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Outdoor Wet Weather Clothing

Wear Your Business in Style with PROMOTIONAL WET WEATHER & ACTIVE WEAR


Each sport or any activity requiring extreme physical exertion needs a special clothing or apparel for its high level competition and required skills.  Have you imagined yourselves running in your favorite jeans or working out or going to the gym in a dress?  For many of us who are not athletes, sports apparel may not be an important part of our daily lives.  Most of us only devote weekends for some outdoor physical activities such as jogging, playing volleyball, tennis or badminton and others.  If you are not accustomed to wearing active wear, you should know that you are missing out on the advantages of wearing one.

Active wear and other sports apparel is specifically made with special material for extra comfort.  Some active wears can keep moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling comfortable and dry in case your activity would cause you to sweat a lot.  There are also those that traps heat close to your body should you participate in a cold weather sport.  Here in Boost Promotional Products Australia, we offer a wide array of choices of high quality branded corporate and Promotional Active Wear where you can imprint your company name or logo to further establish awareness and recognition among your potential customers.

We also supply Promotional Rainwear or Wet Weather for outdoor events such as concerts, festivals and other activities.  These are manufactured to the highest standards to withstand extreme weather conditions.  Businesses will definitely benefit from the increase brand exposure especially if their employees are seen in various places wearing their personalized and promotional clothing.

Remember, comfort and style doesn’t necessarily have to take a back seat regardless of any outdoor activity and promotional clothing you choose.  Visit Boost Promotional Products Australia and check out other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Scarves

Promote Your Business All-Year Round with PROMOTIONAL SCARVES


Whether you are just starting or already have an established business, promotional products put your business logo or brand at the forefront of the general public or potential customers.  When planning a promotional campaign, it is therefore necessary and essential to consider the efficiency of the products that you choose.  One item that stands out whatever time or season of the year is Promotional Scarves.  These scarves have become very popular not only with women but with men as well.  Multipurpose and versatility are just some of the characteristics why Decorated Scarves are a staple item of clothing on anyone’s wardrobe.

In spring or summer and you plan to go to the beach, it can serve as a swimsuit cover-up or provide warmth after coming out of the chilly water.  In autumn and winter, you can tie it around the neck or use as a shawl to keep you warm and cozy.  If you want to look stylish everyday but don’t have hours to get dressed or the luxury to shop, you can throw a unique patterned or bright colored scarf on a tee or sweater and jeans to make you look stylish and elegant.  You can also tie it around your waist to make it a chic belt.  Even bad hair days are gone when you use it as a hair accessory such as headbands and bandana.  It is good for daily use as it complements practically anything you’re wearing.

And because Promotional Scarves are light, it becomes a must have travel accessory especially if a person is travelling from one climate to another.  The more often your potential customers are exposed to these promotional scarves bearing your logo or brand, the more recognizable it will be!  And the more useful a promotional product is, the more of an impact it will have on your target market.

For other practical and exceptional promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Promotional Items Australia today.


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Embroidered Promotional Jackets

EMBROIDERED PROMOTIONAL JACKETS – A Smart and Casual Way of Promoting Your Business


Because Australia is such a large country, its weather varies in different parts of the continent and the temperature changes with the seasons.  During the cold season, a lot of people are using jackets not only as a fashion statement but as a protective clothing as well.  It keeps them warm and cozy or stays dry especially during wet or rainy season.  For this reason, a lot of Australian businesses are using decorated embroidered Promotional Jackets to advertise their company, build brand awareness and keep their corporate identity at the top of the customers mind when dealing with them.  You can choose from a variety of styles to suit your business requirements and these jackets can be easily screen printed with your brand or company logo.  Embroidered Jackets are a great way to build team spirit among your employees while keeping your company and products at the forefront of potential customers’ minds.          

A well-designed promotional clothing or corporate products will do a great job in assisting you to promote your organization and increase public recognition.  Corporate clothing such as Promotional Jackets are really eye-catching and should always be preferred because when these are worn by your customers and employees, your advertising message is taken outside and reaches the wider world.  As a result, your business gains a far bigger exposure than other typical forms of advertising that you see today.

