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Alternative Bag Choices

Promotional Bamboo Bags for the Green Conscious Customer

The movement to go Green is underway in a big way. More and more companies and consumers are looking for earth-friendly ways to accomplish their business and personal goals. The promotional products industry responded to these desires with some Green products of their own.

Bamboo is a very interesting resource that can be used in a number ways. It can be used as anything from a sturdy building material and flooring to fibers for cloth. All it requires is a different production method. Bamboo is a great Green material because it only takes a handful of years to replenish after being harvested. Compare that to the tree that takes decades to reach the same maturity it once had and it is clear why bamboo is a great material.

Promotional bags made from bamboo offer the same kind of re-usability and versatility that heavier cloth bags provide. They can be designed and branded in the same way that bags made of traditional materials are. Unlike bags made of other materials, bamboo promotional bags are more biodegradable and made from an easily renewable resource. They even prove to be more durable than pure cotton or many polyester blends.

Double-handled promotional bamboo tote bags made from bamboo offer the same great variety of uses that traditional materials do. The individuals receiving them will be able to make continued use of them as multi-use grocery bags, carrying bags, or even see re-distribution to a friend for their own use. They continue to provide that extra exposure and benefit one would normally expect from a promotional tote.

Businesses and functions of all kinds can make great use of a bamboo tote as a promotional item. The most obvious are Green-oriented businesses, initiatives, and functions. Even companies or functions concerned with improving their environmental friendliness in as many ways as possible may prefer using a customized bamboo bag over other options.

Regardless of what needs to be promoted, a reusable bamboo bag will see consistent use from whoever it ends up with. The proper branding on the bag will be spreading knowledge of your company or message far into the future as it sees continued use.


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Cooler Bags For Summer In Australia

During these warmer months of the year, not only do people depend on cooler bags for living, they are an essential part of enjoying the Australian outdoors.  We are now in the hottest months of the year and although typically it is not as hot as previous years, we certainly know the demand for high quality cooler bags, which are well insulated, durable and light weight are very important for the public.   

From the everyday six pack coolers to the wine totes that keep white wine at a consistent temperature, we supply it all.  Consider factors such as price, quality, delivery costs and setup fees when looking at buying your bags.  Having being in the cooler industry for several years we understand the importance of getting the job right the very first time.  If you are looking for cooler samples before your purchase, we are more than happy to assist with your enquiry.  Large volume order over two hundred and fifty units can also attract healthy discounts.  Don’t forget the more you buy the more you save on price.  Let’s face faces, we are all conscious on price and we can motivate you in this area with Australia’s best cooler bag prices, guaranteed! 

Whether you are a mining company in Perth looking for large volume storage coolers for employees or a private business looking to expand a product line, we can help with all your needs.  If you are looking for something a little different consider an indent option also.  “Indent” in our industry refers to products that can be tailor made offshore to your specific requirements.  Often businesses and companies and build the perfect cooler with a wide range of options included.  These options include, branded pullers, metal badges, sew on badges, external bag screen printing options, coloured nylon options, bag handles, webbing, insulation options, debossed or laser engraved logo, rubber badges, zippers. 

As you can see the options for custom made coolers are seemingly endless.  Companies and businesses can literally save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you are organised and get your orders in on time.  The only requirements are that you have six to eight weeks lead in time and your minimum order is two hundred and fifty units.

For Australia’s leading Cooler Bags Store contact us today at 1300 739505.   


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Camping With Cooler Bags In Australia

When the fishing boat is at the local convenience store, Creative Cooler Bags are on the go. Cooler containers are being filled with ice, so you know, it is time for the camping season. There is nothing better for camping than cold containers, without them camping would be a bit uncomfortable. There are a number of great bags on the market, Bags to hold your lunch, Picnic Bags, and Roller Cooler.

Outings are great times for creative coolers, whether you are on a camping, or at a local baseball game. You will need cold drinks on a hot afternoon and something you really like to eat. While camping there are many reasons to have a cooler, difficulty in getting from the camping sight to the store is one reason and convenience is certainly a major variable.

