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Outdoor Wet Weather Clothing

Wear Your Business in Style with PROMOTIONAL WET WEATHER & ACTIVE WEAR


Each sport or any activity requiring extreme physical exertion needs a special clothing or apparel for its high level competition and required skills.  Have you imagined yourselves running in your favorite jeans or working out or going to the gym in a dress?  For many of us who are not athletes, sports apparel may not be an important part of our daily lives.  Most of us only devote weekends for some outdoor physical activities such as jogging, playing volleyball, tennis or badminton and others.  If you are not accustomed to wearing active wear, you should know that you are missing out on the advantages of wearing one.

Active wear and other sports apparel is specifically made with special material for extra comfort.  Some active wears can keep moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling comfortable and dry in case your activity would cause you to sweat a lot.  There are also those that traps heat close to your body should you participate in a cold weather sport.  Here in Boost Promotional Products Australia, we offer a wide array of choices of high quality branded corporate and Promotional Active Wear where you can imprint your company name or logo to further establish awareness and recognition among your potential customers.

We also supply Promotional Rainwear or Wet Weather for outdoor events such as concerts, festivals and other activities.  These are manufactured to the highest standards to withstand extreme weather conditions.  Businesses will definitely benefit from the increase brand exposure especially if their employees are seen in various places wearing their personalized and promotional clothing.

Remember, comfort and style doesn’t necessarily have to take a back seat regardless of any outdoor activity and promotional clothing you choose.  Visit Boost Promotional Products Australia and check out other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Corporate Umbrellas

Uncover Your Business Potentials With CORPORATE UMBRELLAS


There are unlimited options to choose from when investing in promotional products for your business within Australia.  The benefits of utilizing promotional products as marketing tools have long been established as studies have proven that promotional items increase response rates, boost brand recognition and create more favorable impressions for your company.  One of the most important thing to consider when choosing a promotional product is finding something that will be of genuine use to your target consumers, while also having the potential to successfully advertise your business.

A promotional item that can be used year round will provide your company long-term benefits based on continuous visibility and usage.  Promotional Corporate Umbrellas fit perfectly into this category as it can provide your potential customers maximum protection from the sun, wind and rain while establishing your brand awareness.  The constant change in weather has made these umbrellas a necessity.  Most everyone has one within reach just in case they are caught out in the rain or out in excessive sunlight.  Corporate Umbrellas are effective for corporate advertising because these have large spaces to be printed on with your company logo or brand.  There is space on each segment of the umbrella for printed images or details.

Here at Boost Promotional Products Australia, we offer top quality Corporate Umbrellas such as Executive umbrellas, Golf umbrellas, Personal or Folding umbrellas and Heavy-Duty umbrellas for extreme Australian weather conditions.   You can also check out other great promotional product ideas that will best represent your company for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Corporate Pens

Mark Your Business Success With CORPORATE PENS


Promotional products make excellent advertising and marketing tools.  Logo branded promotional items are used by businesses in Australia to bring awareness of their services and products to the public.  Though there are several types of promotional gifts, their distribution is constrained by the appropriateness of the situation and their target audience.  However, there is one universal promotional product that remains relevant in any business situations.  Corporate Pens happen to be versatile and extremely useful regardless of age, gender, status and profession. 

According to a survey, pens are one of the promotional products which deliver the most significant impression when used as a marketing tool.  This result can be attributed to the fact that pens are used on a daily basis and the more often we are exposed to a particular brand or company logo, the more we become aware of their presence and the more chances of retaining their corporate identity into our memory.  Corporate Pens have a unique advantage over traditional promotional pens as the latter generally run out of ink sooner than a high quality corporate pen.

And while most other forms of promotion are rather short-lived, Printed Corporate Pens on the other hand provide a constant reminder to the user of your business.  These pens are handy and can be easily carried into a pocket or purse.  And since it is highly likely that other people may borrow the pen, your advertisement passes on to others for free!  Corporate Pens are indeed a cost effective and practical gift item which is sure to be well received.

Boost Promotional Products Australia offers high quality imprinted or engraved pens that provides long-lasting brand recognition for your company or business.  You may also check out our other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Scarves

Promote Your Business All-Year Round with PROMOTIONAL SCARVES


Whether you are just starting or already have an established business, promotional products put your business logo or brand at the forefront of the general public or potential customers.  When planning a promotional campaign, it is therefore necessary and essential to consider the efficiency of the products that you choose.  One item that stands out whatever time or season of the year is Promotional Scarves.  These scarves have become very popular not only with women but with men as well.  Multipurpose and versatility are just some of the characteristics why Decorated Scarves are a staple item of clothing on anyone’s wardrobe.

