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Your Brand, My Brand And Promotional Products

Using promotional products to advertise your business in Australia, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane can really help bring in new customers and clients. No matter what kind of business you have, whether you own a local business in the city, a small restaurant in the suburbs, or operate an online store, promotional items work well.

These types of products can be bought in many different shapes and sizes and can be designed in a unique way for your business. Depending on the amount of your advertising budget, you can purchase a large quantity of the products you want to give away for a very reasonable price. This is especially a good idea for a business that is just getting started, and may not have a lot of money in their budget to spend on advertising.

When you do advertise, you want to pick a strategy that works well and gets the attention of the greatest number of people. Merchandise that has been imprinted with your name, logo and other pertinent information can be just the trick to fast success. A promotional product that is given away will not just be seen by the person you give it to. With the right product, many different people will see your name and information, and remember it for when they need it. An item, such as pens, umbrellas, stress balls and notepads tend to be passed around and picked up by others, bringing your business the maximum exposure that it needs.

Corporate companies can benefit by using branding on their products to attract new clientele. For the business that has more money to spend on advertising, a product such as a crystal vase, wine glasses, or other higher end luxury item can be used to promote a product or service that is worth much to others. These products show that you care not only about your customers, but your company as well, and can afford to give the best.

Companies can use printed items to give away to their customers, family, friends and anyone who is interested in their services. These products can be given away at trade shows, expo marts, through mailings, with purchased products or just as free products given away in the store. Buying them online is also one of the best options there is, as online companies usually offer the best prices for your money, and the more you buy, the better rate you will get. The use of promo items work, and can be the best solution for your advertising needs.


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Top Tips For Promotional Products In 2011

Whether you have an upstart business or have been in business for decades, promoting it is always important. The length of time you have been around has little to do with the fact that you have to promote your business, and everyone could use some pointers every now and then.

Whenever people think of promotional giveaways they almost always think of something they can put in their house to make it look nicer. So if you have a business that is relevant to house hold goods or products, then maybe you could hold a raffle. It will draw peoples’ attention your way and that is always good for business. Trade shows are also a very good springboard for promotional giveaways. The more people you can get to your booth with a gimmick, the better.

While the above two options are things you do once or twice a year, there are smaller items you can keep giving out year round. Pens and pencils with your company logo for example are good items to give people so your company name is always around. Coffee mugs are also a good idea, especially if your business is relevant to coffee. Chances are though that your company logo will not take up the entire mug, so come up with a background colour that compliments the logo colours well. Make it stand out as much as you can.

Going back to the trade show idea, people are going to be walking around the good part of the day picking up more promotional items as they go, so they are going to need something to put everything in. This is where a small bag with your logo comes in at. Not only can they use it when the trade show is over, but wherever else they go, people will see your logo. So make it something that will draw peoples’ attention and have them ask questions about it.

There are also balloons and other “temporary toys” that you can hand out to children. This works especially well if the colours in your logo appeal to youngsters. These are some of the more popular promotional ideas that there are, and since you want your company or business to succeed, you are sure to try out one or more of them.

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Online Promotional Products

Forget about the crowds, shop online today for the latest Promotional Products and Items.  New Years shopping can be a dreadful time of the year, so contact us today and leave the hard word to us.  Our unique online service will save you time and money.  We offer a full service, fast track delivery system for you and your clients.

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Marketing Is The Key For Your Business

Marketing is the key for any business and Promotional Products offer the best medium over any other type of advertising for doing so.  Get in touch with you local Australian Promotional Products provider today for great ideas regarding this booming industry.

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Branding Your Business

Building your brand-name online and off-line could be very important to the success of your business. Brand building is important because it creates public awareness for your name and your marketplace. Products or services that you sell can be recognised with your name. Also loyalty is established for a long-term market leading factor. Branding can often be referred to as the goodwill factor of your business, ensuring your business reputation is seen as in many people’s eyes as a leader in your industry. A carefully built brand-name will be worth more in actual dollars and all the tangible assets you can put together when you are ready to sell your business.


