Printed Pens

They say that a picture means a thousand words.  Let those pictures and words are printed or branded onto your favourite promotional pen of your choice at the office.  Pens are the perfect low cost gift that will propel your brand name into the faces or your customers.  Every time they use this decorated item, your name will become more and more familiar.  Some companies and businesses also think of this as subliminal advertising.  This type of promoting of your brand targets the sub conches mid of the user by receptive use of brand recognition. 

Also just think of how many pairs of hands your logo and/or company name will pass through before the end of its lifetime.  Independent research shows the average pen name will be read over two dozen times and it will exchange hands over a dozen time’s in most situations.  Very powerful advertising.  So the next time you consider a promotion, consider the humble pen for a profound effect. 


Author: admin