Month: March 2009

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Promotional Stress Toys Anyone?

We have all done through hand times during our lives when stress can be a problem. Promotional…

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Real Life, Real Value, Real Pens.

Looking for opinions little outside the box? Our vision is simple — to offer you a premium…

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The All-New PET Enviro Caps.

This easy fitting enviro cap from Boost Promotional Items is one of the very first environmentally friendly promotional…

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What Are Promotional Flash Drives?

Promo USB flash drives are a compact and easy-to-use device that are similar in use to your…

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PET Enviro Bags

Ever wanted to wear a bag that made you feel really good, because you knew that it was…

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Promotional DesK Clock Innovation!

I have chosen this new product to show case to you today.  With all of the new…

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Promotional Coin Banks, Piggy Banks & Money Boxes For Kids!

Now I’m sure we can all remember the time when we were younger and our parents told…

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Walking Advertising Anyone?

Custom promotional t shirts are a great way to advertise your business or company!  They don’t have…

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When Were Promotional Products First Used?

Can you remember the first time when you saw a promotional product used?  I can.  Let me…

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10 Great Reasons To Shop With Boost

1.  You total satisfaction – 100% of the time. 2.  Largest selection of Promotional Products found in Australia….