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Printed Pens

Keep Your Business Upfront With PRINTED QUALITY PENS


Among the category of promotional products, there is one product that has established its effectivity and value in marketing a particular brand or company.  Printed Pens has been in use for a long time and has proved its potential as a promotional entity.    Because of its cost-effectiveness to the business owners and usability to the users, it has become a popular choice in a very little span of time.  Today, these pens are no longer restricted to the simple boring ball pens.  It has evolved its style, quality and design thereby adding more potential in attracting prospective customers and clients.

Have your business name and contact details engraved or printed on Promotional Quality Pens.  These pens are an absolute hit in terms of exposure and reach it provide.  It is a great way to market your business and help people immediately when they need something to write with quickly.  If you want to keep your business upfront, it is important that you choose Logo Quality Pens over other types of pens.  The whole idea of using a promotional item will lose its purpose if the product that you give will not be used for a long time.  More so, your promotional pens will reflect upon you and your business.  Giving your clients a low quality promotional item will represent you as a company that provides low quality goods and services.   

Decorated Low Cost Pens from Boost Promotional Products Australia are of the highest quality and are sourced from some of our most respected global suppliers.  These pens are selected by some of Australia’s most respected businesses for their durability and suitability.  Call us now and find out our other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword


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Promotional Ballpoint Pens

Remarkable Advertising Benefits With PROMOTIONAL BALLPOINT PENS


Ballpoint pens can be found everywhere – from offices, schools, hospitals and homes.  A pen has become a part of almost everyone’s daily lives especially when there’s a need to accomplish some writing tasks.  Despite there are many types of pens, Ballpoint or Economy Pens are more widely used because of its affordability, availability and utilitarian purposes.  The more useful a product is, the more it becomes visible to the public eye.

That is why it is no longer surprising that Promotional Ballpoint Pens have always been one of Australia’s most popular promotional products.  Economy Pens deliver the most significant impression at a very affordable price.  This is one promotional item which is very effective in marketing without having to make such a large monetary investment.  Especially if your business has just started and you are on a tight budget, you can get the same maximum advertising benefits with minimal costs.  Ballpoint Pens are great for everyday use and customers who will use these will most likely pass on to their friends and relatives over the course of time, possibly spreading awareness of your business and hopefully increasing your customer base.  Everyone uses pens so it would never go to waste.  And with your logo or brand name printed on these pens, your business will surely make a mark on the minds of its users.

At Boost Promotional Merchandise Australia, you have unlimited options to choose from our catalogue of bright, funky and colorful designs of economy pens to suite your style and budget.  If you would like to incorporate an environmental message on your marketing campaign, try our eco pen range made from materials such as cornstarch and bamboo.  You may also check out our other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs which will help you standout from your competition.


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Metal Pens

Engraved Your Corporate Image With PROMOTIONAL METAL PENS


Almost everyone in Australia and across the globe uses pens at some time or another.  Many of us use it a couple of times a day for various things – be it work, school, chores or errands.  Pens are the ideal promotional item because it is frequently used and it fills the need of your potential customers to accomplish their task, which makes it not only useful but necessary as well.  Finding the ideal pen will say a lot about your company, or at least how you want people to see your company.

For your most loyal clients and bigger customers, you may want to give Metal Pens which are not just functional but durable and stylish.  Promotional Metal Pens have a unique advantage over traditional promotional pens as the latter easily run out of ink than a high quality metal pen.  You will attract potential customers every time your client uses his or her metal pen in the presence of others.  And while most other forms of promotion are rather short-lived, Promotional Metal Pens on the other hand will provide a constant reminder of your business to the user and everyone else who sees it. 

One of the most important advantage that metal pens offer over some other pens is that it can be laser engraved with your company name and details to keep that information handy for your customers.  The image created when using engraving is simply stunning and provides an opportunity to promote your advertising message for the full lifespan of the pen to ensure your message stays right in the mind of the recipients for longer period of time.

At Boost Promotional Items Australia, we provide you with an extensive selection of metal pens that can be decorated with printing or engraving to provide long-lasting brand recognition for your company or business.  You may also check out our other great promotional product ideas for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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Promotional Pens New Zealand

Metal Pens- Make Your Point with Promotional Pens


Promotional Pens have long since been a promotional item that businesses use to give to employees and customers as gifts and freebies. Any business needs an outlet for their promotions, and pens are very affordable. You can order 1,000 pens for less than $200 in many cases, allowing you to make the most of your advertising every single time. That’s basically like spending 20 cents or less on each ad campaign or print ad that you run. That’s never going to happen. However, with promotional metal pens, you can make an impact for less.


