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Calico Bags

Preserving the Environment through Calico Bags


Plastic has become one of the most increasing sources of environmental problem these days.  Plastics are commonly used because they are relatively easy and inexpensive to make.  However, these same qualities have made it a huge hazard to the environment.  It can easily be disposed and if not done properly, it creates unsightly litter and end up in waterways and drains, thereby causing floods and endangering the marine life.  Good thing though, many businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious and responsible and have resulted to other alternatives to prevent plastic pollution.  Various companies and retailers have incorporated reusable bags where merchandise and purchases are placed.  Others have utilized these bags for promotional campaigns and corporate giveaways.  Calico Bags are the most popular choice of this kind because of the following outstanding features:

§  Low-Cost and Inexpensive.  Calico is made of plain-woven textile originally from India.  They are relatively inexpensive to produce, therefore reducing your operational costs.

§  Durable and Stronger.  Compared to plastic or paper bags, calico bags can be loaded with items without fear of being destroyed while carrying it around.  This is one reason why many groceries and food marts have replaced the traditional plastic bags because calico bags are more than capable of handling the purchases made by their customers.

§  Washable and Repairable.  Unlike plastic bags which can easily be thrown and discarded after using, calico bags can be washed as many times as you want so you can use it again for your next shopping trip or other purposes.  Even simple wear and tear damages can easily be managed just by sewing the edges, which you definitely cannot do if it is made from plastic.

§  Functional and Stylish.  Calico bags are available in different colors and stylish designs which make it perfect to use wherever you want to go!  You can use it to place your files or paper works, books, knick knacks or use it as a laundry bag.

§  Branding and Promotional Alternatives.  The use of promotional products has played a major role in brand awareness.  Calico bags are ideal promotional tools because it provides your company the opportunity to be seen by hundreds of people in a short period of time.  The large printing area of these bags allows your company logo or brand name to stand out and be noticed.

Using Calico Bags can indeed minimize the build up of waste and lessen the damages to the environment.  Visit Boost Promotional Products Australia today and replace your disposable one-time bags with our wide selection of high quality Calico and Tote Bags.


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Printed Water Bottles

Printed Water Bottles- Encourage Green Drinkware with Promotional Bottles


Printed Water Bottles are a great way to encourage your employees and customers to stop wasting money on disposable water bottles that are not biodegradable and promote eco-friendly drinking options. Plus, you’ll be able to print whatever you want on them, promoting your business or services to anyone who uses the bottles. You can give them away at corporate events, trade shows, festivals, or other events that your business promotes at, or you can use them for employee recognition and appreciation, during seminars and training events, and even just to give out to anyone and everyone that you can so that you can promote your business.


Promotional products are nothing new and printed water bottles are just one of many items that you can choose from when it comes to business promotions. Make sure that you take the time to check out all of the options that you have, because you can find plastic bottles, high-end bottles with great designs and styles, and a variety of colours and designs to choose from. You can have the bottles printed with your company logo, name, and information, or anything else that you want them to say. Essentially, it’s like a portable print ad for your company, so make sure that you choose wisely.


In a world where going green has gone crazy, printed water bottles can give you the chance to show employees and customers that you care about them AND the environment, which can win the hearts of many people because of their love for the environment. It can often be hard to choose the most effective promotional products, but finding something that is useful and that can get your message across is going to be your best bet.


Printed water bottles are a great choice when it comes to promotional products for many different reasons. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find just about anything that you want or need when it comes to promotional products. If you want to make a statement for your business and for the environment, you can definitely do that with water bottles. By being able to take the time to find the best promotional products for your business, you’ll generate more business and get more interest in your services or products, which is always good for your company.


For more information about promotional water bottles or other promotional products for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Boost Promotional Products.


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Enviro Promo Products

Bamboo is wonderfully friendly product for the planet.  Promotional Products that have Bamboo incorporated into the manufacturing process are considered to be one of the most economically sustainable resources on the planet. Bamboo can grow up to a rate of 1 m per day under favourable conditions and reach maturity within 3 to 4 short years. It is not require replanting after harvesting because of its intensive rooting network and will contentedly sprout new shoots that grow at astonishing rates.

Given these amazing properties, our new range of Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products including Promo Clothing, Corporate Gifts and other pieces of merchandise all contain this wonderful product with an amazing history. When bamboo it is used in fibres to create fabrics for clothing the end result is an antibacterial and antifungal material that is breathable, thermal and most importantly environmentally friendly.  Bamboo clothing really has taken off within the last few years with is popularity becoming widely known in the fashion industry.

 In today’s market place we offer a wide range of Promotional Products using bamboo as a base material.  Contact one of our friendly staff for all of your Promotional Product requirements.


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Promotional DesK Clock Innovation!

I have chosen this new product to show case to you today.  With all of the new gizmo’s on the promo market this year, this one has really taken my fancy.  A water powered clock for the every day business desk that won’t let let you down, is a well received gift by anyone in the office.  This unique device appeals to me because of two reasons.  First it is very enviro friendly and secondly, people love something when they have no idea of how it works at all.  Aqua time needs no batteries in today’s world and is hydrogen driven folks, so there is no need to feed this item at all.  Innovative, fun and appealing to a wide range of people form young to old, we guarantee you it will be a great starting conversation for any desk meeting.  Contact us today to discuss your next promo clock campaign.

Promo Desk Clock

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Eco Friendly Promotional Products.

We don’t have to look too far, to read copious amounts of information based on the on the environment.  Business and companies are in the spotlight for maintaining strict levels of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.   Environmental targets have now been set and now many companies find themselves involved with big fines if they exceed these levels. By purchasing eco friendly promotional products you can feel very delighted as a company and your decision to making this country a cleaner and greener place. We supply many types of recycled and reusable products that make great eco friendly gifts.

All of the Eco Friendly Promotional Item that we sell to you are made from recycled materials or natural fibers.  The bottom line is we are saving natural resources, like trees in the process. Recycled promotional items offer many benefits to the buyer and the environment. Eco friendly items don’t always mean cheap rubber products.  We have a large variety of item including pens, pencils, rulers, bags and frisbees just to name a few. All products can be printed or branded with your logo to remember your environmental message or theme.

Many products will include information on the amount of recycled content used in the item’s manufacture.  By using eco friendly promotional products supports conservation, including saving energy and reducing waste. Going green is the responsible way to treat the earth and not only that but earth friendly promotional items will aid sustainability while providing the opportunity to educate and reinforce how important conservation is for everyone.  Contact us today for your next eco friendly promotional campaign. 


Recycled PET Bag  Eco Frisbee  Eco Writer  Natural Cotton Promo Bags

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