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Boost Promo Goes Mobile

Boost Promotional Products has gone mobile.  If you would like to view the latest Promotional Products through the convenience of your mobile phone, start browsing through our site now at


“Promotional Media On The Move”

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5 Tips To Promotional Sucess

Choosing new Promotional Products isn’t decision to be taken lightly. That’s because the factors like the size of your promotion, how many people are attending and what type of people you are going to be targeting are just a few of the variables that could impact a Promotion and your overall operating costs. But if you follow a few tips coming up with the right decision won’t be a problem.

1.  Choose the right product for optimal use.

For example there would be no point in offering your recipients a Promotional Stress Ball if they spend the majority of their time working in an outside environment. Try placing your product of choice in your customer’s eyes, ensuring this will be the type of product that they will use most. Frequent use of the promotional products that you deliver your clients will stimulate your advertising message to be remembered time and time again.

2.  Try a new Digital Promotional Product for the Wow factor!

The digital revolution is influencing every aspect of our lives. Now digital technology is changing Promotional Items across the board in many ways. In today’s world we deal with a large amount of media and music files or data downloads which can be carefully integrated with a promotional product of your choice. Mass storage devices such as promotional USB’s are now more affordable for clients to purchase as Corporate Gifts along with hundreds of other items that we offer.

3.  Make sure you keep fixed tally on your Promotional costs.

The best way to deal with your promotional products supplier is to inform them of your budget. This is a simple question that will be asked from your initial contact. By dividing your budget by the number of attendees, a price per unit can be established to look at a wide range of products suitable for you in multiple different categories. For example there is no need to look at a $10-$15 corporate gift if you only have one to 2 dollars to spend per client.

4.  Make sure your product is compatible to your promotion.

If you are reviewing quotes, make sure you are comparing apples with apples and double checking to see if you are receiving things such as maximum print area for your promotional items, freight costs are included, set up costs, freight costs have been detailed and the products quality will be the same. From time to time we deal with companies and businesses who expect a $15-$20 bag for $2-$3. Under the circumstances quality will generally be the issue. Boost promotional products only deals with quality made items in the best possible prices.

5.  The company that cares for the environment.

An obsession with innovation and quality leads us to the development of many different types of Promotional Products. Many of our products that we sell throughout Australia comply with ethical working standards from products that are outsourced from different countries. 100% of the power needs are also derived from renewable energy sources. This ensures our company is leading the Promotional Products industry in Australia using energy efficient power sources and climate saving computer equipment all the time.  Also when we offer you products that are organic or made from specialised materials such as PET, we stipulate the percentages for each product used.


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Promotional Lanyards

Promotional Lanyards are all about identification and who you are. Groups tend to use these types of promotional items for displaying a wide range of information such as your name, company, age, date of birth and\or access details to a particular area. You can basically display as much information or as little as you would like depending on your requirements. Lanyards also portray a corporate or business image for your clients or delegates, which can really make your business stand out ontop.

In Australia they are also known as neck chains. With several years experience at the conference and promotional industry rest assured you are certainly in good hands dealing with us. We provide several different printing options and multiple different styles of lanyards for your conference or event. Plain one colour lanyards are the best if you’re on a budget and are looking to save money. The full-colour dye sublimation lanyards of the best effect for a detailed finish that simply looks stunning. Also the cost between a one colour print lanyard full-colour printed lanyard are hardly noticeable if you are looking to order larger quantities.

This year’s 2010 range also includes a full range of eco-lanyards which are made from reusable materials such as bamboo and PET fibres. These types of items can be the type of product that only has a short lifespan, therefore using these types of materials should be noted. Contact one of our customer service operators today for all your requirements.


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New Range

During the course of the next few months our promotional clothing range will be updated with the new 2010 range. We are excited about the new styles of Promotional T-Shirts and other types of clothing that will be on offer this year. These items are carefully selected by our team here at Boost Promotional Products. Each garment is tested to ensure our high quality standards are still met. This year’s trends are towards the soft earthey natural tones which can be combined with your company name or logo colours for a stunning visual effect. Look out towards the end of this month for our full range available and our new catalogue which will be published for our current clients.

Whether you are looking for a corporate stylish look, or classic Promotional Polo Shirt look no further than our range here at Boost. We provide a large range of Promo Clothing for you to choose from.  If you’re on a budget we can certainly accommodate your needs with an economical range of Promotional T-shirts which come in a large range of colours and sizes. We accommodate everyone including children and adults.

Contact Australia’s number one leaving Promotional Products store in Australia today. We give you an entire team focused on your requirements and budget.


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Promotional Travel Mugs

Boost Promotional Products now offers a wide range of Promotional Travel Mugs all at discount prices that are top of the line.  You won’t find better travel mugs in Australia than from our online store.  All of our mugs can be printed in one or multiple areas and the construction of our mugs are all double insulated to keep your beverage safe and secure for Australian conditions.  All of our Promotional Drinkware come with easy to use resealable lids to prevent spillage.  What’s more, these travel mugs are good for the environment and your health, making them eco-friendly and health-friendly. 


We firmly believe our Promo Travel Mugs are great for advertising and promoting your business.  Whether you are a business owner or organisation, there’s no better way to say “thank you” to a customer than by giving them a custom printed travel mug.  Your recipients will appreciate the gifts you offer and your business name or logo will receive free advertising at the same time.  Printed travel mugs are the perfect solution to advertising with a limited budget.


Don’t forget, we work with some of Australia’s largest businesses and organisations, so rest assured you are in great hands dealing with us. 


Have a question?  Need help regarding your Promo Items?  Contact one of our friendly staff today for all of your requirements. 



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Promotional Golf Visors

Golf has been a big craze for a long time. Sometimes I am sure we could even imagine now own a sons or daughters playing just like Tiger Woods.  Promotional Golf Visors have been around a long time in Australia and our very popular with a wide range of people including males and females. Their lightweight properties make the ideal sports cap for playing a variety of activities including golf. Promotional Golf Visors do not have a complete headpiece on top of the cap which is why this style of cap is generally preferred.  This allows for great breathable properties during increased activities, which in turn, allows the body to remain cool during these highly demanding times.  

Also the adjustable to be able to fit most people very comfortably. And adjustable back using Velcro is the preferred option with this type of cap. Easy adjustments can be made to the size and shape at any time.  A generous peak is offered to ensure the sun is kept at bay at all times.

Decorations of these types of promotional caps are available in different options including embroidery or screen printing.  Contact one of our customer service operators today for all of your promotional requirements.


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Promotional School Hats

Promotional school hats include wide brimmed hats that will keep your children at bay from the sun’s harmful rays.  Our hats are made from the bet quality fabrics that we can source and provide a UV protection of 50+ (Meets Australian Standards).  Basically this means over 90 percent of the sun’s harmful rays will be block by using this type of fabric.

  Main features of these hats include a large brim area around the hat to keep the sun off, high quality cotton for long life, eyelets which are strategically placed to ensure adequate breathing during high activity times or the warmer months of the year and a heavy brushed cotton cord which can be adjusted to any length for a comfortable fit.

If you are a kindergarten, school or university, we can provide you with the perfect solution to all of your kids/young adults needs.  Not only do we supply you with the best quality hats at the best possible prices, we also place your logo onto hats of your choice with a variety of print or embroidery options.  If you are not sure what to place onto your Promotional Hats, our graphics department can offer you several options for your students.

Contact one of your friendly staff members today at Boost Promotional Products for all of your Promo School Hat requirements.  We give you our entire team focused on your orders.


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