Promotional Satchels

The Outback Promotional Satchel which is available in various colour options, has been a stand out favouriteby many notable businesses and this year.  When asked why do so many Australian conferences and businesses use this type of Promotional Satchel, the answer is simple.  This is a rustic type of bag that is well suited to both men and women.  It is also well received as a gift amongst the rural community of Australia which makes up a large portion of this country.  We find that most “blokes” are happy carrying this type of “Man Bag” if you would like to use this term.  We have also had great feedback by many ladies that have used this bag also.

With a generous fold over flap for protecting documents, heavy duty buckles for securing all of your items on bard and a fully adjustable shoulder strap, this bag is great all-rounder for a wide range of clients.  This Promo Bag can be useful as an organiser for your day to day activities also.  Clients also love the look and feel of this rustic type of fabric that the bags is made from.  Contact us today for all of your Promotional Satchel requirements.


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