What Are Promotional Flash Drives?

Promo USB flash drives are a compact and easy-to-use device that are similar in use to your computer hard drive. A USB flash drive is a NAND-type flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB 2.0 interface. It is small, lightweight, removable and rewritable for the lifetime of the devise.  All devices are Windows or Vista compatible.

Printed USB flash drives can be used with most PC’s and laptops running Windows, as well as many MAC OS systems that have a USB port. Most flash drives do not require drivers unless you are running Windows 98, so installation is quick and effective.
USB Flash Drive
There are many uses for a USB flash drives, including for personal data storage and for portable desktop computing. The small size of USB flash drives makes them ideal for personal, portable and powerful computing. Flash drives make it possible to take your files with you from with extreme ease and convenience, a USB flash drive is a personal, portable and powerful device.  Choose for our selection of USB’s including sizes from 256mb and all the way up to 8GB for people that need serious storage.  Need data preloaded?  No problem let our team know and we can load any information or graphics that you require onto the flash drive.  Very powerful marketing!  By adding your message or logo every time the device is plugged in your message will appear on screen for all to see.  Contact Boost Promotional Products Advertising today, to discuss your next Flash Drive campaign.

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