your day to day activities also.  Clients also love the look and feel of this rustic type of fabric that the bags is made from.  Contact us today for all of your Promotional Satchel requirements.


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Promotional Business Ideas

From time to time we love to see the use of good Promotional Ideas for the Australian public, ideas that have been well thought out by a serious team, generating a great reminder for clients and resonating with the people that use them.  Looks like this leading Insurance Company really thought about the type of Promotional Item that would be suit their clients.  It’s all about getting into the mind of your clients and thinking about what really makes them tick.  You also have to be 100% certain that people will be thrilled or even excited to use a Promotional Item like this on a regular basis.

Now from what we can see here, this company has a lot of clients nationwide.  Estimated it would be in the tens of thousands.  Where did they think most of their clients would be spending most of their time?  In a vehicle.  So what better place to implement a Promotional Item than in the car.  Then they obviousally thought about the amount of technology on the market place and came up with a very suitable product that could recharge a wide range of devices with a 12 volt outlet in a vehicle.

Top marks for the innovative effort in using a Promotional Accessories Product.



promotional Ideas


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Promotional Towels

Choose Top quality Promotional Towels for your next promotional marketing campaign.  Used typically for the body after bathing or showering or at the beach after drying off after a swim or to provide a surface to lie on or relax, a Promo Towels are great gift or giveaway items. 

Here at Boost Promotional Products we believe towels, regardless of price, are a fully justified and an essential part of many businesses and companies. Your clients may use them every day and beyond a delightful appearance, people want them to perform correctly, like taking the water off your body or warming you up and softly caressing your skin.  Over the years we have distributed a lot of towels to a wide range of clients.  We believe in quality rather than quantity and have included ranges that represent this on our website.  Form Promotional Golf Towels to Spots or Gym Towels we supply one of the largest ranges in Australia.  All of our Promo Towels can be decorated with your company name or logo.  Embroidery is typically the most common type of logo displayed on these types of items.  Bright vibrant colourful designs can be added to your towel with maximum display areas for your logos, resulting in a banner type of advertising for all to see.  Contact us today for your next Promotional campaign.


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Promotional Beanies.

The winter freeze for many parts of Australis has set in once again.  There are a wide of Promotional Products that suit the needs of businesses, companies and organisations during this cooler times of the year. Promotional Beanies provide a great variety of uses for the end user and are very popular amongst adults and children of both sexes. Tradespeople also love these fashionable Promotional Items for work purposes. People can use their brand in the workplace as a common fashion accessory.

With Boost to Promotional Products we offer a wide range of Promotional Beanies for you to choose from. All about headwear can be decorated to your requirements either by using a screenprint or embroidery process. High-quality large printing areas can be of in full view for all to see. Consider this type of promotional product if you are the trades industry for your clients.  Promo Beanies are also a very good idea for giveaways or fund raising events. They are very popular with many people throughout Australia. Contact one of our customer service operators today for all of your requirements.

Promotional Beanies

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Promotional Trolley Cooler Bags.

Boost Promotional Products now offers a complete range of rolling coolers with wheels, which are one of the most adaptable and handy ways to transport a wide range of chilled items to a array of destinations including the beach, picnic areas, functions, parties and much more.  One of our favourites within this range is our all terrain Assent Rolling Cooler Bag which comes with multiple compartments, large insulated PVC main compartment and large easy to access pouch at the front, which is very handy for a wide range of accessories needed for the day.  This almighty cooler has become one of Australia favourite mobile cooler bags.

This cooler bag will suit a wide range of people from teens to adults.  One of the best advantages of this cooler is the ability to access the inside without having to unzip the whole cooler for your favourite food or beverages.

Retractable trolley handles used in this piece of equipment also allows for ease of use under load.  Other collapsible rolling coolers are favoured by many clubs and organisations around this country.  For example you can always see Bathurst enthusiasts bringing these coolers with them on a day out, which can easily collapse (when empty) for easy storage.

Contact one of our staff members today for your ultimate range of portable cooler solutions.

Promotional Trolley Cooler Bags

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