Promotional Golf Visors

Golf has been a big craze for a long time. Sometimes I am sure we could even imagine now own a sons or daughters playing just like Tiger Woods.  Promotional Golf Visors have been around a long time in Australia and our very popular with a wide range of people including males and females. Their lightweight properties make the ideal sports cap for playing a variety of activities including golf. Promotional Golf Visors do not have a complete headpiece on top of the cap which is why this style of cap is generally preferred.  This allows for great breathable properties during increased activities, which in turn, allows the body to remain cool during these highly demanding times.  

Also the adjustable to be able to fit most people very comfortably. And adjustable back using Velcro is the preferred option with this type of cap. Easy adjustments can be made to the size and shape at any time.  A generous peak is offered to ensure the sun is kept at bay at all times.

Decorations of these types of promotional caps are available in different options including embroidery or screen printing.  Contact one of our customer service operators today for all of your promotional requirements.


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