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Promotional Leather Compendiums.

Let’s talk compendiums or as some people call them folders. Sometimes we could ask questions relating to the types of compendiums on the market and what type of leather they are made from. Within the small review will take a look at some of the different types of  leather available for a wide range of Promotional Leather Compendiums.

Full Grain Leather is a completely natural grained surface finish or texture which has true characteristics of the skins that are used the process of leather manufacturing. Generally full-grain leather has a high cost than any other Leather Compendium.

Top Grain Leather is a Full Grain Leather which has had some correction to the surface to smooth out and/or hide blemishes that the animal has developed during its lifetime. This is the range type of leather used for Promotional Mid-Range Compendiums.

Split leather is a selection of skin from a hide which is cut or ” split” from the flesh side of the skin (top grain) enable the reduction of skin thickness.  The surface finish of this is then traditionally hand brushed more recent times coated in polyurethane.

Genuine Leather is only material cut typically from individual skins which are classified as genuine or real leather.

Synthetic Leather or Leather Look compendiums are made from completely synthetic material which is usually plastic or petroleum-based products with backing attached to the product. No part of this product whatsoever has to do with an actual leather product.

Reconstructed or bonded leather is made from material whos normal latex backing is impregnated with reclaim individual leather fibres. The leather fibre content varies between manufacturers but is usually made up of more than 50%. The surface finish is usually polyurethane laminate and it is produced in sheets or roles for some of our Promotional Compendiums.

Koskin Leatherette or Faux Leather is a PVC type of material which typically has a leather look appearance. Contrast to the result is very hard to differentiate between real leather.

In summary it is important to know what type of Promo Leather Compendiums that you are buying and what type of leather it is. Many people are unaware of the fact that can they could be sold something that is completely inferior to what has been requested. Always ask your Promotional Products advisor for the truth behind your leather products. Don’t assume because something is marked with the word “leather” that actually it is. Find out what really made from. Contact one of our customer service operators today or on your Promotional Products needs.

Promotional Leather Compendiums

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Using Promotional Compendiums For Brand Recognition.

The Promotional Compendium is a good way to establish an immediate rapport with consumers. Printed Compendiums are useful, durable and they can be passed on from one family member to another. Since people have an affinity to folders and bags, people would immediately recognize your establishment and would immediately equate your services or goods with quality.

The leather compendiums are a good choice especially if you’re dealing with a reputable client base. Real professionals know when a promotional material is too cheap to carry around. As an advertiser, you want to advertise but at the same time you want the recipient of the promo article to be happy.  There are many kinds of leather designs, differing in size, make and durability. The less expensive ones are of course built to handle less weight. The cheaper the folder, the more it’s prone to wear and tear. However, the point is that as an advertiser, you bothered to give someone a new leather folder.

Zipped promotional compendiums can hold a variety of documents and things like pens, document holders, calculators and business card holders. These are softer and have thinner surfaces. Conference folders on the other hand are larger and have harder dimensions than their zipped counterparts.

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Compendiums In Every Day Life.

Compendiums are a great marketing tool for the everyday business man and women. With the sheer amount of people becoming mobile to do their work on regular basis, the humble promotional compendium is fast becoming the perfect business accessory. Fantastic for the organizing ones day, taking notes in those busy meetings and holding a vast array of useful material, compendiums are fast becoming one of our number one selling items. The best quality leather compendiums and PVC folders are for bigger budgets of a wide variety of companies and businesses. The polypropylene and microfiber compendiums and folders, on the other hand, are suitable for those economical types of budgets. Printed conference conference compendiums really do suit all types of businesses and budgets.

Conference Compendiums are mainly used in corporate events such as conference, seminar, exhibition and meetings which businesses can regularly have. During such events, companies usually require to hand out a set of printed material, including brochures, press releases and profiles of the officials. Conference compendiums will carry these items in a professional manner. In addition to these, they also help customers to preserve the notes collected during the meeting or event. To make the process more convenient, many businesses gift a notepad and a pen along with the conference folder.If you wish to find the perfect compendium that suits your business needs, talk to one of our customer service operators today for free advice on how to select your compendium for your needs. We recommend embossing or screen printing for your compendiums to give them that classic look that will never date. Contact our customer services team toady!
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Promotional Compendium And Folder Options

Conference Compendiums and folders are proving to be a very popular gift for many businesses. They are designed to the highest standards in Australia and are used by almost every individual to keep various documents, notes, business cards, mobile phones, papers and documents. We find the type of people using compendiums are not just people attending conferences or seminars, but also all types of business people, using them on a day to day basis. The end result is you see your business brand or logo on the compendium, which displays your company name or logo in what we call “A walking advertisement”.The best thing about the type of compendiums or folders that we promote is that they offer a large printing area where you can effectively get your brand logo or message printed or embossed. We find that it is a major eye catcher when people carry them to their workplace. However, you have to ensure that the style, color, design and the material of your promotional conference folders suit your brand logo and color.

Our range of compendiums that we have is the largest in Australia and include different color options as well as different materials that they are made form. Leather is by far our most popular option being the most classic look and the most hard wearing of all fabrics. We also have cost effective options for promotional folders also. These include, highly cost effective conference folders, manufactured with soft padded koskin, PVC or microfibre. Our range also includes various options in leather compendiums or leather folders, micro-fibre compendiums, various ring binder compendiums which include 3 or 2 binder options.

From start to finish, we can provide you with the right ideas and the right material to put you on the road to your next promotional compendium selection. We understand your company’s needs and work with you on a one on one basis for your most effective promotional decisions.

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