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Custom Printed Rolling Cooler Bags

As spring steps into full swing in many states in Australia we recognise the importance of being outside with children and other friends.  We also have Christmas fast approaching that this time of the year is also popular with Corporate Gifts.  If you are looking for an innovative Corporate Gifts solution this Christmas why not try one of our rolling cooler bags like this one.

The Ultimate Rolling Cooler Bag from CBA has been designed up for Australian conditions. Many of the features you would find in a bag like this one you could pay up to twice the price.  Made from a durable 600D polyester material and also combining 420D nylon panels this cooler is tough and reliable every single time you use it.  Other useful features include a zippered front pocket for keys, mobile and other types of small item storage.  On the outside we have placed sturdy cargo handles to lift your cooler onto or into other types of transport devices.  A bungee cord with cord lock is useful on top of the bag for loose items and we have included a long 96cm retractable handle to easily carry your items to your favorite camping spot, sporting event, school field and more.  The standout feature has to be the clear removable lining.  This feature is great for bags with high usage.  Simply pull out the liner to clean your cooler bag in one easy motion.  Place back into the bag again and you are ready to go.  Never clean another stubborn stain from your cooler again.

Included in this one low price we also print your bags with your company or business details.  Massive 40-liter capacity, 9 kg’s mass.

B456 015

B456 020


B456 017

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Christmas Gifts


Now is great time to order your Corporate Christmas Gifts! Why? With just only 8 weeks until Christmas it’s makes sense to plan ahead of other peoples bad timing. Generally speaking many people leave there printed Corporate Gifts right until the very last minute when most Promotional Products printing departments are flat out. There is nothing more disappointing than not being able to offer your clients gifts simply because you ran out of time or forgot to order during this very busy time of the year.

Typically most lead in times for Custom Printed Corporate Gifts range from 10-15 days. Consider this when you place your order to avoid disappointment. During the month of November from 1-15 we have tried to accommodate everyone by placing on more staff to meet an unseasonal demand for Corporate Gifts delivered throughout Australia. Boost Promotional Products is now offering a 3-5 day lead in times for this period. If you require something printed or branded just let us know. Also if you are in the Sydney or Melbourne area we can also be flexible with these time frames.

In other words if you need something URGENT we can do it! If not, no one can.

Our Corporate Gift Ideas for 2012 include:

Custom Printed Cooler Bags
Logo Compendiums
Desk Gifts
Office Supplies
Corporate Pens
Water Bottles
Outdoor Items
Clocks & Calculators
Travel Items


Contact our support team today.

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Promotional Gift Sets

Promotional Campaign Works Best With CORPORATE GIFT SETS


Giving out corporate gifts is indeed a challenge particularly to those business executives and owners who are not naturally gifted with the ability to choose the right one for the right person.  Plus the fact that business professionals are often just too busy to shop, select and wrap gifts during holidays and other gift-giving occasions.  And this is where Promotional Corporate Gift Sets come in handy and in many cases, a life-saver.

In fact, thousands of executives and business owners in Australia have come to rely on ready-to-give Promotional Corporate Gift Sets as the best solution to this dilemma.  Corporate Gift Sets typically come in ready and decorative gift boxes, bags and wrappers.  It saves a lot of time for the giver since there is little or almost no need for wrapping with these kinds of gifts.  No need to go to the mall and spend hours and hours of searching for the perfect gift and wrapper.  It also saves a lot of money in having to pay someone to do all the wrapping.  More importantly, your business information can be printed on these corporate gift sets.  Isn’t that an extra incentive for advertising your business at the same time? 

Ready-to-give promotional gift sets aren’t just for the holidays.  Keep an ample supply to last all year round so you can easily pull one in case of other occasions or company events such as trade shows, product launches or simply give to new or prospective clients. 

At Boost Promotional Products Australia, you can choose from our high quality made Corporate Gift Sets from coffee plungers or stainless steel flasks and mugs to wine bottle carriers and cases.  We also provide great looking gift boxes for all your corporate gifting needs.  Contact us for other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gift campaign.


