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Conference Satchels

Conference Satchels, Affordable Accessories

Conference Satchels are an important item for any event or meeting.  They provide your delegates with the use of a great bag that is compact and light weight.  Typically these types of bags incorporate a single slim line strap that can be placed over ones shoulder.  The strap can be place over the shoulder as mentioned or worn diagonally across the human body.  In this fashion the bag will then in effect sit on top of the hip of a person, which is comfortable especially for extended periods of use.

Messenger Bags or Satchels as we more commonly know them, are used here in Australia are typically made with cost effective materials such as nylon, cloth and PVC.  They can be made from move plusher materials such as suede and leather also.  Today they are not only used by conferences but also by a vast majority of students also.  You don’t have to travel very far at all to notice that the humble Conference Satchel has really taken over as a fashion accessory amongst many younger age groups.  Great news for people or businesses really looking to brand their name into any market.  They are also taken into many different locations and events around the country.

Well suited to a male or female audience they are warmly received by any type of people who obtain them.  Branded with a logo or two they look great and they are a very practical promotional item that really does last a long time.  Standard features include a wide range of colours, some in two tone options.  Durable materials used in construction such as 900 D Polyester and 400 D Nylons.  Adjustable shoulder straps, which can also be padded with insulation for larger loads and these straps, can also be removable.  Large main compartments for the storage of A4 materials and books.  Front Flap Organisers for daily storage such as pens, phones and keys. Additional outside pockets and name tag facilities. 

Contact your local Australian Conference Items Store for additional options, pricing and specials.


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Your Perfect Promotional Conference Bag

Here at Boost we believe in using conference bags as your promotional products. Your customers will regard the printed conference bags as the ideal gifts for them. They are useful to different types of people hailing from different professional backgrounds. The bags are suitable for low-grade employees as well as high-grade professionals or executives. They are the perfect corporate gifts that find a lot of value among all types of customers. Being a universal gift item, the bags hold an important status as a promotional gift. They find relevance always in all types of businesses.


We have a large variety of promotional conference bags on offer and this is what makes them one of the most anticipated promotional gifts. Our personal recommendation is to pick a colourful conference bag that match the brand identity colour in all respects. They offer you a lot of choice in their designs as well. They range from the simple strapped conference bags to the stylish and expensive conference bags with laptop carrier facilities. They are also featured with additional accessory pockets for storing the essential documents, mobile phone cases, business card holders, stationery items and magazines.  Contact one of our staff today for all of your personalised conference bags.


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Promotional Conference Satchels; The Perfect Conference Gift!

Very few people recognise how much work actually goes into a conference. Organising a successful conference or meeting involves a series of planning. The most important outcome of any meeting is not to boar people, the objective is to make people have fun and laughter long way, as well as informing your audience about on topic information. Remember when your audience is relaxed everyone can retain more information. Make sure you choose the appropriate venue for your conference or event. Always tried to retain people that are good speakers for informative talks. Use entertainment where possible to keep your conference alive and running smoothly. You may wish to also look at playing some type of the of appropriate uplifting music. This adds to the atmosphere of the entire conference will also guarantee a memorable occasion.

As conference experts in the promotional products industry we suggest with your registration desk you give a free gift such as something  like a Promotional Conference Satchel. Conference Satchel’s to fill the client is the ability to store items that they receive at your conference. The conference survival packs are a great idea for incorporating seven promotional items into one package. Conference Satchel’s are useful bags to carry the items such as books, pens and notepads. And many of our schedules and incorporate a large strap that can be placed over your shoulder for ease of use. Conference Bags are also useful for students at universities and colleges. Contact us today to discuss all of your Conference Supply or Conference Gear needs.

Promotional Conference Bags

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Looking For The Perfect Conference Bag?

Considering the amount of time, organising and money that goes into a great conference, you really only have one shot to make a fantastic impression for your audience.  For anyone that has had the pleasure of organising something on this scale, involving a few hundred people to a few thousand, I’m sure you will understand my cause for writing this very important post.  On this type of scale for an event or conference we reccomed a conference organiser to help things run smoothly.  With a vast range of experience in this area, they can coordinate even the busiest of conferences.  Now for the important part.  At many conferences that people attend, we all expect to receive something.  Promotional Conference Bags make the perfect accessory to any conference and are great for storing all the goodies that they will get.  Try a simple calico or tote bag which is a very affordable reusable conference gift for your delegates to use.  Promotional Conference Back Packs and Promotional Conference Satchels are also another great idea, if you really want to make an impact with your crowd.  All of our conference items can be decorated with your company name or logo for the lifetime of the product.  Every time your promo conference bags are re-used your advertising message, logo or brand will be noticed for all to see.  Contact one of our friendly staff today to discuss your next promotional conference campaign.

Conference Satchel  Promo Conference Satchel  Economy Satchel/Conference  Promo Satchels

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