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Product Or Coupon?

Many businesses and companies are now facing the delightful dilemma of cutting their price on a particular product or service instead of selling it for full value.  How many times do you hear the comment “Yer I lost that sale, competitor had a lower price”  Winning customer loyalty and retaining business and eliminating the need for coupons are big talk with Australian companies and businesses.  The effectiveness of using Promotional Products or imprinted items given away for FREE offer much higher value for any type of client retention.  It is also MUCH cheaper to operate this type of customer loyalty program, instead of going to the coupon book again and again.  The use of an effective merchandising program also boast larger dollar spending amounts by loyal customers.  This has been tried and proven by University studies in the United States of America.

“What would you rather rely on for the future of your business, cutting price again and again with the use of coupons or a cost effective Merchandising Campaign to retain your existing clients?”

Contact Boost Promotional Products for more information.



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Printed Australian Travel Mugs

Let Your Mugs Do The Talking!!

If you are looking for a brand new innovative Promotional Product try a Printed Travel Mugs used for moving forward to the cooler months of the Australian climate.  Choose from full colour wrap prints designed for maximum logo exposure or simple and cost effective centred logo designs.  Another great aspect of utilising a product like these is that are generally well used by all of your recipients.  You can rest assure that many of your travel mugs will be used in the morning car or at the office.

With multiple options available such as various types of lids, capacity or size variations, handles and lid closure systems, our selection will impress most.  Economy materials for mugs include BPA free plastic right up to the all-impressive stainless steel for longer life retention.  Both our plastic mugs and stainless steel mugs can also be laser engraved with your logo or design for a smart corporate look.

Pricing varies due to materials used, logo design and capacity needed.  For more information please contact the Boost Promotional Products team.  Need samples, just let us know and we are more than happy to send some out to you direct.


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Calico Ham Bags

Calico Ham Bags

The perfect Christmas Ham or Calico Bag is one that looks after your purchased ham, long after it has been brought.  All of our bags are made from top quality durable Calico cotton ensuring you the owner longevity of the bag even if it is wet or soaked in your own brine.   Now let’s get to the nitty gritty.  There are many Calico Ham Bags on the market that fall in to the category of VERY thin or nearly non-existent.   These bags simply don’t last the distance like our bags on offer and it goes to say “Always check to see what gsm (this refers to the weight of the bag but will give you a guide line for the thickness of the bag too.  In this case more the Merrier) the manufacture is offering” anything under 150 gsm is basically to light to be a genuine ham bag.  Simply wetting this material can make the bags more prone to tearing, which in any case you don’t want.

Also choose a calico bag that has a drawstring attached.  In effect this keeps in any loose pieces of ham inside the bag and makes it easier to get in and out of the fridge on a daily basis.  Looking to brighten up your bags?  We can assist you with decoration of your ham bags with your logo or design.  Need plain or undecorated bags?  No problems just let us know.

How To Shore Leg (Bone-In) Ham

For the very best results place your approved or cooked ham into one of our recommended drawstring calico bags with a mix of 1 litre of water to 3 teaspoons of white vinegar.  Simply place the empty bag into the brine or mix, remove the excess and then you have a damp bag for your ham.  This process of brining is recommended every 2-3 days.  Also don’t pack your ham too tight in the bag, this will avoid sweating.


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Promotional Products “Why Are They So Good?”

Lets all take a steep back here for a while and ask ourselves why Promotional Products are so good?  At the very heart of the question are some great answers that we have given.  There is no other type of marketing medium that gives you a targeted marketing message directly in front of your prospects and clients.  The very best types of Promotional Products don’t give you the ability to brand with your logo or message they generate real tangible and measurable results.  Successful companies and business that utilize Promotional Products always think of the following:

1.  Audience-Geared Product Selection:  You have to have the right product tool for the right job and yes the same is true in any type of promotional marketing campaign.  Thinking of branding a handkerchief for a corporate client?  Not bad, but chances are you may want to rethink this one again.

2.  Effecting Marketing Messages:  If all you do is brand, brand, brand then think again.  Think of incorporating calls to action, slogans, advantages or even loyalty marketing advertising included onto your print merchandise.  At the end of the day remember, it costs no more to add in as much text or graphics as you like!

3.  Think About Your Target Recipients:  Lets face it, we all can’t afford to everyone, so in effect each promotion that you use promotional items on should be well geared to the individuals that will provide the most positive results for you.  Think about what your clients would really what or use in their daily live and then brand it.

4.  Timing Is The Key:  With all types of marketing timing is the key.  Research your target niche.  Get into the heads of your customers and think about when the perfect time to buy may resonate with your people.

