Enviro Pens

Promotional Pens are now taking on a new era.  Now more so than ever many of our items are made from plastic subistutes, these items include Promotional Enviro Pens which are all the craze.  They provide the perfect image for your company or business. They are a great alternative to plastic pens which are fossil fuel derived. These are made from typical plastic materials. Many of these pens that we sell are either made from recycled paper or a new biodegradable material called cornstarch. Cornstarch is a fantastic product derived from corn, which is a sustainable material. The biodegradability of these pen body’s can be compared to a product like cardboard when this is composted. The end result is that there are no toxic or mental residues to subside into the soil or surrounding waterways when these items are disposed off. Contained in certain pens on our website are also pens that include eco-ink. The ink has been obtained from a renewable resource and is completely natural. Contact us today for your pen quarries.


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