PET Enviro Bags

Ever wanted to wear a bag that made you feel really good, because you knew that it was made from %100 recycled material?  Look no further than this stylish promo bag, which is a new Promotional Item for 2009.  This small compact urban sling is a real head turner.  It’s natural earthy tones and conveniently placed shoulder strap, highlights the bags suttle features.  It’s made from PET(PolyEthylene Terephthalat) which is a material made from recycled plastic bottles.  PET offers an extremely lightweight, strong material for the use of promotional bags which have become very popular with many companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.   Approximately 5 plastic drink bottles go into making one of these fancy little Eco bags.  Don’t forget all of our green bags can be printed with your clean green message, symbolising your environmental concerns.

Promotional Eco Bags

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