If you would like to find other options for your advertising requirements, visit Boost Promotional Products Australia and check out other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional T Shirts & Polos

Wear Your Business Message on Your Sleeves with PROMOTIONAL T-SHIRTS & POLOS


No matter how small or large a business or company is, advertising is the key to make your brand stand out and be recognized by the public.  Most of the companies and corporate giants in Australia that we are so familiar with are well known because of their successful marketing strategies, which almost always include highly visible branding of their company logo through the use of promotional products.   Promotional T Shirts and Polos are something that all businesses use as it is one of the most successful promotional items to create and increase brand awareness.  It does an effective job in retaining your logo or corporate identity into a person’s memory.  In fact, some clients have chosen polo shirts not only when attending meetings and events, but as a low cost alternative uniform shirt for their employees where there is a need to look smart and casual at the same time.

The relative success of Promotional T–Shirts and Polos in promoting your business can be attributed to its outstanding advertising capabilities such as usefulness, visibility and reach to name a few.  T-shirts are often used simply because clothing is a basic necessity of any individual.  The more it is being used, the more it becomes visible to the public and the more they tend to notice and recognize your brand if it is displayed on a particular promotional clothing.   An individual wearing your promotional t-shirt assumes the role of a mobile advertiser and brand ambassador because your advertising message reaches to each potential customer.  More so, the availability of these shirts in various bright colors creates visual attraction and appeal.  Therefore, the association of your business name or brand with a promotional t-shirt will always yield in a much better response from the clients.

For more high quality and well-designed promotional ideas and promotional product reviews on clothing, visit Boost Promotional Products Australia and check out other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional T Shirts

Promotional T-Shirts- Promote Your Business with Clothing


Promotional t-shirts are great tools for marketing your business. Whether you give them out to employees or customers, or even use them for corporate gifts, you have many different choices of how to best use them. As long as you make sure that you take advantage of this cheap marketing tool, you can do whatever you want with them. T-shirts are a popular choice for promotional materials because everyone loves a free shirt. If you can find a way to get your business noticed much easier than typical marketing, you should take advantage of it. Promotional clothing does exactly that.


You can hand out promotional t-shirts at corporate events, festivals, trade shows, parties, and other events where your business is being promoted. You can give them to employees, friends, and family members as gifts, allowing everyone you know to help promote your business. You can give them as gifts to customers or even sell them to customers and employees in a corporate apparel shop, allowing you to make a little profit and still get your business name out there. There’s something for everyone when it comes to promotional marketing and t-shirts are definitely one of the hottest products that you can invest in.


Promotional t-shirts are going to give your business a chance to stand out among the rest. When other businesses are handing out magnets, pens, and other cheap gifts, you’ll have awesome t-shirts that will get people’s attention and help you market your business at once. Even though promotional marketing has been popular for many years, now is a time when you will be able to make the most of your endeavours because it has become such a phenomenon.


Put promotional t-shirts with your products as gifts with purchase. Hand them out to employees and customers as free gifts. Give them to anyone and everyone that you can because the more you give away, the more visibility your business gets. Shop for them online, because you will be able to find much more selection and shop on your own schedule. You’ll never have to deal with the hassle of catalogue ordering or visiting a printing shop ever again. Thanks to online stores, you can get perfect promotional products whenever you need them, and without all the hassles that you used to have to go through.


To learn more about promotional products like promotional t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and caps and more visit your local Promtoinal Clothing Suppliers today.


