The Truth Behind The Flash Drive Industry.

“This post is for information regarding the use of promotional flash drives”.

In recent times it has been bought to attention that many companies involved with the sales and distribution flash drives are using memories made from old stock or downgradeable chips. The problem with this is that many flash drives are now being sold in the market under false pretences. The quality standards of some of the promo flash drives in the industry are of very poor quality and a misrepresentation of true storage space. The real capacity within these flash drives is much lower than what is stated. For example the capacity of 1 GB USB should be 1000 MB. In some circumstances downgraded chips are around 500 MB to 900 GB on these particular units. Clever software programs are also used to hide these figures which are available to you when you insert the flash drive for the first time on your computer. As you can see the cost to the manufacturer is significantly less and as a result of this they can produce a product for a considerably lower price.

At the end of the day our main purpose of this particular blog  is to educate buyers regarding Promotional Flash Drives the pitfalls of buying cheaper USB’S. Most people are price sensitive, however, the old saying still applies ” You Get What You Pay for”.  Always Ask Your Supplier if they guarantee you will flash drives upon purchase. Some of the guarantees include a 12 month guarantee of the overall performance and data retention warrantys for all of information placed upon the USB.

Promotional Flash Drive

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