In spring or summer and you plan to go to the beach, it can serve as a swimsuit cover-up or provide warmth after coming out of the chilly water.  In autumn and winter, you can tie it around the neck or use as a shawl to keep you warm and cozy.  If you want to look stylish everyday but don’t have hours to get dressed or the luxury to shop, you can throw a unique patterned or bright colored scarf on a tee or sweater and jeans to make you look stylish and elegant.  You can also tie it around your waist to make it a chic belt.  Even bad hair days are gone when you use it as a hair accessory such as headbands and bandana.  It is good for daily use as it complements practically anything you’re wearing.

And because Promotional Scarves are light, it becomes a must have travel accessory especially if a person is travelling from one climate to another.  The more often your potential customers are exposed to these promotional scarves bearing your logo or brand, the more recognizable it will be!  And the more useful a promotional product is, the more of an impact it will have on your target market.

For other practical and exceptional promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Promotional Items Australia today.


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Embroidered Promotional Jackets

EMBROIDERED PROMOTIONAL JACKETS – A Smart and Casual Way of Promoting Your Business


Because Australia is such a large country, its weather varies in different parts of the continent and the temperature changes with the seasons.  During the cold season, a lot of people are using jackets not only as a fashion statement but as a protective clothing as well.  It keeps them warm and cozy or stays dry especially during wet or rainy season.  For this reason, a lot of Australian businesses are using decorated embroidered Promotional Jackets to advertise their company, build brand awareness and keep their corporate identity at the top of the customers mind when dealing with them.  You can choose from a variety of styles to suit your business requirements and these jackets can be easily screen printed with your brand or company logo.  Embroidered Jackets are a great way to build team spirit among your employees while keeping your company and products at the forefront of potential customers’ minds.          

A well-designed promotional clothing or corporate products will do a great job in assisting you to promote your organization and increase public recognition.  Corporate clothing such as Promotional Jackets are really eye-catching and should always be preferred because when these are worn by your customers and employees, your advertising message is taken outside and reaches the wider world.  As a result, your business gains a far bigger exposure than other typical forms of advertising that you see today.

If you would like to find other options for your advertising requirements, visit Boost Promotional Products Australia and check out other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional T Shirts & Polos

Wear Your Business Message on Your Sleeves with PROMOTIONAL T-SHIRTS & POLOS


No matter how small or large a business or company is, advertising is the key to make your brand stand out and be recognized by the public.  Most of the companies and corporate giants in Australia that we are so familiar with are well known because of their successful marketing strategies, which almost always include highly visible branding of their company logo through the use of promotional products.   Promotional T Shirts and Polos are something that all businesses use as it is one of the most successful promotional items to create and increase brand awareness.  It does an effective job in retaining your logo or corporate identity into a person’s memory.  In fact, some clients have chosen polo shirts not only when attending meetings and events, but as a low cost alternative uniform shirt for their employees where there is a need to look smart and casual at the same time.

The relative success of Promotional T–Shirts and Polos in promoting your business can be attributed to its outstanding advertising capabilities such as usefulness, visibility and reach to name a few.  T-shirts are often used simply because clothing is a basic necessity of any individual.  The more it is being used, the more it becomes visible to the public and the more they tend to notice and recognize your brand if it is displayed on a particular promotional clothing.   An individual wearing your promotional t-shirt assumes the role of a mobile advertiser and brand ambassador because your advertising message reaches to each potential customer.  More so, the availability of these shirts in various bright colors creates visual attraction and appeal.  Therefore, the association of your business name or brand with a promotional t-shirt will always yield in a much better response from the clients.

For more high quality and well-designed promotional ideas and promotional product reviews on clothing, visit Boost Promotional Products Australia and check out other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Towels

Refresh Your Brand Image with PROMOTIONAL TOWELS


One of the best-selling promotional items when it comes to variety, durability of material and flexibility of design are Promotional Towels, which has a wide array of selections from velour cotton towels, sports towels, golf towels, workout towels and beach towels.  The reason behind this is that every individual regardless of their age, gender and profession generally owns a pair of towel and it is considered a necessity in our daily lives.  There are lots of other alternative uses for the towel other than drying things so it is not surprising why this can be found almost anywhere aside from our homes.

But there are other factors and considerations why more and more businesses and companies in Australia are choosing Promotional Towels as the item of choice for brand promotion and advertisement.  The imprint area on these towels is incredibly large which allows a better display of vivid, bright designs or logos to be used, therefore providing maximum visibility and exposure of your brand advertisement.  Any artwork or design can easily be customised or personalized on the large imprint area which can easily attract the attention of potential customers.  As such, the durability and affordability of Promotional Towels make a highly effective and powerful tool for your promotional campaign to further increase brand awareness and recognition.

