Promotional Trolley Cooler Bags.

Boost Promotional Products now offers a complete range of rolling coolers with wheels, which are one of the most adaptable and handy ways to transport a wide range of chilled items to a array of destinations including the beach, picnic areas, functions, parties and much more.  One of our favourites within this range is our all terrain Assent Rolling Cooler Bag which comes with multiple compartments, large insulated PVC main compartment and large easy to access pouch at the front, which is very handy for a wide range of accessories needed for the day.  This almighty cooler has become one of Australia favourite mobile cooler bags.

This cooler bag will suit a wide range of people from teens to adults.  One of the best advantages of this cooler is the ability to access the inside without having to unzip the whole cooler for your favourite food or beverages.

Retractable trolley handles used in this piece of equipment also allows for ease of use under load.  Other collapsible rolling coolers are favoured by many clubs and organisations around this country.  For example you can always see Bathurst enthusiasts bringing these coolers with them on a day out, which can easily collapse (when empty) for easy storage.

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Promotional Trolley Cooler Bags

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