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Custom Printed Umbrellas

Paying top dollar for custom printed umbrellas is now a thing of the past.  Like many other companies we are now able to source and stock a great range of high quality umbrellas at affordable prices.  Top of the line umbrellas incorporate features such as high structural integrity defined by its canopy and framing strength and quality.  Our umbrellas now incorporate some of these great features and then we pack them into a range of items that every day Australians can purchase.  We offer lightweight, waterproof and blow-out technology in these designs.  Although these types of features a commonly found on high use umbrellas such as golfing umbrellas, now more so than ever this technology is affordable.

Now its time to enjoy a life with fewer umbrellas!  Trust Boost Promotional Products Pty Ltd for your entire printed umbrella needs.  The last thing we wanted was your custom umbrella not to be just another piece of urban luggage, we want you to enjoy this functional device used for everyday life in a way it can advertise your business for all to see.

Boost Custom Printed Umbrellas

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Printed Umbrellas

During any time of the year in Australia, anyone can benefit with the use of a Umbrella. With many names associated with this device such as rain shade, brolly, sunshade, parasol or miniature canopy, these functional items are designed to perform one of two tasks. They either protect one from the rain or sun. For many businesses and companies it has become common practice to offer employees the added bonus of gifting Printed Umbrellas or selling then on for a profit.

Typically these days most umbrellas that you see are without a doubt decorated umbrellas. Why? It makes sense for someone to order decorated umbrellas, instead of plain old, dull colors with no decoration. Most umbrella printing or decoration can be easily seen up to 50 meters away from the person holing the item. Now what a fantastic opportunity for anyone to display their logo in a way that all can see by all, on a wet or sunny day. The materials used to make umbrellas are usually water proof. This allows water to slide down the panels when it is raining keeping the user dry and comfortable.

Some of the features on more modern day umbrellas include:

Full fiberglass shafts for additional strength and durability.

Wind safe frames

Ultra strong fiberglass ribs which in turn supports the waterproof panels

Auto opening systems

Electroplated frames

“J” handles or premium rubber handles

Over-locked panel joins for added strength and durability

Blow-out or wind proof systems

Wind vents

Velcro closure systems

Nylon carry bags

Printed Umbrellas can be used for the following:


Sports functions

Corporate Events




Decoration options for umbrellas include screen printing or transfer printing. All types of Umbrellas are very delicate to decorate. It takes a well trained printer or decorator with the knowledge of how to print these special items. Whether you need a umbrella for a force 10 wind or 40 degree day view our range of advertising umbrellas today.


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