Cost effective, fun and easily remembered Promotional Products are the right marketing tools to assist with decision makers making buying decisions.  Long after your branded gifts are given the  item will work again and again.  many people also call this effect “Residual Marketing”


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Event Lanyards Tips And Tricks

Event Lanyard Tips


Lanyards are often considered insignificant or a decorated piece of rope to hold a key or maybe a pen drives or even an identity card. However, most of the businesses fail to understand the real nature of these tools and often miss a great opportunity to market themselves or their products. To get a great insight on how to use these little pieces of material, read on and leverage the right marketing potential for your business with A-Z promotional lanyard tips.

Lanyard Basics

•    Learn what these lanyards are made of – Lanyards can be made with different materials like leather, nylon, slim rope, or rubber. However, the best material to be used for a lanyard is poly-ribbed material. The printing done on such material is often quite distinctive and the material itself comes in various colors because of which it becomes easier to opt for them. Consequently, they are the best sellers as promotional lanyards.

•    The components of a lanyard- it is not a simple rope to be honest. Lanyards have come a long way from the older relatives. They now have an executive type sleek swivel, a detachable phone holder, clip connector and a safety breakaway clip. All these components give more flexibility and enhance the utility of the lanyard. Nonetheless, if it is made of 20 mm polyester ribbed material; you will never have to look back at anything else.

•    Play with the lanyard- no, don’t do it literally before you start distributing the promotional backyards. You have to play with colors and designs of the lanyard. The lanyards are always customizable and they can be printed with any logo or design. Therefore, it is easier to customize them and use them as low cost but effective promotional materials.

•    How to design the lanyard? – In the beginning, the lanyard would simply be a solid colored fabric. You can then choose to print the logo or trademark or the text of your choice on the lanyard. It can be printed using a hot stamp, screen printing or the dye sublimation process in order to get the desired finished look.
How to Use the Lanyards

•    Use them as an identity or a distinction- you must have seen many companies giving identity cum swipe cards to their employees. These cards are generally worn around the neck with the help of a lanyard. You can print the name of your company or your business on these lanyards to help provide a kind of distinction to your employees from the rest. This is also a very helpful marketing tool as there are many people who will use these lanyards to identify your employees. In case you want some subtle brand exposure opportunity then this will work the best for you.

•    They can be used as an accessory- When you distribute promotional lanyards, especially those that come with a clip connector or an executive type swivel, you will make for a great accessory. They can also be used to hold electronic items like USB Drives, cameras and the likes. The point is that when such lanyards are given away, your employees, consumers or even potential consumers get to recognize your company, business o brand faster. They even generate a rapport with the company which makes it even better to be used.

•    Use them at events- Well; events are the best platforms for these kinds of promotional materials. The fact they can be used for strategic placement of a logo or business, makes them an instant hit with the business owners. You may be participating in a sporting event. You can distribute the O-ringed lanyard to the referees so that they may attach their whistles to it. They get a brand new utility and you get to show your brand. Therefore, when it comes to the placement of the brand right in front of the user without making him realize that something is being promoted, use them in events.

Why Should You Choose Lanyards?

The first factor is obviously the price. Event Lanyards are cheaper than many other promotional materials. On top of that, they are durable. This is the reason why the target audience is able to retain the brand for longer in their mind. If we focus on the sporting event example given above, we will find that the referees are sporting the lanyards you had ordered. Therefore, the on lookers will certainly remember seeing your logo and next time they make a purchase, they will focus on your brand as you are familiar. Moreover, the referees will keep using it for long and in turn keep advertising your products.
There are many physical stores that can get these promotional lanyards made for you in any color, shape or size. There are online stores as well that are even more cost effective with a huge number of color and design options available.

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New Promotional Merchandise For 2013

Were back in 2013!  Yes the Promotional Blog still lives and we shall be trying to update it on a regular basis.  Whats new and exciting for 2013?  Once or twice a month we shall be showcasing new and exciting products which are new to the Australian Promotional Products Industry.  Simply bookmark our blog or sign up to the RSS feed to ensure you get the updates.  Check out the first of our Products below:

2013-pba-free-summer-water-bottleNow this PBA Free Promotional Water is available from Boost Promotional Products.  What the water bottle does include is an easy to use Freezer Insert that can be placed into any freezer overnight and then straight into the bottle the next day to keep your contents cold all day long.

pba-free-water-botle-tallThese customisable water bottles come in bright sea blue or translucent red in color and can be decorated with your logo or design onto any side of your choice.  Volume is 750ml so your clients won’t be going thirsty any time soon.  We have had great feedback from clients who have used these particular water bottles.  In fact they were so good, we even ordered a whole bunch for the office.


We like products with a purpose and that are built to last.  Interested?  Call our office now for your free samples upon quote request.  Pricing is available upon request and will depend on quantities and destination.  Priced from $3.65 per bottle.  Great for events, kids, businesses and more.

