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Event Lanyards Tips And Tricks

Event Lanyard Tips


Lanyards are often considered insignificant or a decorated piece of rope to hold a key or maybe a pen drives or even an identity card. However, most of the businesses fail to understand the real nature of these tools and often miss a great opportunity to market themselves or their products. To get a great insight on how to use these little pieces of material, read on and leverage the right marketing potential for your business with A-Z promotional lanyard tips.

Lanyard Basics

•    Learn what these lanyards are made of – Lanyards can be made with different materials like leather, nylon, slim rope, or rubber. However, the best material to be used for a lanyard is poly-ribbed material. The printing done on such material is often quite distinctive and the material itself comes in various colors because of which it becomes easier to opt for them. Consequently, they are the best sellers as promotional lanyards.

•    The components of a lanyard- it is not a simple rope to be honest. Lanyards have come a long way from the older relatives. They now have an executive type sleek swivel, a detachable phone holder, clip connector and a safety breakaway clip. All these components give more flexibility and enhance the utility of the lanyard. Nonetheless, if it is made of 20 mm polyester ribbed material; you will never have to look back at anything else.

•    Play with the lanyard- no, don’t do it literally before you start distributing the promotional backyards. You have to play with colors and designs of the lanyard. The lanyards are always customizable and they can be printed with any logo or design. Therefore, it is easier to customize them and use them as low cost but effective promotional materials.

•    How to design the lanyard? – In the beginning, the lanyard would simply be a solid colored fabric. You can then choose to print the logo or trademark or the text of your choice on the lanyard. It can be printed using a hot stamp, screen printing or the dye sublimation process in order to get the desired finished look.
How to Use the Lanyards

•    Use them as an identity or a distinction- you must have seen many companies giving identity cum swipe cards to their employees. These cards are generally worn around the neck with the help of a lanyard. You can print the name of your company or your business on these lanyards to help provide a kind of distinction to your employees from the rest. This is also a very helpful marketing tool as there are many people who will use these lanyards to identify your employees. In case you want some subtle brand exposure opportunity then this will work the best for you.

•    They can be used as an accessory- When you distribute promotional lanyards, especially those that come with a clip connector or an executive type swivel, you will make for a great accessory. They can also be used to hold electronic items like USB Drives, cameras and the likes. The point is that when such lanyards are given away, your employees, consumers or even potential consumers get to recognize your company, business o brand faster. They even generate a rapport with the company which makes it even better to be used.

•    Use them at events- Well; events are the best platforms for these kinds of promotional materials. The fact they can be used for strategic placement of a logo or business, makes them an instant hit with the business owners. You may be participating in a sporting event. You can distribute the O-ringed lanyard to the referees so that they may attach their whistles to it. They get a brand new utility and you get to show your brand. Therefore, when it comes to the placement of the brand right in front of the user without making him realize that something is being promoted, use them in events.

Why Should You Choose Lanyards?

The first factor is obviously the price. Event Lanyards are cheaper than many other promotional materials. On top of that, they are durable. This is the reason why the target audience is able to retain the brand for longer in their mind. If we focus on the sporting event example given above, we will find that the referees are sporting the lanyards you had ordered. Therefore, the on lookers will certainly remember seeing your logo and next time they make a purchase, they will focus on your brand as you are familiar. Moreover, the referees will keep using it for long and in turn keep advertising your products.
There are many physical stores that can get these promotional lanyards made for you in any color, shape or size. There are online stores as well that are even more cost effective with a huge number of color and design options available.

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Conference Lanyards

conference-lanyardsCustom Conference Lanyards- Promote Your Business with Useful Products


Conference Lanyards are one of the most useful promotional business products that you can find. Everyone uses lanyards for a variety of uses, from key chain holders to ID holders and more. Whenever you are looking for a feasible and effective business promotion, you need to consider what people enjoy and what they will use most. If you’re working with a tight budget, you’ll also need to think about finding products that you can get for a good deal. Customised gifts are always a nice touch, and when it’s useful, it’s just going to be more appreciated.