Metal pens, specifically, have been popular among those seeking corporate gift ideas and employee appreciation gifts. By engraving or embossing a metal pen, you can give people a high quality product that they are sure to treasure and use often, without having to spend a fortune on it. Even if you buy the highest quality pens that you can find, you still won’t spend more than you want to because promotional products are so affordable. If you want to have a great way to recognize employees and give corporate gifts, or just a cheaper means of promotional advertising, pens are the way to go. People always need pens, and free ones are always appreciated.


Your business can do anything that it wants with promotional metal pens and other items that you purchase. There are no rules or restrictions on what you can and cannot do, which means that you can design any style and colour scheme that you want, and even choose the types of pens that you order for each different occasion. It doesn’t really matter what you want because the sky is the limit with promotional pens and other products that you can buy to promote your business.


Metal pens look a little nicer than plastic ones, and often will get more attention than if you used the plastic or cheaper looking pens for business promotions. When you’re serious about your promotional products, you need to find the most high style products that you can so that people understand that you mean business when it comes to business promotion and customer appreciation. Keep these things in mind and finding the perfect promotional products, including pens and other items, should be quite a simple task. After all, business promotions are supposed to help, not make your life more hassle.


For more information about promotional metal pens or other promotional products for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit New Zealand’s number one Promotinal Pens Store.





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Coporate Promo Pens

Corporate Pens- High End Writing Tools for Business Promotion


Corporate Promotional Pens make great corporate gifts and promotional products for your business. The world of promotional products is huge, and there are many different things to consider when it comes to choosing the right corporate pens for your business needs. First, you need to think about the occasion at hand. If you have a more classy need, you can find high-end styles that are still affordable for your needs. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a cheap promotional item, there are many styles of pens that are very basic and cost-effective for a better way to market your business. Here are some more tips and suggestions for choosing the best corporate pens.


-Look online for the best selection. Catalogues are great, but the internet gives you the entire world of promotional products right at your finger tips. You can find thousands of different styles, colours, designs, and customised pens to choose from when you shop online.


-Make your corporate pens assimilated to your business. What does that mean? That means to stick with design concepts or colour schemes that are similar to your business or industry. A fun pen with a star shape bent into it would be great for an entertainment business, for example, while a high class pen would be perfect for a stylish accounting firm.


-Focus on finding the best deals, not just the cheapest products. Often, you can find great promotions on pens and other promotional products as long as you shop around. Plus, the more you buy, the more you save in most cases. Therefore, if you think you only need 200 pens, order 500 to save more money and have more products to hand out to customers, clients, employees, and others.


These are all important tips that can make shopping for corporate pens and promotional office supplies much easier. Everyone loves free pens, and whether you use them for corporate gifting or customer appreciation, you can guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you want and need. Just make sure that you take the time to find whatever suits your needs best, because in the end that is all that matters. Never settle for something that’s almost right or not quite what you wanted, because with all the different products out there, getting exactly what you want is easy.


For more information about promotional corporate pens or other promotional products for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Australia’s best Promotional Items store.


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Budget Pens

Budget Pens- Save Money and Get More with Affordable Promotional Items Online


Budget pens are one of the most affordable and most popular marketing solutions when it comes to promotional marketing in business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out in business or if you’re an established company because finding the most affordable promotional solutions can prove to be an effective way to market your business every single time. You can find many different styles, sizes, and colours of pens to choose from, no matter what you’re looking for. Plus, when you shop online, you can guarantee that you’re getting the best selection and prices that are available.


Online promotional product stores will have a great variety of budget pens, high end pens, and middle-of-the-road pens for you to choose from for business promotion needs. Make sure that you take the time to check out all of the different options that you have so that you can make the most of your business promotions every time. When you’re working with a tight budget, you don’t have to get low quality. You can find a variety of great high quality pens that are affordably priced for all of your promotional needs.


Promotional advertising has been around for decades. However, it has become much more popular with the advent of the internet and online shopping. Because things are so accessible, there are many more options for promotional marketing than ever before, including thousands upon thousands of styles of budget pens that companies can choose from to get their business noticed. You can order pens by the thousands when you choose budget models, and end up paying just pennies for each one. If you find pens for five cents each, you can easily get 500 of them for around $25, which isn’t a big investment at all.


There is a lot to think about when it comes to promotional advertising, but as long as you find the budget pens that you’ve been looking for, it shouldn’t be hard for you to make the most of your business promotions. Budget pens are a great way to make a point and market your business without having to spend a lot. Plus, when you shop online you can save even more than you might have by shopping in a catalogue, making it even more affordable for you to market your business through promotional products.


For more information about promotional budget pens or other promotional products for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Australia’s Best Promotional Pens online store.


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Plastic Pens

Plastic Pens- Inexpensive Promotional Items


Promotional Plastic pens are probably one of the most common promotional items that people buy. Considering that you can get them for as low as five to eight cents each when you order them in bulk, they are also an affordable option for businesses that don’t have a lot to spend on promotional marketing. You can find coloured pens, black ink pens, gel pens, designer pens, and so many other great plastic writing pens for your business promotions. With all of the colour and style options along with the fully customizable choices that you have, you can guarantee that promotional pens will make a statement about your business.