If you would like to find other cost-effective ways to improve your marketability, visit Products Items Australia today and check out other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Reusable Bags

PROMOTIONAL REUSABLE BAGS – Carrying A Positive Environmental Message


Statistics show in 2007, Australians used as much as 3.9 billion plastic shopping bags.  Promotional Reusable Bags provide the ideal alternative and best solution to the global problem that plastic and paper bags create.  Instead of being used and thrown away like plastic bags, these reusable bags can be washed and repeatedly used as they are made of durable fabric to last for many, many years.  And because it is more lightweight and spacious, it can typically carry more items and stuffs for your grocery shopping, picnics, out of town trips, etc.

Boost Promotional Products has introduced Promotional Reusable Bags made from recycled #1 PET plastic.  It is made from 98% post-consumer recycled content.  The bag is made of a lightweight, durable soft fabric made from recycled #1 PET (PETE) plastic.  By using this product you have saved approximately 5 X 330 PET plastic bottles from going to land fill.  Recycled PET is a durable, eco-friendly fabric made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles & containers.  If properly cared for, these reusable bags will have much longer useful life.

Choosing Promotional Reusable Bags will not only promote awareness of your brand.  It will greatly help in saving the environment by eliminating the need for paper or plastic bags.  Investing in a nice set of reusable bags printed with your company logo or message will provide years of advertisement and recognition for your brand.

If you would like to know more about other eco-friendly promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Boost Promotional Products Australia today.


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Promotional Travel Bags And Luggage


Across The Miles


Travelling provides a person an educational adventure and life enriching experiences.  People travel for many different reasons, with many different interests, in many different ways.  Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, Promotional Travel or Luggage Bags provides the best solution for whatever travel purposes and requirements you may need.  There are lots of options and styles to choose from so you have to consider the type of trip you’ll be taking, your travel habits and packing needs.

Smaller Promotional Travel Bags or Satchels are suited for shorter trips or those that involve transferring to different locations.  This type of travel bag makes your trip a lot more convenient and easier in case of transferring in and out of rental cars, shuttles and airplanes, or simply when you’re travelling alone.  If your travel does not involve frequent change in locations and generally remain in one place for a week or more, then Promotional Wheeled Trolley bags will work best for you.  It has a main compartment which is made accessible through a zippered U-shaped opening.  It reduces the stress of packing through the availability of zipped pockets on the side of the bag which is perfectly suited for your other travel accessories such as toiletries, shoes and important documents.  This partitioning allows a mental list of things and makes these items readily available when needed.

What makes this promotional item a favorite among businesses is the ability that these travel bags serve as a mobile advertisement for their brand.  Another advantage is that you have enough space to imprint your company logo or brand, making it more visible to a lot of potential customers.  The continuous mobility and visibility provided by Printed Travel Luggage allows bigger savings and a valuable investment for your business.

Check out Boost Promotional Products Australia today to find out more ways on how we can assist you with our promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Sports Bags

PROMOTIONAL SPORTS BAGS – A Proactive Way To Promote Your Business


Promotional Sports Bags have been very popular with clients in the sporting industry because of the necessity to carry items needed by a team such as towels, shirts, water bottles, etc.  Whether it is a basketball team, football team, soccer team, swimming team or even cheering squads, a sports bag will definitely come handy and useful to each members or players.    


However, recent changes have been noted on the market expansion and increase in demand for sports bag as the item of choice for brand promotion and advertisement.  More and more businesses and companies in Australia have chosen to hand out Promotional Sports Bag during trade shows and events.  Potential customers are indeed delighted to receive promotional sports bag as they have a place to store all other promotional items and informative materials they’re getting from the trade show.  These sports bags are extremely versatile and can be used by potential customers again and again in case they will go to the gym, beach, company outings, overnight or sleepovers and long vacation trips.  The variety in styles, sizes and capacity of promotional sports bags makes it an ideal luggage to carry your things and other items for whatever purpose you may need it. 


Even businesses and companies are benefitting tremendously because of the versatility of these sports bags.  They can also include other promotional items inside the bag such as pens, keychains, note pads and water bottles.  More people will become more familiar with your brand as you are able to get your logo printed multiple times.    And because Promotional Sports Bags vary in size and capacity, you have enough space to screen print your company logo or brand more than once for visibility and effective exposure.


Visit Boost Promotional Products Australia today for other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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