Promotional DesK Clock Innovation!

I have chosen this new product to show case to you today.  With all of the new gizmo’s on the promo market this year, this one has really taken my fancy.  A water powered clock for the every day business desk that won’t let let you down, is a well received gift by anyone in the office.  This unique device appeals to me because of two reasons.  First it is very enviro friendly and secondly, people love something when they have no idea of how it works at all.  Aqua time needs no batteries in today’s world and is hydrogen driven folks, so there is no need to feed this item at all.  Innovative, fun and appealing to a wide range of people form young to old, we guarantee you it will be a great starting conversation for any desk meeting.  Contact us today to discuss your next promo clock campaign.

Promo Desk Clock

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