Custom Event Lanyards allow you to get more for less because they are so inexpensive. You can find styles that include plastic clasps, metal hooks, and all types of hardware to make them exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, you can get them in just about any colour, style, and even a variety of materials, which makes the customization even more unique than it might have been otherwise. Lanyards are many things. They are affordable, useful, and overall a perfect choice when it comes to customizable promotional products.


With so many different promotional products to choose from, you might not be sure what’s best. However, considering all of the options that you have, custom lanyards often make the most sense. They’re cheap so that you can afford to give them away, they’re customizable, which allows you to make the most of your investment and say what you want to say, and they’re useful, which means that customers and employees will enjoy them no matter what they say, because free useful products are always nice.


Look online to see what types of custom lanyards you can find for your business. The chances are good that you’ll be able to find plenty of different products to choose from, including a variety of styles, sizes, designs, and more. You can choose what goes on them, and you can order them in quantities that you need, whether you need 50 or 5,000 of them. Since they are so affordable they make great gifts for trade shows and other events where you’re giving away promotional products, and they’re much more useful and appreciated than the standard pens and magnets that most people have. When you want to make a big statement with a small budget, lanyards can be the perfect item to give away.


For more information about promotional custom lanyards or other promotional products for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit your Conference Items Shop today.  All of our products can be printed with your event name or company or business logo’s.





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Printed Promotional Lanyards

Printed Lanyards- Promote Your Business with Lanyards


When it comes to business promotion, there is no better way to get your name out there than with promotional products that people can use. While there are many different items to choose from for business promotions, one of the most popular and affordable items that people choose are printed lanyards. With these great key and badge holders, you can have your company name, logo, slogan, or all three printed on the lanyard and then hand them out to people to promote your company. Every time they use the lanyard, they’ll see your business name and think of you.


Promotional products are always useful in business, and especially when they’re products that people can use. They will see your company name over and over again, and then when they or someone else needs a product or service that you offer, they’ll be that much more likely to come to you because they’ll realize that their printed lanyards are for a company that has what they need. Getting people to use everyday products with your company name on them isn’t hard. There is actually very little that you have to do aside from handing them out, because people love free stuff.


Whether you give your printed lanyards away to employees, customers, or even people on the street, you can guarantee that someone, somewhere, will see it and come to you for business purposes. Promotional products are a great tool to use to promote your business, show employee and customer appreciation, and more. The lanyard is a particularly popular and effective choice because it is something that people can use and enjoy, no matter what is printed on it. When you choose promotional products, you have to think carefully about what would work best. Lanyards are always a great choice.


Promotional printed lanyards allow you to have a way to get your business into the hands of others, whether those people are employees, customers, friends, or even complete strangers. By putting your business name and information out there where everyone can see it, you’re immediately increasing your chances for success in business. Think of promotional products like printed lanyards as an affordable advertising solution that can also show customer or employee appreciation. All in all, they’re a great way to get the message out there and often more cost-effective and capable of producing results than traditional advertising.


To learn more about promotional products like printed lanyards, clothing, and more visit Brisbane’s Promotional Items Sotre today.


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Identification Lanyards

ID Lanyards- Employee Badge Holders Make Great Promotional Gifts


ID lanyards are a great way to promote your business for many different reasons. The customised necklace-like pieces can come in any colour, style, and with any logo or printed words on them that you choose. Plus, when you order them online you can find great deals on them that allow you to spend very little on such a great promotional items. There are so many different styles and types of lanyards available that you might feel overwhelmed, but you should just realize that this is your way of getting exactly what you want and need. Using ID lanyards is much better than old-school pin-on name tags or stickers that were used in years past.


Promotional lanyards give people a place to keep their identification, and even business cards, hotel keys, and other materials when they’re at a convention or corporate seminar. There are so many different benefits to these lanyards, but the most important thing is that they are popular and your business name will be all over them. When you use these to keep track of your employees and keep everyone accountable for who they are, it can be a great way to promote your company while giving people something that they can use.


