Summer Time Coolers.

Boost promotional cooler bags offer an extensive range of cooler bags, including collapsible coolers, rolling coolers, and lunch coolers, that will keep all of your foods/drinks cool for hours, while being fashionable at the same time! A must have accessory if you are going to the beach, or the farmers market, grocery shopping and more!   Our collapsible promotional coolers would have to be one of Australia’s most popular coolers, with sales last year doubling.  The main benefits that these coolers offer are the fact that they can fold down completely flat when they are not in use.  Great for placing in the car or boat when they are not in use.  Rolling promotional coolers have taken on a new lease of life, which are ideal for bringing to your local market.  The wheels make this promotional bag very easy to use for a variety of age groups.  Branded with your name or logo these bags make a great gift or company giveaway.


All of these stylish promo coolers bags come with insulation and some with long handles for easy over the shoulder comfort use. Great as beverage/food coolers or use them as a trendy food shopping bag!

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