Calico Bags

Calico Bags are nothing new and have certainly been around for quite some time now. You may have been familiarised by these bags by some of the bigger supermarket chains implementing these bags on a regular basis. Green bags, calico bags and tote bags have all been introduced to help with the impact of plastic bags on the environment. Here at Boost we support many local projects involving a greener environment and are also encouraging many of our clients to switch to a more sustainable alternative.

Promotional Calico Bags provide the ultimate reusable bag time and time again. We have great feedback from our clients telling us that some of these bags have been seen; any where up to 6-12 months from their clients receiving the bags. Can you see how effective a promotional campaigning of this magnitude can be? How can you make a difference? Simple, implement a calico bag campaign today, cut out the plastic bags that you currently use and most importantly of all REUSE and RECYCLE.

One of the other benefits that we love about calico is that when it is finally disposed of, it breaks down a lot faster in the natural environment. For quality calico bags, branded with your company name or logo contact our friendly staff today for your next calico promotional campaign.

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