Bucket Hats

Buckets of Fun, Fashion & Advertising with PROMOTIONAL BUCKET HATS


The business world has become competitive and as a result, companies are always at the edge in marketing their products and services.  Although online marketing is an effective way of promoting your business, more and more companies are convinced that customized promotional products can be very effective as well because of the huge impact it creates which often translates to credibility as perceived by the potential customers.  A company logo that is properly embroidered in any type of promotional caps or hats will definitely stick to the minds of people considering that these headgears can be seen directly on an eye level.

Promotional Bucket Hat is a soft cotton hat with a wide and downwards sloping brim which offers shade from the sun for the eyes and the face and protection from its harmful effects.  Two metal eyelets are commonly placed on each side of the hat so that it is cool to wear on hot days.  In Australia, these hats have been referred to as “giggle hats.”  Promotional Bucket Hats are comfortable that people of all ages regardless of their gender are fond of wearing these hats.  Their comfortable fit is quite unique, which makes it wearable all day without even knowing that they are on.  Its lightweight material allows it to be carried around anywhere.  It has assorted designs and styles to choose from which makes it a great fashion accessory. 

All Promotional Bucket Hats from Boost Promotional Items Australia are made from heavy-duty 100% cotton fabrics such as denim or canvas.  We provide high-density, quality custom embroidery logos from economy grade to premium bucket hats.  Check out our other great promotional product ideas which can be custom made or personalized for your business and corporate gifting needs.


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