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Christmas Mugs

In Australia Promotional Mugs are well known as great promotional gift especially for the Christmas time of the year, which is now! First and foremost, mugs are good service articles which perform daily tasks for you. They serve coffee, water, drinks and other beverages to us; so they are always associated with the daily habits of the individuals. In Australia coffee and tea mugs always put a smile on people’s faces and in effect bring energy to the people in your workplace. Because of the nature of the common mug, they are widely regarded as the perfect gift for your customers. These types of items have a higher perceived value in the minds of your clients and if you decide to sell them to your clients they also, they spread “The Word” amongst your customers.

Promotional mugs are accepted as a widespread gift in Australia. They are given out during important times during the year such as parties, functions, birthday celebrations, trade meetings and on other such occasions. The main reason for their widespread use as a gift is their ability to give an astonishing visual impact to the logo or business name printed on them. Most types of mugs can be easily printed in any colour using a method where the mugs are placed into a kiln and backed at very high temperatures. Not only does this method give a great finish it also provide the recipient with the hardest wearing solution that you can provide them, meaning years of use.  It is also possible to include full colour prints onto the sides of mugs in order to give it a more personalized look. The mugs are a genuine gift. They are the best to convey your love and warmth that you keep towards your customers. By using these simple, yet attractive Christmas gift ideas, you can commence your business promotion activities and make them a magnificent success.

In Summary: Promotional mugs are perfect gifts for you and your clients because they have the ability to spread brand message to your people. To advertise your logo is one thing, to remember it for a lifetime is another.


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Promotional Travel Mugs

Boost Promotional Products now offers a wide range of Promotional Travel Mugs all at discount prices that are top of the line.  You won’t find better travel mugs in Australia than from our online store.  All of our mugs can be printed in one or multiple areas and the construction of our mugs are all double insulated to keep your beverage safe and secure for Australian conditions.  All of our Promotional Drinkware come with easy to use resealable lids to prevent spillage.  What’s more, these travel mugs are good for the environment and your health, making them eco-friendly and health-friendly. 


We firmly believe our Promo Travel Mugs are great for advertising and promoting your business.  Whether you are a business owner or organisation, there’s no better way to say “thank you” to a customer than by giving them a custom printed travel mug.  Your recipients will appreciate the gifts you offer and your business name or logo will receive free advertising at the same time.  Printed travel mugs are the perfect solution to advertising with a limited budget.


Don’t forget, we work with some of Australia’s largest businesses and organisations, so rest assured you are in great hands dealing with us. 


Have a question?  Need help regarding your Promo Items?  Contact one of our friendly staff today for all of your requirements. 



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The Perfect Promotional Mug!

Looking for the perfect compact Promotional Mug?  Look no further than the Java Mini Mug.  This special little mug has been a great hit with may businesses including cafes, retail shops and restaurants. Promoting your business can be as easy as using a simple memorable gift such as a Promo Mug. This particular item features double walled construction to keep all of your hot drinks at the right temperature. They are also the type of Promotional Product that can be used over and over again. Additional features include a rubber base for steady placement on to all services and a capacity of 250ml which is perfect for any coffee. We have received great feedback from many people which have used this to one particular item to expand and promote their business. Contactboost Promotional Products today to discuss all of your Promotional Drink Ware requirements.

Promotional Mugs

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Creating Brand Awareness With Promotional Mugs

Here at Boost Promotional Products we believe promotions are your advertising tool. They are going to offer brand recognition, image, and a statement about the type of business you run. With promotional products you have to be careful of what you choose to make sure it is within the target audience you are trying to advertise to.One aspect of promotional items that you should consider is functionality within your business or work place. Promotional mugs are one of the most functional promotional items you can offer to consumers, clients, and even employees. Coffee is very important drink on many occasions throughout the day. Travel Mugs allow a person to drink a hot beverage at home, or travelling to work. Promotional travel mugs come in a wide range of colors and sizes.  Our manufacturing process ensures that your mugs will be around for years to come with your logo and are highly functional.

Our more popular type of promotional mug with many cafés and restaurants include the Java Mini Mug. They have been very popular within these two industries, used in conjunction with a rewards type program where the business selling the mugs will offer one coffee free for example with every five coffees brought. This dual functionality makes the travel mug an even better choice than other options.

In the promotional plastic mugs section you have china and ceramic options. The option you choose will need to be cost effective for you, but don’t let it sacrifice your image. Your image is important to maintain a customer base. The image you project will help you get more consumers and therefore more sales, as long as it is a satisfactory image to the consumer. So next time you are looking for promotional items, try the classic promotional mug.



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Promotional Mugs

So you have just opened a new company or business and you are looking for ways to get your company name out and into the local area for people to notice your companies brand name? Well one idea is to use promotional mugs so people will remember you time and time again. Also the shear amount of time these items will remain in peoples possession is amazing. We have had people using them for years!

Not only are promotional mugs are great low cost way of advertising your logo or camp any name, they provide the user which may be a regular coffee drinker a friendly reminder of the brand in front of them every time they take a drink!. Now how amazing is that. They are commonly used daily by a wide audience of people and are often placed them in very highly desirable locations for all to see. The other major benfit that we believe that mugs can offer is there extremely large print area, which can be printed in numerous colours or a full color digital print.

Now let’s take a look at the range, that is simply endless. There is a promotional mug for everyone. The Boost Promotional Products mugs range comes a wide variety of colors and styles to decorate to your liking. For Promotional mugs ideas contact one of our customer services operators today, to discuss your next promotion.

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