Packing your cooler with ice not easily diluted is a great idea when you are out for a really long time without access to a new ice supply. Hot ice is great for this purpose, but, you must handle it carefully. Hot ice has the capacity to burn the hands and should be handled with paper or gloves. Hot ice is not kind to soft materials such as plastic so line your Cold Bags with some form of protection.

Creative storage bags are great for packing liquids while camping. If you are only out for the day, smaller cold bags work really well with the frozen ice packs inserted inside. Rolling coolers are great for exhibition camping. With large groups, these coolers keep food fresh, and drinks cold.

The design of the picnic coolers has step into the area of super cool. They can almost be carried like a purse or back pack; the convenience of use is even better. Simply place your items in Ziploc bags, fill your coolers with ice and be on your way.

Creative coolers are used all over the world, whether you are camping in Australia, Europe, or the Americas, Creative Bags will add ease to your camping list. With coolers you are able to take almost any food along on your trip you wish. If you are on a fishing expedition, pack your Rolling Cooler Bags with ice and bring your catch home. Creative bags have helped to make camping trips as convenient as walking to your refrigerator. So enjoy your Outback excursions knowing you can take your favourite dish along in your Creative Bags.


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Sports Bags

Spotting the Ideal Sports Bag


Having an active lifestyle provides a lot of benefits to an individual.  It improves your overall health, body functions and immune system, and it positively contributes to your emotional being as well.  Nowadays, many people are engaging themselves on various physical activities such as going to the gym, jogging, brisk walking and biking to name a few.  Some prefer to get involve on various sports activities like basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming and many others.  There are also some who are fascinated with extreme sports such as mountain biking, outdoor climbing, surfing, kayaking and other activities which has a high level of inherent danger.  Keep in mind that whatever type of activity you pursue, some baggage comes with it because of the necessity to carry items which are vital to perform each activity.   Towels, shirts and water bottles are basic essentials in any physical activity.  Equipments vary depending on the type of sport you like to play.  Choosing a Sports Bag to carry all these requirements may be difficult because there are so many varieties available in the market today.  Thus, it is equally important that you know the following things to consider before you finally pick the “ONE.”

Purpose.  Ask yourself what exactly do you need and which activity do you intend to use the bag for.  Make a checklist of all the things and equipments you need to bring to be able to perform that activity. 

Size.  If you are already aware of the things that you have to pack and place inside the bag, it will be easier for you to determine the size of the bag that you need.  Sports bags come in various capacities ranging from mid-size to large ones.

Style.  While your main purpose for Indulging in a particular sport or physical activity is to keep your body fit and healthy, it doesn’t mean that you have to forego of being stylish and trendy.  You want to look and feel good about yourself, so you have to choose bags that are appealing to encourage you to use it more often.  Be sure to choose a design that has extra padded and fully adjustable shoulder straps to provide comfort while carrying and further prevent neck and back injuries.

Material.  It is important that your sports bag is built to last and withstand the combined weight of your items and equipments, as well as the harsh weather condition especially if the activity requires you to stay outside.  Look for those which are made of lightweight materials so as not to add on the total weight of the contents.

Eventually, the Sports Bag you choose will become an essential part of your active lifestyle so it is equally important that you choose it wisely.  Visit Boost Promotional Products Australia today where you can find the Sports Bag to match your needs.

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Australian Cooler Bags Review

Keeping Things Cool with Cooler Bags


Coolers are often used to maintain the cool temperature of certain foods, drinks and other items.  It is indeed surprising how Coolers have evolved from its simplest form, which is usually an insulated box or Styrofoam where ice cubes are placed inside to keep it cool.  Today, there are many varieties of portable coolers in the market which even inspired other manufacturers to produce Cooler Bags to make it more handy and convenient to bring anywhere you go.  There are so many styles and designs of cooler bags depending on your desired capacity, activity and venue.

If you are planning to go on a picnic or beach outing, you may want to use Large Cooler Bags which has a bigger capacity to accommodate all your food and drinks.  It has adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.  Cooler Backpacks on the other hand can be used if you intend to go hiking, trekking or camping as these allow the user to have their hands free, or if they need to carry additional stuff for their trip.

For indoor parties, dinners, trainings or seminars, Roller Coolers or Cooler Trolleys are the best options for these occasions as it provides easy mobility and transit.  If you have a lot of guests, visitors and participants, you will therefore need a bigger storage for your drinks.  You may also use Wine Coolers so you can separate the wine from the other types of beverages.

