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Online Promotional Products

Forget about the crowds, shop online today for the latest Promotional Products and Items.  New Years shopping can be a dreadful time of the year, so contact us today and leave the hard word to us.  Our unique online service will save you time and money.  We offer a full service, fast track delivery system for you and your clients.

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Printed Pens

They say that a picture means a thousand words.  Let those pictures and words are printed or branded onto your favourite promotional pen of your choice at the office.  Pens are the perfect low cost gift that will propel your brand name into the faces or your customers.  Every time they use this decorated item, your name will become more and more familiar.  Some companies and businesses also think of this as subliminal advertising.  This type of promoting of your brand targets the sub conches mid of the user by receptive use of brand recognition. 

Also just think of how many pairs of hands your logo and/or company name will pass through before the end of its lifetime.  Independent research shows the average pen name will be read over two dozen times and it will exchange hands over a dozen time’s in most situations.  Very powerful advertising.  So the next time you consider a promotion, consider the humble pen for a profound effect. 


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Ten Reasons To Incorporate Promotional Products

10 Reasons to incorporate Promotional Products into your marketing budget

There are literally hundreds of reasons for utilising Promotional Products.  After all we are all nuts here about what we do on a daily basis. Below are some of the main points we would like to consider when considering your next promotional marketing campaign.  Given the amazing results these items can have on your brand awareness, it’s important to make your name sand out from the crowd and start to really get noticed.  Believe us or not, many of Australia’s top businesses all use these interesting items, you only have do the research yourself to find the answers.  The benefits include:


Your brand or name gets recognition.

They help establish your Business or Company name.

They remind your Customers frequently about you.

Good promotional products Impresses your clients.

They offer an affordable acknowledgement to people that need to be recognised.

Sometimes it’s the shear thought that really counts.

Promotional Products really say, “Do you remember me”.

Shows that you care as a business.

Helps establishing contacts in tight and coemptive markets.

People love free stuff!

Promotional products and items are a cost effective way of saying so much for so little.  We offer a vast range of items for you to choose from and remember if we don’t stock it we can find it for you. In fact we have something suitable for every occasion, every situation, and every type of service and for every customer. With over 12,000 options to you and your clients why wouldn’t you choose Australia’s number one promotional products store.

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