Compendiums Meaning

Compendium – Definition

Compendiums are a personal reference folder or organiser containing detailed information about a particular subject matter. A person that uses a compendium for personal use typically has one or more of the following attributes. They are manufactured in a material that is hard wearing and can be used on a daily basis. Many business or corporate types of people use these folders to organise their daily activities. On the inside of a compendium you can typically find things like daily planners, calculators, pen holders, business card holders, lined refill paper and more. Some of the more “modern day” types of compendiums will include “I Phone Holders” and “I Pad Holders” too. Typically these functional devices will include several pockets or internal sleeves for additional storage too. Often one can very surprised as to just how much one can fit into a daily organiser like these compendiums referenced here.

Considering these items are very hard wearing, we have had several reports of people still utilising these compendiums 4-5 years after they had first obtained them. I you take the purchasing price of single high quality leather compendium at $70-80.00 over the term of 5 years, that’s a promotional product that cost you just over $14.00 a year to own or just 0.04 cents a day. That really is great value for money and money well spent on a product that your recipients will always use.


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