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Promotional Corporate Bar Accessories

Accelerate Your Business Popularity With PROMOTIONAL BAR ACCESSORIES


Restaurants and Bars are often visited at some occasions or when anyone simply wants to relax and chill-out after a day’s work.   The number of people who frequented a particular bar to hang-out is just one factor which determines its popularity among an extensive base of customers.  Hence, it is no longer surprising why restaurants and bars have developed to create an identity of their own.  Especially with the numerous competitors entering into the race of branding themselves, the task is increasingly becoming difficult.  And this is why the demand for promotional items related to bars and restaurants have increased tremendously.  Corporate Bar Accessories are being utilized to accomplish the job of being recognized by the public and influence them to become regular customers.    

To enhance the impact and effectiveness of using these bar accessories, the promotional product of choice must possess two main important purposes: it has to represent the food and drinks available with them as well as the kind of services they provide.  Potential customers must always be reminded of the venue whenever they plan to go out for eating, drinking and unwinding.  Another advantage of having Promotional Bar Accessories is that your business can also get free advertising from your loyal customers and patrons who will spread good recommendations thru word of mouth to their friends and colleagues.

Boost Promotional Products Australia has an extensive range of Bar Gifts and Accessories such as corkscrews, keyrings, wine coolers, wine stoppers and coaster sets.   We also offer other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs which will guarantee maximum exposure benefits.


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Promotional Corporate Photo Frames

promotional-corporate-photo-framesBuild Your Corporate Image With PROMOTIONAL PHOTO FRAMES


Every day is always a perfect day and time to promote your brand, especially if you’re pushing a product that’s barely new in the market.  Who wouldn’t definitely take advantage of every opportunity to be seen?  That is why many businesses are thankful for the existence and availability of promotional products.  Visibility doesn’t have to cost that much anymore!  Building brand awareness is probably easiest, not to mention cheapest, in using promotional products.

Giving away Promotional Corporate Gifts such as personalized office items is beneficial in many ways as it helps fostering goodwill and public relations with your clients, customers and business affiliates.  One of the best corporate gifts which must be considered by businesses are Promotional Photo Frames where your recipients can place pictures that will remind them of good memories.  Having images of loved ones around are certainly a strong motivator at work and it’s a great reminder why they’re working hard or what they’re saving up for.  An average employee spends at least 45 hours a week in his workstation.  The office is basically an employee’s second home and one of the basic things that a company can provide is a holistic and comfortable workplace.  Allowing them to personalize their desks with promotional desktop items such as photo frames will help them fulfill the requirements of their job while still striking a balance between their social life and work. 

At Boost Promotional Products Australia, we can also provide A3, A4, A5, panorama and magnetic photo frames which are suitable to display certificates, photos and other items which you prefer to display.  You can also choose from our other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs which will increase your brand visibility efficiently.

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Promotional Corporate Card Holders

Advertisement Can Come From Small Packages With PROMOTIONAL CARD HOLDERS


Promotional campaigns are ideal for building and establishing a positive image for your brand.  While print advertisements and TV commercial are indeed effective, these are also proven costly mechanisms to promote a certain brand or product.  As such, many businesses cannot afford to spend extensively on a tight advertising budget.  Good thing that there are a lot of available promotional products to consider which are more cost-effective, yields more favorable impressions and successful recognition for your brand or company.

Promotional Corporate Gifts such as desktop and office items are key products for boosting your brand identity.  Office desktop items are easy to personalize and offer the recipient great usability.  Promotional Business Card Holders are a great and inexpensive way of giving your business direct advertising access to a huge market division.  Although business card holders are meant to serve a single purpose, a little creativity however can turn them into a multifunctional promotional item.  Aside from stacking business cards on it, it can also be used to stuff in some stationary items or other important pieces of paper and post-it notes.  There are also pocket card holders which can be used alternatively as a wallet.  Thus, Corporate Business Card Holders imprinted with your brand or company logo will create a different and memorable corporate identity.

Here at Boost Promotional Products Australia, we offer economical, practical, useful and versatile promotional corporate gifts and office items that will maximize your brand exposure.   You can also check out other great promotional product ideas that will showcase your company for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Corporate Clocks

It’s Time to Include CORPORATE CLOCKS On Your Promotional Campaign


In these modern times, people are so busy and every moment counts.  If you’re looking for a product which will carry your company logo, it is important to select a product that is not only useful, but also something which is capable of being seen or viewed countless times per day.  It should provide easy access to your company information so that potential customers and clients will reconnect with you every time.

