Promotional School Hats

Promotional school hats include wide brimmed hats that will keep your children at bay from the sun’s harmful rays.  Our hats are made from the bet quality fabrics that we can source and provide a UV protection of 50+ (Meets Australian Standards).  Basically this means over 90 percent of the sun’s harmful rays will be block by using this type of fabric.

  Main features of these hats include a large brim area around the hat to keep the sun off, high quality cotton for long life, eyelets which are strategically placed to ensure adequate breathing during high activity times or the warmer months of the year and a heavy brushed cotton cord which can be adjusted to any length for a comfortable fit.

If you are a kindergarten, school or university, we can provide you with the perfect solution to all of your kids/young adults needs.  Not only do we supply you with the best quality hats at the best possible prices, we also place your logo onto hats of your choice with a variety of print or embroidery options.  If you are not sure what to place onto your Promotional Hats, our graphics department can offer you several options for your students.

Contact one of your friendly staff members today at Boost Promotional Products for all of your Promo School Hat requirements.  We give you our entire team focused on your orders.


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