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global-promotional-productsBelow is small list of companies that we suggest within our industry.  Please note that some of the companies listed are located within different countries.  We are heavily involved with our very own R&D, based on a test and measure system.  We have included the following sites based on age and general reputation within the Promotional Products Industry on a global scale.  We do advise that companies and business do their own research before hand, however please bear in mind that these companies are some the the largest in the word and service some of the top companies in several countries on a regular basis.  Please visit these sites.  We love feed back and continue to learn from our customers.  We are very proud to suggest the following links:

APPA – The Australia and New Zealand Promotional Products Association.  Established in 1986, this governing body promotes the promotional advertising and marketing industry in both Australia and New Zealand.  Includes over 800 companies and suppliers.

Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)  – Originally known as the Advertising Manufactures Association, this organisation started in 1904 and is the governing body in America and Canada.

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