Product Or Coupon?

Many businesses and companies are now facing the delightful dilemma of cutting their price on a particular product or service instead of selling it for full value.  How many times do you hear the comment “Yer I lost that sale, competitor had a lower price”  Winning customer loyalty and retaining business and eliminating the need for coupons are big talk with Australian companies and businesses.  The effectiveness of using Promotional Products or imprinted items given away for FREE offer much higher value for any type of client retention.  It is also MUCH cheaper to operate this type of customer loyalty program, instead of going to the coupon book again and again.  The use of an effective merchandising program also boast larger dollar spending amounts by loyal customers.  This has been tried and proven by University studies in the United States of America.

“What would you rather rely on for the future of your business, cutting price again and again with the use of coupons or a cost effective Merchandising Campaign to retain your existing clients?”

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