Promotional Leather Compendiums.

Let’s talk compendiums or as some people call them folders. Sometimes we could ask questions relating to the types of compendiums on the market and what type of leather they are made from. Within the small review will take a look at some of the different types of  leather available for a wide range of Promotional Leather Compendiums.

Full Grain Leather is a completely natural grained surface finish or texture which has true characteristics of the skins that are used the process of leather manufacturing. Generally full-grain leather has a high cost than any other Leather Compendium.

Top Grain Leather is a Full Grain Leather which has had some correction to the surface to smooth out and/or hide blemishes that the animal has developed during its lifetime. This is the range type of leather used for Promotional Mid-Range Compendiums.

Split leather is a selection of skin from a hide which is cut or ” split” from the flesh side of the skin (top grain) enable the reduction of skin thickness.  The surface finish of this is then traditionally hand brushed more recent times coated in polyurethane.

Genuine Leather is only material cut typically from individual skins which are classified as genuine or real leather.

Synthetic Leather or Leather Look compendiums are made from completely synthetic material which is usually plastic or petroleum-based products with backing attached to the product. No part of this product whatsoever has to do with an actual leather product.

Reconstructed or bonded leather is made from material whos normal latex backing is impregnated with reclaim individual leather fibres. The leather fibre content varies between manufacturers but is usually made up of more than 50%. The surface finish is usually polyurethane laminate and it is produced in sheets or roles for some of our Promotional Compendiums.

Koskin Leatherette or Faux Leather is a PVC type of material which typically has a leather look appearance. Contrast to the result is very hard to differentiate between real leather.

In summary it is important to know what type of Promo Leather Compendiums that you are buying and what type of leather it is. Many people are unaware of the fact that can they could be sold something that is completely inferior to what has been requested. Always ask your Promotional Products advisor for the truth behind your leather products. Don’t assume because something is marked with the word “leather” that actually it is. Find out what really made from. Contact one of our customer service operators today or on your Promotional Products needs.

Promotional Leather Compendiums

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