The Complete Guide To Conference Cardholders

Personalised conference card holders for events and meetings.

The Complete Guide To Conference Card Holders

Take a good look around the room in any meeting or event and chances are everyone will be wearing conference cardholders or name badges, customised with their own details.  In this guide, we tell you what you need to make sure you get this essential piece of equipment right for every single conference.  Attendees can spend large sums of money to attend your conference and then “if” someone decides to skimp on the name card holders it can be an epic fail.  First and foremost, don’t make the text too small to read, we recommend at least 12-14 point but less or more information may affect this type of sizing. 

What style of badge do I use?

The one type that we don’t recommend is stickers.  These can look very tacky if you simply slap these over the top of a name badge holder.  They can’t be reused or re-worn.  Just about any other style of badge is fine, it comes down to the information you need to place on the inserts, layout, images and additional fields if needed. 


Once again it depends on how much information you need to place on the inserts but as a rule the more information the bigger you need to go.  105mm x 74mm medium badge holders are common, but these days often too small, while A6 badge holders can be a great option.  Bear in mind the bigger the badge holder the bigger the print and anther benefit for going bigger is that the item will tend to flop around less.  From a cost point of view, bigger name holders are more expensive but it’s definitely worth it!

What information do I put on the badge?

First things first, start with the attendee’s name in bold, first name first and then the surname.

Affiliation: name of the event, company they work for?

Roles:  organiser, volunteer, first-time attendee, guest speaker, facilitator etc. 

Back of the cardholder:  schedule.  If your event or meeting runs over a number of days, you can include times for various speakers etc.

Layout & design

We have a team of experts ready to implement a design for your custom printed cardholders.  We sell inserts and you are welcome to DIY, but for the ultimate hassle-free experience utilise our team for the best looking personalised fully produced cardholders.  With our wealth of experience in the conference industry for over 15 years, we can provide you with a wealth of ideas and templates you will love!


Pins:  can be ok for events or meetings but pinning to a nice business shirt sometimes is not a great idea!  Enough said.

Clip:  these work fine

Lanyards:  absolutely, we love them!  With so many styles and colours available this is one of the best options for holding your cardholder. 

Magnets:  can work, but difficult in cooler conditions and attendees with heavy clothing.   

One or both sides for print?

Either option is fine, consider printing the same information on both sides for practical use.


Matt Cutts had one of the funniest conference cardholders designs we have seen in a while!

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