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Hanes T Shirts Launch

For well over a century Hanes has been the name associated around the world with men’s and women’s clothing.  The company was formed in 1901 and initially produced underwear for men.  They offer unique standards in the clothing and garment industry.  They incorporate the best standards for issues such as Fair Treatment, Quality And Vaule, Health And Safety, The Environment and more.  It is our distinct pleasure to offer a full range of Promotional Clothing at the best possible prices in Australia.  All of our pricing is online and includes printing and/or decoration.  Boost Promotional Products now offers a complete range of Hanes T Shirts, Polo Shirts, Singlets and much more.   Contact your Boost Promotional Products advisor today for all of your requirements. 

hanes-logo trademark applys  

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New Range

During the course of the next few months our promotional clothing range will be updated with the new 2010 range. We are excited about the new styles of Promotional T-Shirts and other types of clothing that will be on offer this year. These items are carefully selected by our team here at Boost Promotional Products. Each garment is tested to ensure our high quality standards are still met. This year’s trends are towards the soft earthey natural tones which can be combined with your company name or logo colours for a stunning visual effect. Look out towards the end of this month for our full range available and our new catalogue which will be published for our current clients.

Whether you are looking for a corporate stylish look, or classic Promotional Polo Shirt look no further than our range here at Boost. We provide a large range of Promo Clothing for you to choose from.  If you’re on a budget we can certainly accommodate your needs with an economical range of Promotional T-shirts which come in a large range of colours and sizes. We accommodate everyone including children and adults.

Contact Australia’s number one leaving Promotional Products store in Australia today. We give you an entire team focused on your requirements and budget.


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Promotional Winter Jackets

Now is the time to start looking for winter Promo clothing.  Wide an extensive range to offer, Boost Promotional Products can accommodate all of you Promo winter needs.  From Jackets to scarves we have it all at the best possible prices.  Our emphasis is based on quality garments made from the best quality materials that we can source.  We simply do not sell clothing that will not last in Australian conditions.  Take for example our Promotional Jackets range:

We encourage buyers to take a look at our Vor-Tech fabric Promo Jackets.  This is a 3 layer laminated fabric. The face fabric is a 2 layered bonded lycra. The Vor-Tech membrane is micro-porous and laminated to the face fabric.  The lining is a combination of woven fleece that is laminated on the inside of the Vor-Tech membrane and breathable windbreaker mesh. This layer serves two purposes. It protects the Vor-Tech membrane from abrasion and wear and dissipates body moisture over a large surface area. The micro-porous membrane has two features: it allows perspiration to escape through the pores in the membrane without allowing water in, and also acts as a windbreaker.

Promotional Jackets

For a jacket that will last you a lifetime and keep you warm and dry on even the most testing of days, contact Boost Promo Australia for all you Promo Clothing supplies this winter.  Don’t forget all of our Promotional Apparel can be decorated with your company name, business logo or anything you basically want on the item.  We also provide several print destinations for your logo onto each garment.  For example on the locations include the back of a garment, shoulder, front pockets, sleeve logs, etc, etc.




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Expanding Your Business With Promotional Clothing.

Promotional Clothing in recent years has really, really taken off. Now you find many businesses using this form of advertising to display their logo, whenever their employees are in the workplace. For the typical Australian workplace, may trades people love the idea of using promotional clothing to become more aware in any working environment and with a bold, attractive logo staring in front of peoples eyes when a person does their job, it really leaves a long lasting impression for people to think about a remember for some time. Other benefits also include the ability to be seen a lot more effectively, especially with some of our Hi-Visibility clothing available, or clients can also choose from an effective print colour which will really stand out.

Expanding your business on a daily basis.

Expanding Your Business Every Day.

With the price of the Australian dollar falling, promotional clothing has never been a more affordable option and with minimum quantities of t-shirts, jackets etc available in such small numbers, we can accommodate most peoples needs. Boost Promotional Products only stocks quality apparel meeting the highest Australian standards. We offer what we believe to be a far superior product as far as our entire promotional clothing range goes. We use the highest quality cotton, nylon and canvas for all of our products combined with the best YKK zippers on selected garments. The result is quality at an affordable price that most people can enter into for a fantastic business image. Remember image is everything these days and when your employees are in the public eye everyday, it’s important to “look good” to enable your business to excell in the 21st century. Contact our customer services operators today to discuss your next promotional clothing campaign.

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