You can even use ID lanyards to give to customers, guests, and vendors that come to your company and need access to the building. When you have a security system in place you need to ensure that everyone has ID to get in. Offering these lanyards as a place to carry that ID can give people everything that they need. You can even give these out as promotional items at events, festivals, trade shows, and other places where your business makes an appearance. There is really no limit to the great uses of lanyards, as long as you’re willing to find what your business needs and invest the money.


Considering that you can order hundreds, if not thousands, of ID lanyards that are custom printed for very little money, you should have no trouble at all finding exactly what you need for a price that you can afford. Although you might think that these items are more expensive, they’re actually one of the most affordable choices that you have when it comes to promotional products for your business.


For more information about promotional lanyards or other promotional products for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit your local Promotional Lanyards Store today.



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Safety Lanyards

Order Custom Styles with Online Promotional Products

There are hundreds of different promotional products that you can choose from for your business. Promotional Lanyards are a popular choice because they are useful and they are also affordable, considering that you can buy hundreds of them for very little money. One type of lanyard that is very popular among companies that might be handing their products out to children is the safety lanyard. This item has a special latch that allows it to quickly come unhooked if it is pulled too tight, keeping the item from being a safety hazard to small children.


The safety lanyard is fully customizable like the other lanyards that you will find, but offers this extra feature to make it a better choice for any business when it comes to giving away promotional items. You certainly don’t want to endanger anyone with your promotional gifts, and even if it seems trivial, a lanyard isn’t exactly safe when it just slips over the neck and has no release. Sure, you’re probably thinking more about colours and slogans than about safety, but it’s definitely something to consider when you’re shopping for promotional products. Your business needs to protect its reputation and stay safe, and this type of lanyard can help with that.


The safety lanyard is no more expensive than other lanyards might be. It’s just made differently so that it is safer and more useful to people in any industry. The safety feature can even be helpful for those people who work in factories and anyone who might be close to machinery or something that the lanyard could catch on. By having the safety release, they don’t have to worry about getting pulled into a machine or something because of the lanyard that they’re wearing. While you might think that this is too much detail and effort for a simple promotional item, you have to show customers that you care.


Choosing a safety lanyard is only one choice that you have when it comes to promotional products for your business. With so many great products out there to choose from, you might find it hard to get exactly what you want or need. However, if you make sure that you find something that is effective and that your customers will enjoy, it should be fine. Make sure that you think about unique, creative gifts because you don’t want to blend in with other businesses when you give promotional gifts.


For more information about Promotional Lanyards or other promotional products for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Boost Promotional Products Australia.


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Thinking Of Promo Lanyards?

Today for education purposes we will look at three different types of Promotional Lanyards. The following lanyards mentioned are some of the more popular types that we use throughout our industry. Many of these can be used for a variety of purposes and businesses, organisations and teams can all benefit from these small devices.

The first lanyard that I would like to showcase today is the screen printed lanyard. Depending on the item some of these are manufactured within Australia and are a medium weight, flat, ribbed polyester strap style fabric. These lanyards come in a large variety of colors and sizes include 15 mm and 19 mm.  This particular type of lanyard is a great economical option for most situations.

Now let’s take a look at the full color sublimation lanyard. This particular type of lanyard can include your logo with a multi-color print. The amazing level of fine detail showcases your logo or event design. Incredibly complex graphics and logos can easily be printed by using this style of lanyard. The type of fabric used to make this lanyard as a medium weight material that feels like suede. The fabric offered with this lanyard as a wonderful soft, delicate feel. It is also durable and will not crack or peel. Sizes include 15 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. We also have a wide range of attachments available for these types of lanyards.

The eco-style lanyard is also set to make its debut. At last the lanyard that is kinder to the environment! Although eco-style lanyards are made from recycled material, like the most recycled products the end result is not a perfect finish however you are doing your bit for the environment and at the same time you can showcase your logo. Full-color logos and text can be sublimated on both sides.

Contact our team today to discuss your next Promotional Lanyard campaign. 


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