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Cooler Bags For Summer In Australia

During these warmer months of the year, not only do people depend on cooler bags for living, they are an essential part of enjoying the Australian outdoors.  We are now in the hottest months of the year and although typically it is not as hot as previous years, we certainly know the demand for high quality cooler bags, which are well insulated, durable and light weight are very important for the public.   

From the everyday six pack coolers to the wine totes that keep white wine at a consistent temperature, we supply it all.  Consider factors such as price, quality, delivery costs and setup fees when looking at buying your bags.  Having being in the cooler industry for several years we understand the importance of getting the job right the very first time.  If you are looking for cooler samples before your purchase, we are more than happy to assist with your enquiry.  Large volume order over two hundred and fifty units can also attract healthy discounts.  Don’t forget the more you buy the more you save on price.  Let’s face faces, we are all conscious on price and we can motivate you in this area with Australia’s best cooler bag prices, guaranteed! 

Whether you are a mining company in Perth looking for large volume storage coolers for employees or a private business looking to expand a product line, we can help with all your needs.  If you are looking for something a little different consider an indent option also.  “Indent” in our industry refers to products that can be tailor made offshore to your specific requirements.  Often businesses and companies and build the perfect cooler with a wide range of options included.  These options include, branded pullers, metal badges, sew on badges, external bag screen printing options, coloured nylon options, bag handles, webbing, insulation options, debossed or laser engraved logo, rubber badges, zippers. 

As you can see the options for custom made coolers are seemingly endless.  Companies and businesses can literally save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you are organised and get your orders in on time.  The only requirements are that you have six to eight weeks lead in time and your minimum order is two hundred and fifty units.

For Australia’s leading Cooler Bags Store contact us today at 1300 739505.   


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Top Tips For Promotional Products In 2011

Whether you have an upstart business or have been in business for decades, promoting it is always important. The length of time you have been around has little to do with the fact that you have to promote your business, and everyone could use some pointers every now and then.

Whenever people think of promotional giveaways they almost always think of something they can put in their house to make it look nicer. So if you have a business that is relevant to house hold goods or products, then maybe you could hold a raffle. It will draw peoples’ attention your way and that is always good for business. Trade shows are also a very good springboard for promotional giveaways. The more people you can get to your booth with a gimmick, the better.

While the above two options are things you do once or twice a year, there are smaller items you can keep giving out year round. Pens and pencils with your company logo for example are good items to give people so your company name is always around. Coffee mugs are also a good idea, especially if your business is relevant to coffee. Chances are though that your company logo will not take up the entire mug, so come up with a background colour that compliments the logo colours well. Make it stand out as much as you can.

Going back to the trade show idea, people are going to be walking around the good part of the day picking up more promotional items as they go, so they are going to need something to put everything in. This is where a small bag with your logo comes in at. Not only can they use it when the trade show is over, but wherever else they go, people will see your logo. So make it something that will draw peoples’ attention and have them ask questions about it.

There are also balloons and other “temporary toys” that you can hand out to children. This works especially well if the colours in your logo appeal to youngsters. These are some of the more popular promotional ideas that there are, and since you want your company or business to succeed, you are sure to try out one or more of them.

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