Promotional Corporate Clocks is just one of the few promotional products that people will look at repetitively.  It is vital to our daily lives because of the need to tell the time.  Every now and then, people will glance at a time piece whether a printed desk clock, wall clock or wrist watch to confirm an appointment or meeting and fulfill schedules or whatever activity that they must accomplish for a certain period of time.  If your company logo or contact information is imprinted on these time pieces, this gives the customers an easy and convenient way to be reminded of your business at all times.  It’s almost a given that they will call you again for future orders and purchases.  Further, these time pieces are impressive.  Watches and clocks seem like expensive promotional items at first glance.  But contrary to common perception, these are some of the best promotional items to give you your money’s worth.  The expensive value is simply an impression. 

With all these information, it’s high time you call Boost Promotional Products Australia and see for yourself how form and function combine effortlessly to create desirable and effective promotional time pieces.  We also have other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Corporate Drinkware

Heat Up Your Promotional Campaign with CORPORATE DRINKWARE


Almost everyone have plenty of coffee mugs and cups in their home.  So perhaps you’re wondering how more of these will help you promote and represent your company?  But no matter how many of these a person owns, nobody will throw away a perfectly good drinkware especially if it is well-designed.  In Australia, Corporate Drinkware has proven the test of time as one of the top 5 Promotional Corporate Gifts chosen by businesses as giveaways to carry their brand or company logo.  It delivers a significant impression to its recipients simply because of its variety of purposes and usage factor.

Aside from its common use for beverages and coffees at home or in the office, people on the go take these with them wherever they go in case of errands.  Even employees use this to stack their pens and pencils on their desk.  So even if people don’t need one, it will still be used and put on display.  That is why Promotional Corporate Drinkware is a fantastic marketing tool.

What is even more amazing is the usability of this promotional product.  On an average, Corporate Drinkware can be used up to 4 to 5 times a day!  You won’t find a better promotional item for the cost of it.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with your drinkware, look for those which will hang around and serve a purpose for long period of time.  At Boost Promotional Products Australia, we offer an extensive range of Corporate Drinkware made from high quality materials such as stainless steel, glass and polycarbonates, where you can imprint your logo or advertising message to provide long-lasting brand recognition for your company or business.  You may also check out our other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Eco/Green Promotional Corporate Gifts



If your business has started to take some initiative towards going green, then you are fully aware of its benefits as it can actually save you money while helping the environment at the same time.  So why not put your good work to use by letting your customers know that you are going green?  You have to ensure that you are giving something away that is of value to your potential customers.  If you have not yet considered advertising with promotional products before, then now is the time to show your “green side” through Promotional Green Corporate Products.

Enviro-Friendly Products are a great way to establish brand awareness, build customer loyalty and attract new potential customers.  Your customers’ view of your company will reflect the quality of the promotional product you give them.  They will view your company more favorably because you are helping out the environment at the same time and as a result, they will be more likely to buy your products or avail your services.  Rest assured that the image you portray in using these Enviro-Friendly Products will give you a better return on your investment.

At Boost Promotional Products Australia, you have unlimited options to choose from our Promotional Enviro Corporate Products which are made from reusable materials such as bamboo, PET, recycled paper and other reusable products.  These are everyday items which can be imprinted or decorated with your company name or logo.  Check out our other great promotional advertising ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Corporate Umbrellas

Uncover Your Business Potentials With CORPORATE UMBRELLAS


There are unlimited options to choose from when investing in promotional products for your business within Australia.  The benefits of utilizing promotional products as marketing tools have long been established as studies have proven that promotional items increase response rates, boost brand recognition and create more favorable impressions for your company.  One of the most important thing to consider when choosing a promotional product is finding something that will be of genuine use to your target consumers, while also having the potential to successfully advertise your business.

A promotional item that can be used year round will provide your company long-term benefits based on continuous visibility and usage.  Promotional Corporate Umbrellas fit perfectly into this category as it can provide your potential customers maximum protection from the sun, wind and rain while establishing your brand awareness.  The constant change in weather has made these umbrellas a necessity.  Most everyone has one within reach just in case they are caught out in the rain or out in excessive sunlight.  Corporate Umbrellas are effective for corporate advertising because these have large spaces to be printed on with your company logo or brand.  There is space on each segment of the umbrella for printed images or details.

Here at Boost Promotional Products Australia, we offer top quality Corporate Umbrellas such as Executive umbrellas, Golf umbrellas, Personal or Folding umbrellas and Heavy-Duty umbrellas for extreme Australian weather conditions.   You can also check out other great promotional product ideas that will best represent your company for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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