Promotional Winter Jackets

Now is the time to start looking for winter Promo clothing.  Wide an extensive range to offer, Boost Promotional Products can accommodate all of you Promo winter needs.  From Jackets to scarves we have it all at the best possible prices.  Our emphasis is based on quality garments made from the best quality materials that we can source.  We simply do not sell clothing that will not last in Australian conditions.  Take for example our Promotional Jackets range:

We encourage buyers to take a look at our Vor-Tech fabric Promo Jackets.  This is a 3 layer laminated fabric. The face fabric is a 2 layered bonded lycra. The Vor-Tech membrane is micro-porous and laminated to the face fabric.  The lining is a combination of woven fleece that is laminated on the inside of the Vor-Tech membrane and breathable windbreaker mesh. This layer serves two purposes. It protects the Vor-Tech membrane from abrasion and wear and dissipates body moisture over a large surface area. The micro-porous membrane has two features: it allows perspiration to escape through the pores in the membrane without allowing water in, and also acts as a windbreaker.

Promotional Jackets

For a jacket that will last you a lifetime and keep you warm and dry on even the most testing of days, contact Boost Promo Australia for all you Promo Clothing supplies this winter.  Don’t forget all of our Promotional Apparel can be decorated with your company name, business logo or anything you basically want on the item.  We also provide several print destinations for your logo onto each garment.  For example on the locations include the back of a garment, shoulder, front pockets, sleeve logs, etc, etc.

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