You can find two-tone pens, fancy plastic pens, tri-colour pens, solid coloured pens, and just about every shape, size, and style of pen imaginable. Whether you want ballpoint or gel ink, there are choices for every need. Plus, you can then choose the colour, font, and style of printing and exactly what is printed on the pens that you order. Why spend thousands on expensive marketing campaigns that might not be effective when you can spend even just $100 on pens and get a great return on your investment?


Plastic pens might seem cheap to some people, but when it comes to promotional marketing, people just like free stuff. Sure they might enjoy the free metal engraved pens more, but when you’re shopping on a budget, beggars won’t be choosers. You can use the pens in your business, hand them out to vendors and associates, customers, and even complete strangers. Take the time to meet other businesses in your area, and you’ll likely find that you can even leave a stash of pens on their counters, allowing for further promotion of your business.


There is so much to choose from when it comes to promotional marketing, but one thing is certain. As long as you take the time to check out all of the different options that you have and make the most of your business promotions, you should enjoy everything that you find. Plastic pens are not cheap rip-offs when it comes to promotional items. They’re cost-effective marketing solutions that can be great for any business. A pen is a pen, and when it’s free your customers aren’t going to care what it’s made of. They will enjoy the pen and appreciate the gesture, and go on to promote your business every time that they use the pen.


For more information about promotional pens or other promotional products for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Australia’s leading Promotional Pens Store 


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Business Pens

Promotional Pens for Gifts and More

Business pens have long been a popular promotional item. By taking the time to check out all of the different products that you can find and finding ways to make the most of your promotions, you can guarantee that your customers will appreciate the gifts that you give because you take the time to consider your options and choose what works best for you and for them. People always need pens, and when you take the time to meet their needs with promotional business pens, they will take notice and appreciate your efforts. Free pens are coveted by many, and with all of the great colours, styles, designs, and customizable options, you’re sure to find great products to give your customers.


Corporate gifts, employee appreciation, and customer appreciation are all useful purposes for promotional business pens. Whether you choose high-class styles or just basic business pens, you can find many different choices out there on the internet. With so many great customised pens to choose from, it might be hard to find exactly what you want or need. However, if you take the time to think about company colours, logos, or other things that your company relates to, it will be much easier to find what you need. Obviously, if your company logo is green and blue, you won’t buy promotional orange or yellow pens, because it wouldn’t be associated with your business in most people’s minds.


It doesn’t really matter what you choose because pens are one of the most affordable and most common choices when it comes to promotional products. All that you need to do is figure out what you want and need, and how much you have to spend. Beyond that, it’s all a matter of just picking what you want. There’s no right or wrong way to buy promotional items, and anyone can benefit from their use no matter what it is that they’re using them for.


Promotional business pens are the perfect items to have on hand if you’ve got a lot of promoting to do on a smaller budget. No matter what business you’re in or which types of customers you serve, you can find something for all of your promotional needs, regardless of how big or small they might be. Whether you need 100 promotional pens or 10,000, you can find everything that you need online.


For more information about Promotional Pens or other promotional products for your business and corporate gifting needs, visit Boost Promotional Products Australia.


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Printed Pens

They say that a picture means a thousand words.  Let those pictures and words are printed or branded onto your favourite promotional pen of your choice at the office.  Pens are the perfect low cost gift that will propel your brand name into the faces or your customers.  Every time they use this decorated item, your name will become more and more familiar.  Some companies and businesses also think of this as subliminal advertising.  This type of promoting of your brand targets the sub conches mid of the user by receptive use of brand recognition. 

Also just think of how many pairs of hands your logo and/or company name will pass through before the end of its lifetime.  Independent research shows the average pen name will be read over two dozen times and it will exchange hands over a dozen time’s in most situations.  Very powerful advertising.  So the next time you consider a promotion, consider the humble pen for a profound effect. 


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Enviro Pens

Promotional Pens are now taking on a new era.  Now more so than ever many of our items are made from plastic subistutes, these items include Promotional Enviro Pens which are all the craze.  They provide the perfect image for your company or business. They are a great alternative to plastic pens which are fossil fuel derived. These are made from typical plastic materials. Many of these pens that we sell are either made from recycled paper or a new biodegradable material called cornstarch. Cornstarch is a fantastic product derived from corn, which is a sustainable material. The biodegradability of these pen body’s can be compared to a product like cardboard when this is composted. The end result is that there are no toxic or mental residues to subside into the soil or surrounding waterways when these items are disposed off. Contained in certain pens on our website are also pens that include eco-ink. The ink has been obtained from a renewable resource and is completely natural. Contact us today for your pen quarries.


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