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Cooler Bags For Summer In Australia

During these warmer months of the year, not only do people depend on cooler bags for living, they are an essential part of enjoying the Australian outdoors.  We are now in the hottest months of the year and although typically it is not as hot as previous years, we certainly know the demand for high quality cooler bags, which are well insulated, durable and light weight are very important for the public.   

From the everyday six pack coolers to the wine totes that keep white wine at a consistent temperature, we supply it all.  Consider factors such as price, quality, delivery costs and setup fees when looking at buying your bags.  Having being in the cooler industry for several years we understand the importance of getting the job right the very first time.  If you are looking for cooler samples before your purchase, we are more than happy to assist with your enquiry.  Large volume order over two hundred and fifty units can also attract healthy discounts.  Don’t forget the more you buy the more you save on price.  Let’s face faces, we are all conscious on price and we can motivate you in this area with Australia’s best cooler bag prices, guaranteed! 

Whether you are a mining company in Perth looking for large volume storage coolers for employees or a private business looking to expand a product line, we can help with all your needs.  If you are looking for something a little different consider an indent option also.  “Indent” in our industry refers to products that can be tailor made offshore to your specific requirements.  Often businesses and companies and build the perfect cooler with a wide range of options included.  These options include, branded pullers, metal badges, sew on badges, external bag screen printing options, coloured nylon options, bag handles, webbing, insulation options, debossed or laser engraved logo, rubber badges, zippers. 

As you can see the options for custom made coolers are seemingly endless.  Companies and businesses can literally save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you are organised and get your orders in on time.  The only requirements are that you have six to eight weeks lead in time and your minimum order is two hundred and fifty units.

For Australia’s leading Cooler Bags Store contact us today at 1300 739505.   


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Outdoor Australian Cooler Bags

PROMOTIONAL COOLER BAGS – A Fun Way to Promote Business Outdoors


Any outdoor activity whether it’s a picnic, going to the beach, camping, sporting event or just having an aussie barbecue parties and cookouts at the backyard, a cooler bag always comes in handy to store your foods, drinks and other items which needs to keep cool.  So it’s not surprising why Promotional Cooler Bags are the most popular promotional product and are chosen by many businesses in Australia when it comes to outdoor giveaways.  These cooler bags are designed for variety of purposes that even employees use it to carry their homemade lunches, drinks and snacks to their workplace.    


What is more advantageous when you choose Promotional Cooler Bags to advertise your brand is the wide printing spaces which you could use to imprint your company logo and message.  Thus, making it more easily to catch the attention of your potential consumers regardless of their age, gender or profession. 


Printed Cooler Bags comes in various colors, sizes and capacity such as two, four and six bottle or can coolers, lunchbox coolers, cooler backpacks and even spacious cooler trolleys for your bigger requirements.  Whatever type of cooler bag you choose to promote your business, the quality and durability of the bag is very important as this will provide more reasons for your consumers to use your product, bringing you years of advertisement and promotion.


If you would like to know more about promotional cooler bags or other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Australia’s preferred Promotional Bags supplier today.


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Promotional Cooler Lunchboxes

Promotional lunch boxes are back in full swing this year with the start of spring in Australia.  These types of promotional cooler bags are also considered to be reusable also, making them great for the environment.  Life expectancy for these items can be up to several years if they are treated with care from any loving bag owner.  During the warmer months of the year, all of your food and drinks can remain at a suitable temperature for you to enjoy.  Kids, Adults and even the general public of Australia love these types of bags, so why not advertise your business, or organisation the way it deserves, utilising a printed Lunch Box Cooler form Boost Promotional Products.




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Promotional Trolley Cooler Bags.

Boost Promotional Products now offers a complete range of rolling coolers with wheels, which are one of the most adaptable and handy ways to transport a wide range of chilled items to a array of destinations including the beach, picnic areas, functions, parties and much more.  One of our favourites within this range is our all terrain Assent Rolling Cooler Bag which comes with multiple compartments, large insulated PVC main compartment and large easy to access pouch at the front, which is very handy for a wide range of accessories needed for the day.  This almighty cooler has become one of Australia favourite mobile cooler bags.

This cooler bag will suit a wide range of people from teens to adults.  One of the best advantages of this cooler is the ability to access the inside without having to unzip the whole cooler for your favourite food or beverages.

Retractable trolley handles used in this piece of equipment also allows for ease of use under load.  Other collapsible rolling coolers are favoured by many clubs and organisations around this country.  For example you can always see Bathurst enthusiasts bringing these coolers with them on a day out, which can easily collapse (when empty) for easy storage.

Contact one of our staff members today for your ultimate range of portable cooler solutions.

Promotional Trolley Cooler Bags

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Promo Cooler Bags Built For Australians!

Within Australia we have many middle-class working citizens. Many of these people choose an occupation involved in the great outdoors of Australia. Over the years technology has equipped us with some very interesting products. Our harsh climate requires considerable attention even on the best days of the year. Sometimes true to the old saying, four seasons in one day.

One of the products it would like to showcase to you today is the classic Promotional Lunchbox Cooler Bag. These little beauties are commonplace amongst any work site within Australia. Trades people who make up a large proportion of the working industry generally use one of these bags every day. If your company trying to promote your business, we strongly suggest taking a look at our promo cooler bags today. Many of these bags within our range of our highly insulated to retain a cool temperature inside and are also made from heavy duty materials which include high-quality polyester and nylon. We have seen tradespeople use these bags year and year out, over and over again on a daily basis. They are also supplied with generous sized carry handles for ease-of-use. Additional items on these products include zippered pockets. Schoolchildren can also benefit from these fantastic little promotional items, which keeps their food cool at all times

Keep your cool year round with these items. Contact us today for all of your promotional cooler bag requirements.

Promotional Lunchbox Cooler Bag

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Summer Time Coolers.

Boost promotional cooler bags offer an extensive range of cooler bags, including collapsible coolers, rolling coolers, and lunch coolers, that will keep all of your foods/drinks cool for hours, while being fashionable at the same time! A must have accessory if you are going to the beach, or the farmers market, grocery shopping and more!   Our collapsible promotional coolers would have to be one of Australia’s most popular coolers, with sales last year doubling.  The main benefits that these coolers offer are the fact that they can fold down completely flat when they are not in use.  Great for placing in the car or boat when they are not in use.  Rolling promotional coolers have taken on a new lease of life, which are ideal for bringing to your local market.  The wheels make this promotional bag very easy to use for a variety of age groups.  Branded with your name or logo these bags make a great gift or company giveaway.


All of these stylish promo coolers bags come with insulation and some with long handles for easy over the shoulder comfort use. Great as beverage/food coolers or use them as a trendy food shopping bag!

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