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Promotional Bamboo Bags for the Green Conscious Customer

The movement to go Green is underway in a big way. More and more companies and consumers are looking for earth-friendly ways to accomplish their business and personal goals. The promotional products industry responded to these desires with some Green products of their own.

Bamboo is a very interesting resource that can be used in a number ways. It can be used as anything from a sturdy building material and flooring to fibers for cloth. All it requires is a different production method. Bamboo is a great Green material because it only takes a handful of years to replenish after being harvested. Compare that to the tree that takes decades to reach the same maturity it once had and it is clear why bamboo is a great material.

Bamboo bags made from an incrediable renewable resource offers the same kind of re-usability and versatility that heavier cloth bags provide. They can be designed and branded in the same way that bags made of traditional materials are. Unlike bags made of other materials, bamboo promotional bags are more biodegradable and made from an easily renewable resource. They even prove to be more durable than pure cotton or many polyester blends.

Double-handled promotional bamboo tote bags made from bamboo offer the same great variety of uses that traditional materials do. The individuals receiving them will be able to make continued use of them as multi-use grocery bags, carrying bags, or even see re-distribution to a friend for their own use. They continue to provide that extra exposure and benefit one would normally expect from a promotional tote.

Businesses and functions of all kinds can make great use of a bamboo tote as a promotional item. The most obvious are Green-oriented businesses, initiatives, and functions. Even companies or functions concerned with improving their environmental friendliness in as many ways as possible may prefer using a customized bamboo bag over other options.

Regardless of what needs to be promoted, a reusable bamboo bag will see consistent use from whoever it ends up with. The proper branding on the bag will be spreading knowledge of your company or message far into the future as it sees continued use.


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