Top Five Promotional Bags Of 2014

Top Five Promotional Bags Of 2014

With all of the Boost data in, we are proud to offer you a snap shot of the hottest selling bags for our 2014 year.  The data is based purely on volume alone and even the results even surprised us to some extent.  Generally speaking from year to year trends don’t really change too much.  With this said we have seen a push towards more sustainable types of promotional bags including bags made from reusable and recyclable materials.  Here are the top bags list as follows:

No 5 – Sports Bags custom printed drawstring sports bags

With a little over 4 million Australians playing sports, bags have become an important accessory.  Promotional Sports Bags have remained strong in our 2014 year.  Australia, as we know, is a sporting nation and sports run deep in our families and blood.  This long and up standing tradition of punishing the body the best as you can simply requires one to store all your sporting accessories into one easy to use carry bag.  The functions of these bags vary tremendously and so do the requirements of each sporting player and team.  With so many options available on sports bags its really hard to know exactly where to start from.  Choosing the right sports bags can be a daunting task and generally speaking like any bag you get what you pay for.  Most recipients chose bags based on “features” not just materials and then of course pricing was next in line.  With many people also banding their sports bags to incorporate team names, individual names and sponsors, screen printing was the most affordable means of printing these types of bags followed by embroidery being a close second.  Some clients also choose what we like to call a “build a bag” service too, which means you can custom certain parts of the bags to your liking.  With so many various types of sports in Australia is no wonder why we simply love sports bags.  From simple low cost drawstring backpacks to high quality custom cricket bags or basket ball bags we know we have the right team bag for you.

No 4 – Backpacks  promotional backpacks

Between 2013 and 2014 there was an estimated 3.5 million children attending school in Australia aged between 5 and 17 years old.  Also record number of younger adults in Australia are also attending University.  This number is about 940,000 people.  The need for promotional backpacks has never been so evident.  Now not all people decide to print a bag like this with a school name or logo.  Only certain types of schools and universities can afford to do this as a viable part of their schooling program, or is this a myth.  We believe any type of school can or could afford these types of promotional products by simply on selling the merchandise for a profit.  Students love customised bags and are more than willing to pay that little bit extra.  Parents also see it as a way of distinguishing their children from others.  Typically most of these bags sold also received a screen print, not embroidery.  Due to recovery in the GFC we think this is the reason why people opted for this affordable option.

No 3 – Cooler Bags  promotional cooler bags

Australia summers are hot as we all know and everyone loves cooler bags during this time of the year.  Cooler bags are also brought by an extremely diverse range of business and companies.  All of these specific requirements for coolers vary significantly.  Some require high quality silver foil insulation, other more simple 6 pack or 12 can coolers.  The materials used in the construction of these items is quite standard across the range, typically incorporating 600D nylons which a strong and dependable.  Every single one of these bags are chosen for their insulation properties.  Clients typically require the contents of these bags to remain cooler for longer periods of time.   The most common type of decoration for these types of bags was screen printing.  Note: embroidery can be used in some circumstances but care has to be taken not to puncture the insulation.  The

No 2 – Conference Bags  promotional conference bags

If you have ever attended a meeting or conference you will know first hand how many different types of conference merchandise you will receive over your attendance.  One of the most significant pieces you will receive is a conference bag.  Conference bags can vary in features and quality.  Some of the bags you may have encounter are down right cheap and nasty.  We honestly think if you are supplying a conference with these types of bags, please utilise a good quality bag otherwise they may be subject to binning or the bottom of the wardrobe.  Creative conference organisers will understand the importance of this aspect.  If you have an event also make sure you receive samples to show other people who can make a practical informed decision.

No 1 – Calico Bags

promotional calico bags

Tried and proven over many years the simple Calico Bag has stood the test of time in Australia and remains our No 1 pronominal bag on the market.  This bag is not big on features but where it really packs a pouch is in it’s affordability, functionality and the ability to display big bold bright logos.  Seven out of ten of our clients regarded the calico bag as cornerstone bag to offer clients.  We also believe the “eco friendly” nature of this product also makes it easy to offer as a gift or on-sell to your clients.  With note it is also important to say that now more so than ever it is more affordable to brand these types of promotional bags with full color logo prints.  Clients loved big bold full color 30 X 30 cm large print areas.  With high quality digital print machines clients can capture extremely complex logos, shapes, text and graduated colors.  Some people also opted for transfer prints too which had a similar effect.  Out of all the promotional merchandise on the market this product offers you one of the largest print areas in the market place.  Clients simply love large prints, it engages more people who come into contact with them and creates more of a “wow” factor.

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