One most important aspects we would like to cover today is promotional advertising and brand building with your business. It’s important that you distinguish yourself from your competitors and focus on key areas that are lacking within your industry. Advertising with promotional merchandise is a great way to effectively remind your customers and clients of your brand every time. Cost-effective solutions for a wide range of items are available from queensland’s promotional products suppliers. By also incorporating useful products such as promotional T-shirts for your staff or business members to wear, every time someone steps outside your office your brand will instantly be recognised.


And don’t forget last, but not least, take ownership of your brand. Pay attention to what your customers and clients need, and simply serve them VERY well. Constant communication through your brand is important, so if you have a logo, catchphrase, slogan, phone number or website address, or whatever, make sure you get these details into/onto as many different areas as you can, for all to see. Your brand will be a success.


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5 Tips To Promotional Sucess

Choosing new Promotional Products isn’t decision to be taken lightly. That’s because the factors like the size of your promotion, how many people are attending and what type of people you are going to be targeting are just a few of the variables that could impact a Promotion and your overall operating costs. But if you follow a few tips coming up with the right decision won’t be a problem.

1.  Choose the right product for optimal use.

For example there would be no point in offering your recipients a Promotional Stress Ball if they spend the majority of their time working in an outside environment. Try placing your product of choice in your customer’s eyes, ensuring this will be the type of product that they will use most. Frequent use of the promotional products that you deliver your clients will stimulate your advertising message to be remembered time and time again.

2.  Try a new Digital Promotional Product for the Wow factor!

The digital revolution is influencing every aspect of our lives. Now digital technology is changing Promotional Items across the board in many ways. In today’s world we deal with a large amount of media and music files or data downloads which can be carefully integrated with a promotional product of your choice. Mass storage devices such as promotional USB’s are now more affordable for clients to purchase as Corporate Gifts along with hundreds of other items that we offer.

3.  Make sure you keep fixed tally on your Promotional costs.

The best way to deal with your promotional products supplier is to inform them of your budget. This is a simple question that will be asked from your initial contact. By dividing your budget by the number of attendees, a price per unit can be established to look at a wide range of products suitable for you in multiple different categories. For example there is no need to look at a $10-$15 corporate gift if you only have one to 2 dollars to spend per client.

4.  Make sure your product is compatible to your promotion.

If you are reviewing quotes, make sure you are comparing apples with apples and double checking to see if you are receiving things such as maximum print area for your promotional items, freight costs are included, set up costs, freight costs have been detailed and the products quality will be the same. From time to time we deal with companies and businesses who expect a $15-$20 bag for $2-$3. Under the circumstances quality will generally be the issue. Boost promotional products only deals with quality made items in the best possible prices.

5.  The company that cares for the environment.

An obsession with innovation and quality leads us to the development of many different types of Promotional Products. Many of our products that we sell throughout Australia comply with ethical working standards from products that are outsourced from different countries. 100% of the power needs are also derived from renewable energy sources. This ensures our company is leading the Promotional Products industry in Australia using energy efficient power sources and climate saving computer equipment all the time.  Also when we offer you products that are organic or made from specialised materials such as PET, we stipulate the percentages for each product used.


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Weapons Of Mass Advertising

Boost Promotional Products enjoys chatting with business owners within many targeted industries and online.  We have been amazed at the amount of small businesses that do not use Promotional Products.

Below are just some of their reasons:

  1. Too expensive for advertising
  2. No idea what do with a Promotional Item or how to market it
  3. No industry experience or new product fear
  4. Don’t need it

What I would like to do in this post is provide 5 core reasons why your business needs to implement a marketing strategy like Promotional Products.

  1. Visibility. More and more people are now using the Promotional Products to advertise their products and services. What they are looking for is reviews, articles and discussion related to the product. By giving your clients a free Promotional Products, your brand or business name will be remembered every time the product is used.  If this is researched well enough, before the product launch, the right product for the right situation can leave a very important message in the mind or your client or potential customer.
  2. Reach. A Promotional Product gives you far more reach for your business both nationally and internationally. If your business is not just for servicing the local community having a Promo Product advertise your name, telephone number, e mail address or slogan, is by far the most effective way to get your name out there.
  3. Customer Service. A Promotional Product advertises for you 24×7 which can help with customer support queries and general enquiries. This can reduce your customer service effort especially when your staff can point customers to the product you have chosen for advertising thus freeing up your time.
  4. Professionalism. I have talked with people who, after finding out a business does not implement a well thought out Promotional Products campaign, they actually decided to go with the competition. A businesses ability to advertise in today’s market efficiently is expected by most people just as much as a business card.
  5. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). With a well thought out Promotional Products plan you do not have to cost $1000’s of dollars to achieve your desired result. A Promotional Item can be as simple as a Shower Timer, to save water or Enviro PET Bag to reduce your carbon footprint which can list what your business is about and contact details. You can always grow from there.