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Christmas Gifts


Now is great time to order your Corporate Christmas Gifts! Why? With just only 8 weeks until Christmas it’s makes sense to plan ahead of other peoples bad timing. Generally speaking many people leave there printed Corporate Gifts right until the very last minute when most Promotional Products printing departments are flat out. There is nothing more disappointing than not being able to offer your clients gifts simply because you ran out of time or forgot to order during this very busy time of the year.

Typically most lead in times for Custom Printed Corporate Gifts range from 10-15 days. Consider this when you place your order to avoid disappointment. During the month of November from 1-15 we have tried to accommodate everyone by placing on more staff to meet an unseasonal demand for Corporate Gifts delivered throughout Australia. Boost Promotional Products is now offering a 3-5 day lead in times for this period. If you require something printed or branded just let us know. Also if you are in the Sydney or Melbourne area we can also be flexible with these time frames.

In other words if you need something URGENT we can do it! If not, no one can.

Our Corporate Gift Ideas for 2012 include:

Custom Printed Cooler Bags
Logo Compendiums
Desk Gifts
Office Supplies
Corporate Pens
Water Bottles
Outdoor Items
Clocks & Calculators
Travel Items


Contact our support team today.

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Printed Marathon T Shirts

There is no doubt that many groups and associated with running can spend serious amounts of money and time when it comes to a technical running garment. For basic, low cost Printed Marathon T Shirts, consider purchasing a plain cotton t shirts or singlets and then printing your logo design or text onto this garment. T Shirts only become expensive when you decide to buy quality. The old saying applies “you get what you pay for”. Performance Wear T Shirts, or Technical T Shirts offer the wearer significant advantages over traditional cotton materials.

While basic cotton t shirts are typically made from 100% ring-spun combined cotton materials, performance t shirts are generally not made from this material. They incorporate breathable polyester materials, offer quick drying and are very lightweight. Do these advantages for a more durable and technical marathon running t shirt explain the significant price increase? For many competitors the answer will always be YES. Why, well the answer is simple. For athletes of all levels, reducing your core body temperature and having a garment that wicks away moisture when perspiring heavily is something that is absolutely essential. These two added advantages are enough for any marathon runner to buy one immediately.

Other factor to consider when purchasing printed Marathon T Shirts

Some of the other factors when purchasing marathon t shirts include colors and sizing. Colors include a range of stock standard colors from your supplier when inquiring along with multiple color options and custom made options that fit your marathon colors. There are literally endless combination’s of color to choose from and for you and your event or club to design. If you are unsure on your colors simply ask your supplier that you are dealing with for a complete design brief, they should be able to provide this to you free of charge. With sizes for men’s and women’s t shirts, we typically start at XS for children and then move onto S, M, L, XL, XXL.


Decoration of your marathon T Shirts

Decoration of your logo onto plain cotton t shirts is a relatively straight forward process. Decoration onto technical garments is a very specialised job. It is very easy for this one to go wrong, so do your homework and choose a reputable promotional products company to complete this task. Due to the nature of technical fabrics, special pre-treatments need to be applied to the fabric to ensure that the inks will adhere to the material. Other easier logo applications include direct print transfers or full color transfer prints. This process can be very cost effective if you are printing several colors for your marathon t shirts. For more information regarding to custom printed marathon t shirts, please contact Boost Promotional Products. We are more than happy to design your t shirts free of charge and provide some of the best pricing in Australia for all marathon events.


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Promotional Products For Schools

Promotional Products For Schools

There are a wide variety of Promotional Products that are well suited to schools in Australia. First let’s take a look at a definition of a school is and what they are trying to achieve. A school in an institution used by parents for educating their children. It can also be an institution or instruction in a particular skill of field. Another example of this would be a college or university.

One of the first things that may come to mind when thinking about merchandising for schools is bags. Most children or teenagers that attend school typically have a school bag of some description. School bags come in many sizes shapes and forms. We are noticing that kindergartens and pre-school type facilities may have very basic styles of bags to give too or sell to their children. These days many of these types of printed school bags are decorated or embroidered with logo’s or designs to identify children from a specific school. Moving up to primary school, these types of children require a bigger school bag with more space and storage. High School students require something bigger again. It’s important to keep these bags in proportion to the user’s size and weight. The very last thing you don’t want to see is a primary school child that is carrying a bag that is simply too large for his/her size. This in effect is seen more now than ever with most schools implementing a one-size-fits-all type of bag.

Other types of Promotional Products for schools include:

Lanyards for teachers

ID Cards or Sleeves







Library Bags

Sports Bags

The last item of note here is uniforms. Yes the one word parents dread because of the substantial cost involved every year. Typically modern day uniforms in Australia are now embroidered due to the exceptional hard-wearing nature of the decoration. Uniforms can be purchased in an unlimited range of color and sizes and are custom made for schools in general. For more information regarding Promotional Products for Schools, please visit Boost Promotional Products Australia.


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