Lunch Box Coolers, Nylon Cooler Bags or Non Woven Cooler Bags can be used to carry homemade lunches, drinks and snacks to your workplace or school.  Many people prefer to bring their own lunches and snacks not only to save money, but also to ensure the safety and freshness of the food they eat.  If you want to go stylish with your cooler bags, you can choose the Shoulder Tote Cooler or Transit Conference Cooler.   It looks like you are carrying a regular bag and people will be fascinated when they see that it is actually a cooler bag!

So the next time you want to chill out with your families, friends or workmates, always bring a Cooler Bag as your constant companion. Our business offers these great styles of Cooler Bags which also comes in various colors, sizes and capacity such as two, four and six bottle or can coolers, to fit any type of beverages.


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Promotional Laptop Bags Review

The Essence of Carrying LAPTOP BAGS


Everywhere you go these days, it is common to see a person quietly sitting and engaged while using a laptop.  Whether he or she is a professional working while relaxing in a coffee shop, or a student studying in the library, laptop computers provide people an important tool to keep their activity going regardless of the time and location.  Its portability has allowed them to increase their efficiency and accessibility to information at all times.  The compact size of a laptop made it easier to take it anywhere you go, but it also made it more prone and vulnerable from unwanted damages.  Frequent carrying and exposure puts it in more situations where the danger of being damaged is likely present.  While manufacturers have generously provided a free bag upon purchase of a laptop, not all of these bags are designed and capable to protect such expensive gadget.  Good thing that there are so many varieties of Laptop Bags available in the market today, to carry your laptop safe and stylish wherever you go.  Here are a few essential features that you must consider when choosing a Laptop Bag.

  1. Proper Padding and Adjustable Strapping.  Not only does it keep the laptop secured and buffered while in transit, it also provides ample support to the wearer to avoid neck strains and back pains.
  2. Additional Pockets and Extra Compartments.   Most of us are guilty of stuffing all other things inside our bags, which brings potential scratches and dents to the laptop.  The extra compartments will separate your laptop from your documents and paper works, while the additional pockets can be used to store your other accessories such as external mouse, power cords, data cables and USB flash drives.
  3. Made of Lightweight and Durable Material.  Laptops come in a variety of sizes and weights and majority of these are not lightweight.  Choosing a bag made of lightweight and durable material promotes comfort and ensures the longevity of usage for the bag.

Boost Promotional Products Australia offers a great selection of laptop bags from the basic laptop sleeve, backpacks, shoulder or messenger bags, satchels and all the way through the high-end leather computer bags.  All of which has the above must-have features and functions that will suit your daily routine.


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Enviro Bags

Raising Environmental Awareness through REUSABLE BAGS


Today, many businesses are maximizing the advertising benefits of using promotional products to help their brand be more recognized and eventually patronized by the consumers.  As such, more and more companies have come up with various products, which they believe can do the task more effectively and efficiently.  The problem is that most of these products are not environment-friendly or safety.  One product though, which is an exception to this are bags. 

In fact, bags have unlimited options in terms of styles and designs, including those which are made from recycled materials such as canvas, woven synthetic fibers or PET plastic, more commonly known as Reusable Bags.  In Australia, these bags are known as “Green Bags” due to their relative environmental friendliness and usual green color.  A lot of groceries and supermarkets and even retail outlets are using these bags as it is the ideal alternative for plastic bags.  As the name suggests, these bags can be washed and repeatedly used, compared to plastic bags which are easily thrown away once it has been used.  Because reusable bags are made of durable materials, it provides structure while keeping it lightweight at the same time. 

Even companies have recognized the value of incorporating Reusable Bags on their promotional campaigns.  Aside from helping and saving the environment, they are also saving a lot of money due to the relative inexpensive costs in producing these bags.  In return, Reusable Bags will not only provide your brand with years of advertisement, it will also carry a positive message of environmental awareness which your brand will be associated with.