Contact one of our customer service operators today for all of your Promotional Products requirements.


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Promotional Business Ideas

From time to time we love to see the use of good Promotional Ideas for the Australian public, ideas that have been well thought out by a serious team, generating a great reminder for clients and resonating with the people that use them.  Looks like this leading Insurance Company really thought about the type of Promotional Item that would be suit their clients.  It’s all about getting into the mind of your clients and thinking about what really makes them tick.  You also have to be 100% certain that people will be thrilled or even excited to use a Promotional Item like this on a regular basis.

Now from what we can see here, this company has a lot of clients nationwide.  Estimated it would be in the tens of thousands.  Where did they think most of their clients would be spending most of their time?  In a vehicle.  So what better place to implement a Promotional Item than in the car.  Then they obviousally thought about the amount of technology on the market place and came up with a very suitable product that could recharge a wide range of devices with a 12 volt outlet in a vehicle.

Top marks for the innovative effort in using a Promotional Accessories Product.



promotional Ideas


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Promotional Advertising

To advertise or not to advertise, that is the question.  Top companies even in todays tough times spend more money on advertising however they also trim the fat, so to speak.  These days we need to create an original message to promote your company, business or organisation.  Most people have encountered a large range of ideas for promoting their business, but these days creativity is everything in the minds of your recipients. 

Competition is fierce out there within many areas for business, however we suggest that you brand your name with a point of difference, maybe even a twist.  For example, choose customisation for Promotional Products with a difference.  This way you get exactly what you want.  “Whats the cost”  we hear you say.  To be honest not a lot more than you will pay for a stock standard item and the benefits will be very tangible. 

Give your Promo Products some “Mojo”.  Your customers will love you for it.  The truth behind these ideas and products with can be completely customised is that they are in the face of the average punter.  They are reminded every time that use the Promotional Product or Item of your brand name.  As studies have shown, this type of information that your recipants are exposed to travels to a deeper part of their subconscious mind, which can be very powerful.  Images and logos are often remembered before the name of a business, therefore adding your logo onto your Promotional Items is very important.  Choose colours that a subtle and well defined.  Well thought out logos go a long way to branding your company to the top, so choose wisely.

Contact Boost Promotional Products for a complete range of Promotional Ideas.  Our friendly helpful staff will be happy to assist your needs.

Promotional Ideas

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Promotional Ideas

Sometimes it is easy for one to become complacent within the Promotional Products Industry. No one wants to use the same products for advertising year in year out. The pressure is on for promotional products companies to become more innovative in what they can offer to the clients they deal with. For example, everyone appreciates in value of Promotional Products when they are given as a gift to your company or business employees or clients. If you can have promotional pen every year, don’t be surprised if people don’t rave about what you’re doing. Variety is the spice of life and with simply thousands of innovative ideas and avenues within the promotional products arena, why would you get bored?

Also many people think that giving promotional products can cost a significant amount of time and money. This can be the case with the high end Promotional Gift Ideas, but, cost-effective promotional products can be between the price range of $1-$5. If you are unsure about the types of Promotional Advertising Gift Ideas that you would like to use this year, simply contact one of our staff today for some new and innovative ideas and suggestions. Our staff have a wide range of experience within the Promotional Products Industry for you to leverage from. Consultations are free and we love to talk Promo Ideas all day. Be prepared for a great conversation. Contact one of your friendly Boost Promotional Products team members today to discuss your next Promotional Marketing Ideas Campaign today.

We all want to spend more time at the beach and loving the things we do.  Why not choose an Promotional Advertising campaign today?  After all:

“Marketing Pay’s, it does not cost!!”

Promotional Ideas

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