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Promotional Shirts- Corporate Shirts, Polo Shirts, and Business Shirts


Promotional shirts do one thing for your business: they sell. People love free stuff, and when you provide them with shirts that have your company logo or name on them, you’re basically getting free or really cheap advertising, if you include the cost of the shirts. You’ll have dozens of walking billboards wandering around town promoting your business, which can be a great way to increase your visibility and get more people interested in your business. There is something for just about everyone in the world of promotional products, but shirts are one of the most popular choices among companies by far.


Hats and promotional shirts are the most common items that companies invest in, and for good reason. They sell well, they get the message out, and they are appreciated by customers, employees, and even strangers that you give them away to. People wear clothing daily, and when they can get free shirts, they’re always willing to wear them around because it’s something that they didn’t have to pay for.


If you’re looking for promotional shirts for your employees for corporate events or just to wear around the office, you can find many different products out there as well. You can sell a variety of items in a corporate apparel gift shop or even give them to people as gifts for employee appreciation and recognition events that you attend. Corporate apparel comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colours and designs so you should have no trouble finding the perfect shirts for your business. Whether you want t shirts, business shirts, polo shirts, or any other kind of clothing products, you can find them if you take the time to look.


Promotional shirts can have your company logo, a witty saying, company information, or anything that you want on them. If you have some sort of inside joke with your employees, putting it on a shirt for everyone to wear can provide a sense of unity for your business because people will feel as though they’re appreciated and that they are a part of something. Ultimately, whether you choose to use shirts and other promotional clothing for employees or to give to customers, you have so many choices out there that you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.


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Hanes Shirts

The Hanes T-shirt range offered by boost promotional products are a quality made garment that have been widely received by many types of organisations and businesses, in many different locations throughout Australia. Many of our recipients enjoy benefits such as the quality of fit, stitching and durability. Available to you a wide range of colours and sizes these walking promotional advertising advertisements are a must have in your summer advertising program. Another quality feature of these garments to remember is there pre-shrunk cotton material used with all the items within this range. The standard range is generally tailored a little longer on the bottom of the t shirt so they can be tucked in with ease. All the Hanes T Shirts can be regally machine washed for ease of use and years of constant use. Contact your Boost Promotional Products team today for all of your Hanes merchandise and accessories.

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Creative Designs Using Promo T Shirts.

There are simply endless options in designing a Promotional T-shirt for your business. T shirts vary considerably in quality. You may have noticed that cotton comes in a wide variety of options. Many T-shirts are also blended from different materials such as nylon. The price of your garment will depend on the quality of the materials used to manufacture the product. Many T-shirts nowadays also include materials that have breathability properties. These types of promotional shirts can be great for highly active people. Perspiration and moisture is quickly taken away from the body and transported through this high-tech material, leaving the person dry and perspiration free. Here at boost promotional products we have a wide range of primary T-shirts to you to select from. From cheap tees to somthing middle of the road, we have the lot.  After choosing the right T-shirt for your situation your logo can be placed onto the garment in one or more positions. Full colour digital prints can replicate any logo down to the finest detail. The end result is a fantastic looking, simple, functional T-shirt that will promote your business or company for many months or even years to come. Contact us today.

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Walking Advertising Anyone?

Custom promotional t shirts are a great way to advertise your business or company!  They don’t have to break your budget when an advertising budget is to be considered and the have a very profound effect when they are viewed by anyone that comes into contact with them.  When choosing a promo shirt, the most important thing to consider when making your purchase is what type of people will be wearing them.  With this in mind you can narrow down your search and then maybe focus on what is your budget.  You want to make sure that the style of t-shit that people are going to wear, will be suitable for them.  From kids t shirts to adults, sports teams to organisations we have the perfect solution for your promotional needs.  Contact us today.

Eco Promo T Shirt

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