Visit Boost Promotional Products Australia today and find out more eco-friendly promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Reusable Bags

PROMOTIONAL REUSABLE BAGS – Carrying A Positive Environmental Message


Statistics show in 2007, Australians used as much as 3.9 billion plastic shopping bags.  Promotional Reusable Bags provide the ideal alternative and best solution to the global problem that plastic and paper bags create.  Instead of being used and thrown away like plastic bags, these reusable bags can be washed and repeatedly used as they are made of durable fabric to last for many, many years.  And because it is more lightweight and spacious, it can typically carry more items and stuffs for your grocery shopping, picnics, out of town trips, etc.

Boost Promotional Products has introduced Promotional Reusable Bags made from recycled #1 PET plastic.  It is made from 98% post-consumer recycled content.  The bag is made of a lightweight, durable soft fabric made from recycled #1 PET (PETE) plastic.  By using this product you have saved approximately 5 X 330 PET plastic bottles from going to land fill.  Recycled PET is a durable, eco-friendly fabric made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles & containers.  If properly cared for, these reusable bags will have much longer useful life.

Choosing Promotional Reusable Bags will not only promote awareness of your brand.  It will greatly help in saving the environment by eliminating the need for paper or plastic bags.  Investing in a nice set of reusable bags printed with your company logo or message will provide years of advertisement and recognition for your brand.

If you would like to know more about other eco-friendly promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Boost Promotional Products Australia today.


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Promotional Travel Bags And Luggage


Across The Miles


Travelling provides a person an educational adventure and life enriching experiences.  People travel for many different reasons, with many different interests, in many different ways.  Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, Promotional Travel or Luggage Bags provides the best solution for whatever travel purposes and requirements you may need.  There are lots of options and styles to choose from so you have to consider the type of trip you’ll be taking, your travel habits and packing needs.

Smaller Promotional Travel Bags or Satchels are suited for shorter trips or those that involve transferring to different locations.  This type of travel bag makes your trip a lot more convenient and easier in case of transferring in and out of rental cars, shuttles and airplanes, or simply when you’re travelling alone.  If your travel does not involve frequent change in locations and generally remain in one place for a week or more, then Promotional Wheeled Trolley bags will work best for you.  It has a main compartment which is made accessible through a zippered U-shaped opening.  It reduces the stress of packing through the availability of zipped pockets on the side of the bag which is perfectly suited for your other travel accessories such as toiletries, shoes and important documents.  This partitioning allows a mental list of things and makes these items readily available when needed.

What makes this promotional item a favorite among businesses is the ability that these travel bags serve as a mobile advertisement for their brand.  Another advantage is that you have enough space to imprint your company logo or brand, making it more visible to a lot of potential customers.  The continuous mobility and visibility provided by Printed Travel Luggage allows bigger savings and a valuable investment for your business.

Check out Boost Promotional Products Australia today to find out more ways on how we can assist you with our promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Sports Bags

PROMOTIONAL SPORTS BAGS – A Proactive Way To Promote Your Business


Promotional Sports Bags have been very popular with clients in the sporting industry because of the necessity to carry items needed by a team such as towels, shirts, water bottles, etc.  Whether it is a basketball team, football team, soccer team, swimming team or even cheering squads, a sports bag will definitely come handy and useful to each members or players.    


However, recent changes have been noted on the market expansion and increase in demand for sports bag as the item of choice for brand promotion and advertisement.  More and more businesses and companies in Australia have chosen to hand out Promotional Sports Bag during trade shows and events.  Potential customers are indeed delighted to receive promotional sports bag as they have a place to store all other promotional items and informative materials they’re getting from the trade show.  These sports bags are extremely versatile and can be used by potential customers again and again in case they will go to the gym, beach, company outings, overnight or sleepovers and long vacation trips.  The variety in styles, sizes and capacity of promotional sports bags makes it an ideal luggage to carry your things and other items for whatever purpose you may need it. 


Even businesses and companies are benefitting tremendously because of the versatility of these sports bags.  They can also include other promotional items inside the bag such as pens, keychains, note pads and water bottles.  More people will become more familiar with your brand as you are able to get your logo printed multiple times.    And because Promotional Sports Bags vary in size and capacity, you have enough space to screen print your company logo or brand more than once for visibility and effective exposure.


Visit Boost Promotional Products Australia today for other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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