Promotional Towels

Choose Top quality Promotional Towels for your next promotional marketing campaign.  Used typically for the body after bathing or showering or at the beach after drying off after a swim or to provide a surface to lie on or relax, a Promo Towels are great gift or giveaway items. 

Here at Boost Promotional Products we believe towels, regardless of price, are a fully justified and an essential part of many businesses and companies. Your clients may use them every day and beyond a delightful appearance, people want them to perform correctly, like taking the water off your body or warming you up and softly caressing your skin.  Over the years we have distributed a lot of towels to a wide range of clients.  We believe in quality rather than quantity and have included ranges that represent this on our website.  Form Promotional Golf Towels to Spots or Gym Towels we supply one of the largest ranges in Australia.  All of our Promo Towels can be decorated with your company name or logo.  Embroidery is typically the most common type of logo displayed on these types of items.  Bright vibrant colourful designs can be added to your towel with maximum display areas for your logos, resulting in a banner type of advertising for all to see.  Contact us today for your next Promotional campaign.


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