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Printed Marathon T Shirts

There is no doubt that many groups and associated with running can spend serious amounts of money and time when it comes to a technical running garment. For basic, low cost Printed Marathon T Shirts, consider purchasing a plain cotton t shirts or singlets and then printing your logo design or text onto this garment. T Shirts only become expensive when you decide to buy quality. The old saying applies “you get what you pay for”. Performance Wear T Shirts, or Technical T Shirts offer the wearer significant advantages over traditional cotton materials.

While basic cotton t shirts are typically made from 100% ring-spun combined cotton materials, performance t shirts are generally not made from this material. They incorporate breathable polyester materials, offer quick drying and are very lightweight. Do these advantages for a more durable and technical marathon running t shirt explain the significant price increase? For many competitors the answer will always be YES. Why, well the answer is simple. For athletes of all levels, reducing your core body temperature and having a garment that wicks away moisture when perspiring heavily is something that is absolutely essential. These two added advantages are enough for any marathon runner to buy one immediately.

Other factor to consider when purchasing printed Marathon T Shirts

Some of the other factors when purchasing marathon t shirts include colors and sizing. Colors include a range of stock standard colors from your supplier when inquiring along with multiple color options and custom made options that fit your marathon colors. There are literally endless combination’s of color to choose from and for you and your event or club to design. If you are unsure on your colors simply ask your supplier that you are dealing with for a complete design brief, they should be able to provide this to you free of charge. With sizes for men’s and women’s t shirts, we typically start at XS for children and then move onto S, M, L, XL, XXL.


Decoration of your marathon T Shirts

Decoration of your logo onto plain cotton t shirts is a relatively straight forward process. Decoration onto technical garments is a very specialised job. It is very easy for this one to go wrong, so do your homework and choose a reputable promotional products company to complete this task. Due to the nature of technical fabrics, special pre-treatments need to be applied to the fabric to ensure that the inks will adhere to the material. Other easier logo applications include direct print transfers or full color transfer prints. This process can be very cost effective if you are printing several colors for your marathon t shirts. For more information regarding to custom printed marathon t shirts, please contact Boost Promotional Products. We are more than happy to design your t shirts free of charge and provide some of the best pricing in Australia for all marathon events.


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Promotional Products For Schools

Promotional Products For Schools

There are a wide variety of Promotional Products that are well suited to schools in Australia. First let’s take a look at a definition of a school is and what they are trying to achieve. A school in an institution used by parents for educating their children. It can also be an institution or instruction in a particular skill of field. Another example of this would be a college or university.

One of the first things that may come to mind when thinking about merchandising for schools is bags. Most children or teenagers that attend school typically have a school bag of some description. School bags come in many sizes shapes and forms. We are noticing that kindergartens and pre-school type facilities may have very basic styles of bags to give too or sell to their children. These days many of these types of printed school bags are decorated or embroidered with logo’s or designs to identify children from a specific school. Moving up to primary school, these types of children require a bigger school bag with more space and storage. High School students require something bigger again. It’s important to keep these bags in proportion to the user’s size and weight. The very last thing you don’t want to see is a primary school child that is carrying a bag that is simply too large for his/her size. This in effect is seen more now than ever with most schools implementing a one-size-fits-all type of bag.

Other types of Promotional Products for schools include:

Lanyards for teachers

ID Cards or Sleeves







Library Bags

Sports Bags

The last item of note here is uniforms. Yes the one word parents dread because of the substantial cost involved every year. Typically modern day uniforms in Australia are now embroidered due to the exceptional hard-wearing nature of the decoration. Uniforms can be purchased in an unlimited range of color and sizes and are custom made for schools in general. For more information regarding Promotional Products for Schools, please visit Boost Promotional Products Australia.


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Printed Umbrellas

During any time of the year in Australia, anyone can benefit with the use of a Umbrella. With many names associated with this device such as rain shade, brolly, sunshade, parasol or miniature canopy, these functional items are designed to perform one of two tasks. They either protect one from the rain or sun. For many businesses and companies it has become common practice to offer employees the added bonus of gifting Printed Umbrellas or selling then on for a profit.

Typically these days most umbrellas that you see are without a doubt decorated umbrellas. Why? It makes sense for someone to order decorated umbrellas, instead of plain old, dull colors with no decoration. Most umbrella printing or decoration can be easily seen up to 50 meters away from the person holing the item. Now what a fantastic opportunity for anyone to display their logo in a way that all can see by all, on a wet or sunny day. The materials used to make umbrellas are usually water proof. This allows water to slide down the panels when it is raining keeping the user dry and comfortable.

Some of the features on more modern day umbrellas include:

Full fiberglass shafts for additional strength and durability.

Wind safe frames

Ultra strong fiberglass ribs which in turn supports the waterproof panels

Auto opening systems

Electroplated frames

“J” handles or premium rubber handles

Over-locked panel joins for added strength and durability

Blow-out or wind proof systems

Wind vents

Velcro closure systems

Nylon carry bags

Printed Umbrellas can be used for the following:


Sports functions

Corporate Events




Decoration options for umbrellas include screen printing or transfer printing. All types of Umbrellas are very delicate to decorate. It takes a well trained printer or decorator with the knowledge of how to print these special items. Whether you need a umbrella for a force 10 wind or 40 degree day view our range of advertising umbrellas today.


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Compendiums Meaning

Compendium – Definition

Compendiums are a personal reference folder or organiser containing detailed information about a particular subject matter. A person that uses a compendium for personal use typically has one or more of the following attributes. They are manufactured in a material that is hard wearing and can be used on a daily basis. Many business or corporate types of people use these folders to organise their daily activities. On the inside of a compendium you can typically find things like daily planners, calculators, pen holders, business card holders, lined refill paper and more. Some of the more “modern day” types of compendiums will include “I Phone Holders” and “I Pad Holders” too. Typically these functional devices will include several pockets or internal sleeves for additional storage too. Often one can very surprised as to just how much one can fit into a daily organiser like these compendiums referenced here.

Considering these items are very hard wearing, we have had several reports of people still utilising these compendiums 4-5 years after they had first obtained them. I you take the purchasing price of single high quality leather compendium at $70-80.00 over the term of 5 years, that’s a promotional product that cost you just over $14.00 a year to own or just 0.04 cents a day. That really is great value for money and money well spent on a product that your recipients will always use.


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Promotional Products Manufacturing

It’s important to know as a buyer a little about where your Promotional Merchandise is coming from and just where are your origins of your items.  Most of the manufactures that we utilize have been certified and audited as socially compliant.  This process ensures that that simple outlines in the company such as health and safety, fundamental rights for employees are outlined and addressed in each and every certification.  We ask for audits and certifications from each of our suppliers and encourage any new suppliers to do the same prior to our company seeking a new contract.  For more information or notes on Audit Certification contact Boost Promotional Products today.  394QM9MC6TG3

Where do your Promotional Products Come From?

Where do your Promotional Products Come From?

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