Conference Satchels

Conference Satchels, Affordable Accessories

Event Conference Satchels are an important item for any event or meeting.  They provide your delegates with the use of a great bag that is compact and light weight.  Typically these types of bags incorporate a single slim line strap that can be placed over ones shoulder.  The strap can be place over the shoulder as mentioned or worn diagonally across the human body.  In this fashion the bag will then in effect sit on top of the hip of a person, which is comfortable especially for extended periods of use.

Messenger Bags or Satchels as we more commonly know them, are used here in Australia are typically made with cost effective materials such as nylon, cloth and PVC.  They can be made from move plusher materials such as suede and leather also.  Today they are not only used by conferences but also by a vast majority of students also.  You don’t have to travel very far at all to notice that the humble Conference Satchel has really taken over as a fashion accessory amongst many younger age groups.  Great news for people or businesses really looking to brand their name into any market.  They are also taken into many different locations and events around the country.

Well suited to a male or female audience they are warmly received by any type of people who obtain them.  Branded with a logo or two they look great and they are a very practical promotional item that really does last a long time.  Standard features include a wide range of colours, some in two tone options.  Durable materials used in construction such as 900 D Polyester and 400 D Nylons.  Adjustable shoulder straps, which can also be padded with insulation for larger loads and these straps, can also be removable.  Large main compartments for the storage of A4 materials and books.  Front Flap Organisers for daily storage such as pens, phones and keys. Additional outside pockets and name tag facilities. 

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