Printed Marathon T Shirts

There is no doubt that many groups and associated with running can spend serious amounts of money and time when it comes to a technical running garment. For basic, low cost Printed Marathon T Shirts, consider purchasing a plain cotton t shirts or singlets and then printing your logo design or text onto this garment.T Shirts only become expensive when you decide to buy quality.The old saying applies “you get what you pay for”.Performance Wear T Shirts, or Technical T Shirts offer the wearer significant advantages over traditional cotton materials.

While basic cotton t shirts are typically made from 100% ring-spun combined cotton materials, performance t shirts are generally not made from this material.They incorporate breathable polyester materials, offer quick drying and are very lightweight.Do these advantages for a more durable and technical marathon running t shirt explain the significant price increase?For many competitors the answer will always be YES.Why, well the answer is simple.For athletes of all levels, reducing your core body temperature and having a garment that wicks away moisture when perspiring heavily is something that is absolutely essential.These two added advantages are enough for any marathon runner to buy one immediately.

Other factor to consider when purchasing printed Marathon T Shirts

Some of the other factors when purchasing marathon t shirts include colors and sizing. Colors include a range of stock standard colors from your supplier when inquiring along with multiple color options and custom made options that fit your marathon colors. There are literally endless combination’s of color to choose from and for you and your event or club to design. If you are unsure on your colors simply ask your supplier that you are dealing with for a complete design brief, they should be able to provide this to you free of charge. With sizes for men’s and women’s t shirts, we typically start at XS for children and then move onto S, M, L, XL, XXL.


Decoration of your marathon T Shirts

Decoration of your logo onto plain cotton t shirts is a relatively straight forward process. Decoration onto technical garments is a very specialised job. It is very easy for this one to go wrong, so do your homework and choose a reputable promotional products company to complete this task. Due to the nature of technical fabrics, special pre-treatments need to be applied to the fabric to ensure that the inks will adhere to the material. Other easier logo applications include direct print transfers or full color transfer prints. This process can be very cost effective if you are printing several colors for your marathon t shirts. For more information regarding to custom printed marathon t shirts, please contact Boost Promotional Products. We are more than happy to design your t shirts free of charge and provide some of the best pricing in Australia for all marathon events.


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